Stock Trader Tips l Are You Struggling With Trading Consistency? (Consider This)

As obvious as this is,
it happens all the time, and in fact, this video,
I’m gonna be talkin’ a lot to myself, and offering
myself a quick reminder. (graphics whooshing) Now before I get to some
stuff up here on the board, this idea came from a comment that I got on a YouTube video I did,
and I read it and I thought, oh, (sighs) what is it, do you
realize what you just said? But then it dawned on me and
I thought, you know what? You did the same thing, Clay. In fact, you are always at threat of doing this very same thing, so like I said, this is why I kinda wanna talk to myself too as I go through this. So I’m not making any of
this in a judgmental way, but it is something that I
see happening quite a bit. Now is it this glaringly obvious? It’s not as quite this glaringly obvious, but people do do it all the time. I did it when I first got
started, and like I said, the threat is still there for me to do it in my current life right now. Maybe not when it comes to trading, but just any other area of life. So let’s first get to this, and then I’m gonna talk more so about that box right there. So let’s get to the YouTube comment. So this person says, “I
didn’t view this whole thing, “but this is probably a short seller.” Did you catch some of those
key words right there? So let’s just kind of map
things out here a little bit. This box right here represents my trade plan, meaning you
see some sort of opportunity. So I’m just gonna call it XYZ. That could be a stock,
option, futures, crypto, I mean, just anything, you
see some sort of opportunity. And you’re over here, and of course, you wanna make money from
that opportunity, right? Nothing fancy here. But what happens a lot, I
don’t wanna say all the time, but it happens a lot, is
that, and like I said, this isn’t necessarily the person’s fault, but what did this person say? “You know, I didn’t
watch the whole thing.” Wait a second, so in other words, they are going to make
some sort of statement. So think about the context, “I didn’t watch the whole
thing,” meaning okay, well, they don’t have full
clarity on everything. But yet what do they still do? “But it’s probably,”
and then they go on to “a short seller” or whatever
they said, so think about that. They are making assumptions,
they are making statements, they are making observations
based on something where they admit to themselves, they don’t have the full idea, they don’t have the full picture. And this happens all the time in trading, where people see an
opportunity, and then they go in and they put together
a trade plan on it but, and what happens most times,
this person, like I said, it’s hard to me to kinda
believe that they literally typed up, “I did not
watch the whole thing,” and then they went on to
continue to comment on it. Like I said, we all do
this in one way or another, but I mean, this person took
it a little bit to an extreme. But what a lot of people do is, all right, I see that, I’m gonna make money, and then this part here is all missing. And then they wonder
why they’re struggling. They wonder why they can’t
quite get any consistency. They wonder why (sighs) ah,
the markets just feel rigged. Why does this feel like gambling? Why does it feel like, what is going on? Well, what is going on
is what you saw here, is you are jumping to decisions,
you are making decisions, based on incomplete information. I’m not saying you don’t have somewhat of a trade plan, you probably do, but even if you’re just
missin’ a little bit of the trade plan, that’s
gonna cause a lot of headaches. That’s gonna cause a lot of inconsistency in the big picture of things. ‘Cause you don’t have full clarity. You need to have a full understanding. And now, why do a lot of
people let this happen? Well, it’s missing because you don’t know what you don’t know. That looks like Hebrew
or something like that, but anyways, when you don’t
know what you don’t know, well, that’s just kind of the
cruel irony of the market, where you think you have
the full trade plan, but you actually don’t. And the threat that I need
to always remind myself is, the moment you realize that
you don’t have the big picture, you can’t be like this
person and then just be like, “But I’m still gonna press forward.” Wait, no, this person
obviously, when they said, “I didn’t watch the whole
thing,” you know what? This wise person, the person
with wisdom is gonna say, “You know what, I probably should watch “the whole thing before
I go on to comment.” Just like in trading, you
really need to make sure that you do have the full trade plan. And that is very gray, because
when you don’t know what you don’t know, well, how are
you supposed to get to it? Well, that’s the benefit of
going to and learning from somebody who does have a full trade plan, who has been there. And that’s why there is knowledge in making an investment
into your education. Now whether that’s with
me or somebody else, that’s one of those things
where it’s gonna help you get clarity, it’s gonna help
you get the big picture. Because it is very difficult to get the big picture
when you don’t know. For me to kind of apply this, I knew I wanted to get
into real estate investing, and I thought, you know what? I do wanna do real estate
investing, and I had, I saw the opportunity, so
my little opportunity was, that’s the worst-looking
house I’ve ever, in fact, that’s so bad, there we go. So my opportunity was a house
over here, I see real estate. But through my years in trading I thought, but you know what, I have an idea, I have a quote-unquote trade plan for real estate investing,
but you know what? I’m probably missing that, ’cause that’s what trading
taught me in the sense of trying to just slog through it myself. So that’s why I went and invested, I think it was like
$4,300 into real estate investing training, so
that I could make sure that I did have the full trade plan, and that I wasn’t missing anything out. So I went from people
that have done it before, and do it, and things went very well. So my point here is that
for whatever reason, the human mind, it’s
crazy how you could admit that you don’t have the full picture, yet you still proceed on. This person, like I
said, literally admitted and typed, “I did not
watch the whole thing,” but yet somehow in their mind, they continued to go
on with the statement. So if you realize that
you’re new, then odds are, you need to realize that you’re
probably missing something, especially if you feel like
things are inconsistent, things are random,
you’re not quite, I mean, I’m not saying you never
win, but you have a win and then you give it all back
or you go on losing streaks, and things just seem really muddled. This is what’s going on,
is you see the opportunity and you’re trying to make money from it, you just don’t have full clarity. And the human mind is
very tricky like that, as you saw here, granted,
a drastic situation, but still, if things can get that drastic, imagine all the little kind of areas that could be potentially
causing you hiccups with not having full clarity
as far as a trade plan, or like I said, really anything in life. If you are approaching something in life, and you probably know, yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen the whole thing, I don’t think I know everything,
don’t press on with it, take a step back, do some
analysis, do some investing into learning how the full picture works, and then you’re gonna give yourself a much better chance at success. First off, thanks so much for
watching the entire video. Real quick, before you
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