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  1. How can the index seemingly grow exponentially over the decades??
    In 1995 the Dow was at 3,000 now it's at 16,500!! Does that mean the value of the stocks increased 5.5 times ?

  2. You explain very simple and easy thanks for that ,and is it totally free to exchange on your given site

  3. Great animation for Indexes for Dummies.
    You forgot to mention Russell 2,000 it is another tool to measure of the overall performance of the country; it's a national index.
    Keep up the good work, great job.

  4. Thank you – wow – no one has been able to explain index to me the way this video just did….NOW i know what im listening to when i watch CNN, MSNBC and all of those shows about stocks….keep these videos coming!

  5. I got assignment due in one month on financial econometrics and so I came here

    thnx..this video is good starting point to get a glimpse of what is a stock index

  6. Thank you for compiling these videos. I now have a better understanding of wth I'm looking at when I see or hear about these indexes. Making much more sense.

  7. this is a very good explanation. Can I show this video to my students? It will help them to better understand Stock Market Index.

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