STOCK BOX Repaint! Nova Galaxy Custom OOAK Doll

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  1. I think you should do the lil pony characters in your own style like a lolita vibe or fairy or you can switch every single one

  2. I personally thought the red on the celestial body looked beautiful and calming. But whatever floats your boat Kat! We all love you so much! <3

  3. I feel like companies should paint on panties so it's not that weird (at least it's better then no panties)

  4. To be honest, I don’t think she should’ve used the Bunny Blanc head. To me, it looks cheap and not that great. I personally believe that you should’ve used a Monster High head, and that would’ve looked a bit better.

    But that’s my own personal opinion.

  5. How long do you live in Korea? I love the korean kitchen and cook as much as i can, but it's hard to find good shops in germany to buy or to order spices like Gochujang and i'm in love with Gochujang 😅.

  6. Imagine if this took place in the toy story universe and that doll had to go through getting its hair chopped, eyes wiped off, decapitated, and taking a sandpaper to the groin

  7. yo I actually forgot how much I like the end product! Nova's quite pretty by the end, and I'd love to see more similarly themed dolls!! <3

  8. If you ever do this again Try to use Salt the Salt will make a cool affect and It's really nice on Doll's Trust me I tried If you do it right it will look STUNNING

  9. After watching this twice through, I thought maybe if you painted the constellations in the same glow in the dark paint as her eyes it would balance it when doing dark shots? Just an idea….I know this is an old video anyways

  10. I’ve watched this so many times but now I’m commenting, I just wanted to say I have the same birth mark on my hand in same place but mines a little bigger ;w;

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