Stock Market Training: Learn How to Paper Trade

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  1. Great vids man!  I feel like a greedy person if I say "Keep 'em coming"…..but, I kind of am a greedy person I think……so….Keep 'em coming!

  2. Thank you so much! Very helpful as I am a new stock trader and wanting to understand more about trading. 

  3. @Stefanie Kody Thanks. I'm glad you found it helpful. If you like my free content, then I'd definitely recommend considering my premium content:

  4. I'm glad I found your videos this gives me another perspective on trading and how to go about learning how. I was watching the timothy sykes trading penny stocks videos that I could find but there some questions he doesn't answer unless you buy the material he is selling. Not saying it doesn't work but it is part of his income and it's cool but I digress. Your videos are so in depth and brought to a level that anyone can understand thank you and keep up the good work.

  5. No dought, nothing worth doing or with this much reward is overnight or quick I've been looking at trading for a while, I started with the idea of options trading and then penny stocking I'm in a truck with a lot of time on my hands to research and read watch videos etc. I know your busy so I'll let you get to your trading. I don't to be the one to cause you to miss the big play this morning.

  6. Really nice video, I enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure I'll be chewing threw the rest of your videos during the rest of the evening aswell (while listening to the World End Economica ost in the background 😉

    Anyway, I have a question about how the stop-loss would work: say you've been super-unlucky and have bought stocks which suddenly just tank due to some new, unexpected event. Like when how BP's stock plummeted by I think 60-70% after the oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. 
    In this scenario, nobody would realistically want to buy BP shares since everyone know the stock is just gonna go down, down down. Can the stop-loss still somehow save you under these circumstances or are you just stuck in a lose/lose/love-even-more pinch?

  7. I have a question~~Why put a lower price to BUY in reality? Becuase when you wanna buy people are just willing to sell higher in reality.But when you wanna sell people are just willing to buy at a lower price. If you put a lower price to BUY. Don't you just make things easier for us? hmm Im a little confusing.Hope you can explain. Thank you

  8. I have been wanting to start trading for a few months now but I never knew how to start but thanks to you I finally have someplace to start. Thanks for the awesome video

  9. so would taking the loss and selling shares when it hits bottom. then turn around buy them at that price and sell for profit.

  10. Clay, I'm a little confused on the buy portion of the video. Does this mean in the paper trading we are only buying falling stocks? Buy at 10.50 once the stock in reality hits 10.47?

  11. FUCK! You mean to tell me I've been playing the wrong game for my gender this entire time! Sorry NFS you just aren't girly enough for me. frolicks to the store to go purchase barbies

  12. Thank you for your enthusiastic and detailed help. I wish that I had more back drop for what you were explaining. I was lost from the get go because this is my first day looking into day trading. I need an even more beginner video. Ashamed, but it's the truth.

  13. I want to understand better when you mention reality and paper. The price is at 10.50 and on paper but in reality its at 10.47. Next the price and paper is the same but reality went to 10.53. You've said in truth the market won't be sliced even but a few cents are left out, i get that but then the "reality" in the chart is a number i make up to stay focused on the few cents that is left out in the real world?

  14. Hi Clay , great videos, love the honesty. confused me on this one though. why would i expect my stop loss to go to 10.41 when i’ve asked it to stop at 10.38 ?

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