Stocks on Sale: Buy Low, Sell High! 2-27-2020

Stocks on Sale: Buy Low, Sell High! 2-27-2020 — with David Moadel hello and welcome to looking at the
markets with David Modell we’ve had a number of down days in a row in the S&P
500 and I’m looking at the overnight futures market for the S&P 500 and it’s
down as well so when I wake up tomorrow there might be some more red candles you
never know in this crazy market but anyway so whatever whatever candlestick
charts I’m going to show you right now please be aware that things could change
pretty drastically tomorrow there might be more bloodshed ahead so be aware of
that I don’t want you to catch a falling knife all right so yeah what are the
bargains cuz I like to buy low and sell high well I’m gonna start with Disney
all right I mean a lot of stocks are down I’m looking at the ones that are
big companies large caps and ones that have reached a level where they might
turn around or at least I can tell you where I might buy where I might choose
to start a position but again you know I’m not trying to catch a falling knife
I do want to exercise the three trading day weighting rule that I talked about
so much and this thing could print another red candle tomorrow when I wake
up depending on where the sp500 is at it might be in a bad mood the market might
be in a bad mood tomorrow so if this thing prints another red candle it could
pierce below 124 Disney stock that’s d is so I might be looking for 110 there
seems to be some support you could draw a line right through here at the 110
level that’s about where it found support last time around so I think 110
would be a pretty decent starting position if you want to start to
accumulate just an old solid company that’s been around for a long time and
pays dividends yes I know it’s already it’s already in the over sold area for
the RSI so be aware could keep going down but that’s the first one on my list
here’s another Dow company which is M m3m company notice that I’m looking at very large
cap stocks here so I like 3m mmm you know it’s around 149 right now when we
wake up tomorrow might be lower it’s hard to even find a level for this
because it seemed pretty comfortable you could draw a line through that that 160
to 165 area it just broke below that we don’t know where the bottom is on this
thing I don’t see any precedent from the last year so I don’t have any particular
number for this one just when when the thing goes down and then starts to go
sideways we’re exercising that three trading day weighting rule and so when I
finally stop seeing big red candles and gap downs and when you start to see some
sideways action and some green candles that’ll be a good sign so no particulars
on but I do like the company another one is WBA Walgreens Walgreens boots
Alliance if you want the full name this thing is lower than it’s been in you
know you look at this whole chart for the past year or almost a year so again
hard to find the number just wait until the darn thing stops bleeding it’s
easier with the stock that has a support level of some sort this one is down
below that so we’re in uncharted territory in the short-term so I’ll be
looking at that one it’s around it’s between 47 and 48 but again tomorrow
could print some lower numbers do you like the company though now if you
really have guts yeah this is a gutsy one alright Royal Caribbean cruises RCL
my goodness look at the size of the gap down and the size of these red candles
alright don’t catch a falling knife folks but I am watching this one there’s
no support level here this is just one where if if you want to get in when this
thing is done just collapsing this is of course because of the virus
all right and you know the virus happened on the diamond princess off the
coast of Japan and so all the cruise lines all the cruise ship companies are
getting just demolished here I don’t know how long how low this thing is
gonna go this is a watch and wait but so again no particular number here because
who knows it’s news dependent and so there’s no way to predict the bottom for
this thing but I’m looking at though I mean this is something that you want to
buy I would think no I don’t know if you
want to maybe I want to I cannot tell you what to do but you know this thing
will be a low p/e ratio low valuation and when this virus is controlled
finally which who knows how long it’ll take this thing will be at a bargain a
real bargain so but I do not advise I do not recommend buying shares now
something with a little bit less panic involved but still low is Exxon Mobil or
anything in the oil and gas industry I mean Exxon Mobil is huge and yes you
could replace this with the CV x which is chevron chart or you know pick any of
them but this is just a massive company ExxonMobil it’s it’s a Dow stock and I I
don’t feel panic and it’s just related to the oil price and it’s also sensitive
to the Dow Jones generally and the sp500 generally so I’m not buying it yet
because again there’s no support level so who knows where it’s going to go but
I do like this it has a good dividend a healthy dividend and so this is
something that when it calms down you know this is something that you can buy
shares and just hold on to them collect the Divis as they say collect the
dividends and just wait until oil comes up which it will at some point of course
they’re not you know Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Iran and
Iraq they’re not in the business of selling gas and oil for cheap all right
they want to make their profits and so it’s not gonna be cheap forever
so that’s ExxonMobil related I suppose because it’s the auto industry Ford this
thing has just been beaten up too much my goodness
you know Ford below 8 is great and then it’s approaching 7 could even take a
position here I wouldn’t be against it I mean again you know it depends on well
we can see oh my goodness down almost a full point now so you know we’re gonna
possibly wake up tomorrow and see more carnage so I want to see where this goes
but tomorrow if you wake up and you want to take a position I mean this is just a
great great price for Ford and then if it goes lower that’s an even better
price I mean you won’t find a much older company than Ford on the American market
so this is a just a just a buy or you can wait and that’s ok as well so
there’s this one’s a little bit riskier if you think that that this industry is
in trouble Budweiser you know or anheuser-busch bu
D I don’t see panic here I just see it going down with the market overall this
thing has been beaten up too much and it is at a support level are actually
pretty close to it it’s been down to around the 6465 level and then just
blast it up so this this could I wouldn’t be against you know whatever
price it is tomorrow if you can get pretty close to the low to the low of
the day tomorrow you might do pretty well with this so so far if I had to
pick anything to buy out of what I’ve mentioned so far I like I like Disney I
like Bud and eyes or Busch and I like Ford at almost any price below 8 let’s
take a look at MasterCard and notice that I’m focusing on bigger companies
now this is a more of a dangerous one because there’s so much room to fall
here on MasterCard I mean look at the trajectory look at the angle on the RSI
line here and and on the stock price action itself
I mean just you know I mean they all are steep but because this one was so
expensive before it dropped that’s why it’s so steep this is not a gradual
decline in the RSI so I’m gonna stay away from this one it’s a Dow stock and
it’s a huge company I’d like to see it closer to 250 that would be a good
benchmark that’d be a good starting good place to start I think now kind of like
the RCL the Royal Caribbean cruise line if you want to take a big chance if
you’re gutsy yeah this is not for most people this is MGM Resorts because
people don’t want to travel they don’t want to go to Resorts that kind of thing
so MGM but not while it’s printing these big gap downs and big red candles okay
you know but I’m kind of looking at let’s say below 25 for sure let’s say
around here this would be let’s say 23 24 starting to look good
22 22 is even better I like 22 might not get there if the virus gets out of
control then it could get there yeah but could say it could take a starter
position at around yeah around here around the 23 position wouldn’t be too
bad and then if if you’re in the same the
same vein here we can go in to pick your choice
Lu V for Southwest al for American Airlines pick your airline they’re all
getting dumped all right yeah three trading day waiting rule definitely in
effect here but when this when the problem is contained at some point and I
hope it is for the victims out there I feel terrible
yeah you know it’s it’s a tragedy so I hope it is contained I’m not hoping for
more bloodshed in the markets but if it does happen this thing is going to be at
a discount be aware you got it sprinting lower highs and lower lows for a while
now so be aware of that but what a discount this could be I mean this is if
you’re into bargains yeah this isn’t for everybody and then we’re gonna look at
my watch list here and this is on trend spider comm trend spider calm
which has been one of my best supporters Jake from trans Spyder is really great
I’ll put a link of the description below this video if you want to click on that
link there you can go there and get charts like this it’s pretty cool so
gonna look at bowing you guys and gals should know by now I’m a fan of this
stock because you know we live in an unsafe unsure world and so Boeing is
aerospace and defense and I think there’s gonna be a need for defense so I
think this thing’s been beaten up you know perhaps too much notice that look
how it bounces so nicely off of RSI 30 level it’s right there right there as
I’m making this video might be lower when we when we wake up but you know
could be after tomorrow could bounce could happen Nikes interesting because
it’s been beaten up a lot of things have been beaten up but it’s right right at
or a little bit below that 30 RSI level could be due for a bounce yeah I mean I
like the higher lows and higher highs but this is not a higher low anymore so
that’s been you know invalidated as they say Roku let’s take a look at that one I
mean any Asian based you know type of stock is gonna be and and we’ll look at
that in a moment but you know Roku a lot agree a lot of red candles in a row here
surprised it’s not over sold on the RSI quite yet it’s at the bottom Bollinger
Band so if you’re into buying at the bottom the bottom boliya band that’s a
possibility freeport-mcmoran not quite where I want it yet I want it closer to
here I you know you kind of have almost a double bottom here yes it’s it’s that
the it’s at the 30 level on the RSI or there abouts but I do want a closer to
here closer to 8 or at least 9 9 would be good
I’ll take nine and then so I wanted to talk about you know Chinese companies
also to look into neo not quite a bargain right now unless you’re gonna
hold for 10 you know if you’re long-term I was recommending this thing at one
point at around 2 or 250 not as much a bargain now it came off
down a little bit but I would want it lower like near the lower Bollinger Band
or near the 30 RSI US Steel while I’m here man steel the steel industry just
suffering suffering sufferings so you know this is something that you just buy
here I mean US Steel below nine is pretty good below eight if it gets below
eight that’ll be great kind of like Ford below eight right
I mean US Steel it’s kind of like Ford because it’s a huge company it’s an
American institution so something to think about and then getting back to the
Chinese names luck and coffee is an interesting wine it’s not very low but
if panic sets in I mean this thing rebounds pretty well you know whenever
it gets seems like whenever it gets down to that or even close to the 30
actually more like thirty four thirty five RSI level it makes a comeback so
you know did it here and so if it gets down if the art you know you could watch
the RSI along with the price action if the RSI gets to 40 or better yet 30 you
could be due for a nice bounce on this one because hey you know coffee is an
addictive substance and it this is kind of like the like the Starbucks of China
I’ve heard and could be a pretty good one to get into if it if it goes down
it’s not a bargain right now all right so I give you lots of names not all of
them are for buying right now so we’ll see what happens when we wake up
tomorrow and if we if those candles are still gapping down and deep red then you
can stay out of the way if you want to and wait for that three wait three day
waiting roll all right thanks a lot I appreciate it I’ll talk to you again

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  1. Thumbs up content. I do enjoy ur optuons series are there ways to use BULL put credit spread with small acct with cash acct how can i get the reliable list for options broker any site for that it is hard but i am trying to learn options i think i would feel little safer with using BUY PUT than shorting stocks. Anyway. Mahalo Have a great week. David. I make sure to hit the like button i may forget lol.

  2. Well done. I been waiting for the 3rd BIG fall in UL for 6 months to throw it ALL in.
    BUT, I actually split my positions to make room for shorting Disney and buying Netflix with Corona fears keeping people home.
    After years of breaking even.
    Always being one day AHEAD of the best moves.
    NAILED it.
    I darn near doubled my account in one day here.
    Good suggestions btw.
    I concur👋😷😷👋

  3. Excellent video Dave! I added DIS today. I would have added BUD but I don't have any available funds in the portfolio.

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