Hi Everybody
welcome to this video, this video is all about the benefits of algorithmic
trading. Now as you know ATS by Tradinsights powered by Tekton is a very
simple to use system. You can create strategies in under a minute,
you can backtest them just as quick and then you can set them to run live. Now
this particular trade I’m about to show you on the next video is a is a trade
that we’ve actually got a video on our YouTube channel however the reason I’m
showing you this is because the trade triggered around 4 o’clock in the morning.
It executed, it closed out at nine o’clock in the evening, all automated. But during the
day the trade reversed. The trade reversed and went all the way up to
almost hitting the stop-loss. Now had you been watching this live and trading manually
you probably would have wanted to close the trade out. This is all about
emotional attachment, nobody likes to see losing trades and if you start a trade
manually and you see the trade going the wrong way you will want to try and close them out early to stop you losing excessively. That’s what a
Stop Loss is there for but many traders always close trades early when they see
the market turning against them. So we’re looking to sell well then those market
turns against them they close the trade out. So this video shows you how that
trade actually did reverse but eventually it hit target and had you
been watching you probably would have closed it out but the benefits of using
ATS are that you’re not going to watch it, you don’t need to be there when it
executes, you don’t need that to be there during the day to watch it and you
certainly don’t need to be there in the evening to close it out ATS does it all
for you so if you want to get hold of a copy look at the end of the video you’ll
see a website where you can visit and get a copy of ATS by Tradinsights, it’s
free to use and it’s very simple to use as well and I hope the video is self
explanatory thanks for watching and bye for now. So this video is to show you the
benefits of using an algorithmic trading software ATS by Tradinsights powered
by Tekton. If you’ve been watching our other videos you’ll see how easy it is
to create a strategy and how easy it is to to back test. No coding knowledge is needed,
you need no coding experience and you certainly don’t need to be an IT genius.
So this diagonal dotted line you see here is a trade that was taken by ATS
taken on the 26th of September at 4:26 in the
morning using a Bollinger Band and Stochastic strategy which you have seen
a video on our YouTube channel on it so the reason explaining this
video is because a lot of people ask me what’s the benefit of an automatic
trading system and I’m going to explain that to you now the trade triggered here
ok the trade triggered here at 426 in the morning on the 26th and there’s the
position ID so genuine trade and as the open price and the targets would have
been when price reaches the bottom Bollinger Band and at the same time the
stochastic was showing oversold ie here. So the reason for the video is to
show you that had you been trading manually you wouldn’t have taken this
trade because at 426 in the morning you would have been asleep
probably had you taken this trade and been awake at 426 you would have seen
if you’d been monitoring it that the price kept falling but didn’t cross the
Bollinger Band so it still hasn’t closed out came down nicely ok still hasn’t
closed out but then you’ll see around about 1:50 in the afternoon on the
following day price started to push back up again and have you been watching this
you probably would have got itchy fingers and probably wanted to close the
trade out so you bank some profit, but of course trading 80s by trading sites you
wouldn’t have been watching this you’d have been doing something else enjoying
yourself doing other things or even working or on holiday or whatever it is
the system would have taken the trade without you knowing and had you been trading
manually you would have probably wanted to close out at the top as it is going
the wrong way etc but because we left it running
as you can see we have faith in the strategy eventually it closed out here
at 21:30 or the following evening so yes the trade ran for a day and a half okay
it wasn’t a day and a half it’s actually under a day it was 04:26 in the
morning on the 26th and closed out 38 pips later at 21:33 in the
evening and I daresay that you wouldn’t have been in front of your computer at
that time so that demonstrates the beautiful thing about ATS by Tradinsights
that it will take trades for you 24 hours a day if you wish and even when
your conditions are met it will take the trade it will manage it for you close it
out etc had you been watching manually I know most of you probably would have
closed this out thought it’s going the wrong way let’s close it out so we don’t
lose excessively that’s what a stop loss is therefore just to show you where the
stop loss was on this the stop loss was gonna be 15 pips above here so the stop
loss would have been at 1.0974 which is about here at the top here so the price
didn’t reach it but I know traders out there trade manually would have wanted
to close this out because they didn’t want to lose the trade but the beautiful thing
is with ATS you’re not actually looking at the trade you’re not even there when
it enters you’re certainly not there when it’s actually running and you’re
certainly not there when it’s actually trading and closing out and banked 38 pips
of profit which was generated £616 of profit while we’re doing something
else so that’s the benefits of ATS by Tradinsights, if you want to get a hold
of a copy of it yourself and use it it’s very simple to use and use the contact
details that you will you’ll see at the end of this video and I would be
delighted to get you going with it. Thanks for watching & bye for now

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