Stock Trading Tip: The Crystal Ball Indicator for Traders

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  1. Hey Clay,

    I started watching your videos a month a ago and I really enjoy. Im planning to join your innercircle and maybe buy a course.
    But I have one question about your vid of the pdt rule, does it only apply to americans or everybody who trades on american markets?
    Im asking this because Im from the Netherlands and I will start with a small account. Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Thank you Clay another good lesson4free. I like your style with the chalk and the blackboard. It makes totally sense what you teach here. I remember open way to big positions after taking a loss. Being a good loser is definitely a good thing to be 🙂

  3. Hey clay i need help trading. I am only 18 years old, but i have a strong desire for this career and my father tells me not to believe in mentors as they are just trying to take your money. I do not know where to start but i really want to trade!

  4. I am just getting into stocks this month, i have been searching all over the internet for information, and i must say i am learning a lot from your videos, Great Stuff!!!

  5. wtf! I'm a bad loser. each time i lose i try to make up the amount of loss…still and now I keep losing my precious savings due to this attitude of mine

  6. Why do you have a chalk board at home or what are amateurs listing to you about trading from a school teacher.  lolz

  7. Thanks for the great video Clay! I'm a 15 year old guy living in Canada and have been studying stock trading for a few months now. My mom is the "dart board trader" just randomly picking micro cap stocks and prays they explode. Soon I am going to start putting my knowledge to use and advising her trades! Thanks for the great free resources, we appreciate it!

  8. Great video just ordered my Trade Without Emotion shirt and soon CTU cant wait to start. To everyone out there 90% of traders loose money because they do not invest in education

  9. I agree with everything you say, however I would add that setting a $ (% of account) to each position is at the core of risk management and should not be undervalued.

  10. Ah… Not what I was hoping for. I was hoping for a more in-depth guide on Graph indicators, and what might give you an idea if a Stock will move up or down during your day trading routines. Still, not a bad watch.

  11. $24 commissions?
    That's quite a lot, how does that work in the second screenshot? Weren't those all losses after commission?

  12. I can see that this will be something I'll need to be very careful of. I've always been super competitive in sports and games so this could be a big problem.

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