STOCK BOX Repaint! Iggy Forest Spirit Fairy Custom OOAK Doll

Stock box~ Welcome to Dollightful Hold on, you’re thinking, isn’t that the finished doll for this episode right there? Yes, it is I’m afraid I have disappointing news Through some unfortunate events that I’d rather not recount for the sick of my blood pressure Every single part of this dolls process got deleted… gone unrecoverable The only parts we have are her final photoshoot so we can at least take a look at that Her name is Iggy. It sounds like it “이끼” which is the Korean word for moss. Cute, right? First off, she was a Monster High Clawdeen Wolf doll I cut the ears off and repositioned them to the sides of her head because I thought they looked cuter and shy I wanted this character to look a little shy, like a fairy that hides in the woods Her hair is rooted acrylic yarn unraveled the standard three strands into single strands before plugging the head I mixed three slightly different shades of green together to get a subtle variant of color to her hair I think that makes it look more realistic and mossy Her clothing is a very simple slip pattern which I dressed up with plenty of silk plants. I wanted her entire character to look like she’s part of the forest itself as if plants are growing off the dress and her shoes The ferns on top I strung together with embroidery thread and it’s a separate piece from the dress that ties around the neck like some king of collar The shoes were Ever After High Ashlynn Ella’s shoes, which I repainted and dressed up with fo moss and plants There were so many parts of this doll I was excited to show you and tell you about like the wings for example So here’s my new plan The forest spirit theme is one with plenty of potential and I have a lot of unused ideas after making Iggy anyway So Iggy is going to get a sister It will be a new design to make it fun for me, but I’ll use similar techniques This month is pretty busy. So it’s likely the next stock box video won’t be out until July I hate to make you wait, but thanks for understanding And expect a lot of exciting dolls out for June. I won’t say too much but there’s much collaborating going on between youtubers this month So it’s going to be great Here’s some of the sketches I came up with when designing Iggy. I was inspired by @Walkercolors DNA African doll And also by @skerlosities on Instagram for the poofy yarn hair look And I was heavily inspired by @Candy’s Dolls for her flower design face up Lots of things changed from sketches to final doll. So there are ideas I would love to use on the next doll I really wanted to make the mushroom hat for example, but a Iggy’s afro hair was just too cute to mush down under a hat And that’s all I’ve got for you. I’ll make another forest spirit So no vote this time although feel free to leave more ideas and suggestions about another forest doll in the comments below Iggy would sure appreciate it If you gave that like button a “Boop” and become a subscriber for more doll customizing I’ll see you next time guys Thanks for watching. Stay artsy.

100 Replies to “STOCK BOX Repaint! Iggy Forest Spirit Fairy Custom OOAK Doll”

  1. Awwwww, I’m sorry about the footage!! Iggy is still absolutely gorgeous! I’m excited to see what you have in STOCK, haha, I’m hilarious

  2. Omg she is adorable and I also agree that an element theme would be cute. I am also sorry for the footage it would have been awesome as all of the other customization footage.

  3. I have lost filmed footage and pictures before. I went to Crete two/three years ago and filmed myself walking up a cliff to an old fortress, I filmed the thirty minute hike and took pictures when I was up there. I went to show my mum and dad the footage only for an error to come up saying the files were damaged. I was pretty upset but I then used the same chips in my camera when I went snorkeling with my dad less then a hour later and all the underwater footage was fine.

  4. im planning on starting my first custom doll in the near future. For my first reroot, I would love to do a yarn afro like Iggy has here, but would you say a reroot like that is harder or easier than a reroot with "normal" doll hair? Or is it all about the same? Id like to start somewhere more beginner friendly so id love to know

  5. Me: Ooh this doll looks pretty! Let me watch the video!
    Dollightfull: Footage got lost.

  6. I like how this character isn't necessarily feminine or masculine. It has a more child-like appearance than most of your dolls.

  7. But that's so strange?! I saw the video of you making iggy. Huh? Actully, it could have been her sister…I don't know, I'm so confused.

  8. I think she's my absolute favorite design of all! She's just so sweet and innocent looking!! Exactly what I would imagine a real forest fairy to look like! ❤

  9. Dollightful: Checks Footage

    God: The Moment when she knew…

    She Messed up…

    Dollightful: Blood Pressure goes higher then a billion numbers

  10. okok so ive seeen iggys big sisters video 100000000000000000000 times and id like to proudly say its one of my favorites. But i was like… wheres iggys video?? (for the longest time i wondered) because it never showed up in my reccomended and now im like oHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and i completely get it im just glad at least the photo shoot was available because it is such a beautiful doll.

  11. Is she actually Korean? Or is she one of those I'm-gonna-speak-a-language-I-don't-even-know-so-I-can-sound K A W A I I!!!!! Girls?

  12. haha twiggy iggy..get it cuz she’s forest themed and she didn’t get body modifications but her sis did…hehe

  13. im so sorry for lost footage! iggy is upper cute she must have taken forever in sorry dollightful!

  14. Wow, these fourth custom doll of “Stock Box” is so nature and mysterious..

    And oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for the video with footage got delete by an accident…

  15. Good job Katherine I just watched amanetas video I'm love Iggy too I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to see her footage but you still did a wonderful job

  16. Wait…. didnt you lose this fotadge? ( im sorry for my bad english ) * imidiatly realises you knew that in the video * oh

  17. I can't imagine how frustrating losing your footage must have been! Thank god you were able to create Amanita without any issues.

  18. Iggy is sooo cute and beautiful plus sorry about the footage don't worry ur doll looks awesome as everrrr

  19. ,But there still was a process of iggy you posted right? I saw it like a year ago so i can kinda remember it LOLL 💗💓 IGGY STILL IS AWESOME THOO!! 🌻

  20. also why do you have to do all the polls and stuff on Twitter and Instagram I'm nine and only have a private Facebook page!?

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