Students sold on new cutting-edge trading room

This facility allows our students to
have access to over 400 markets globally whether it’s stocks in New York or in
Frankfurt bonds out of London iron ore futures in China or wheat out of
Sydney our students will be able to bring their lessons in the classroom to
life by accessing these real time financial terminals and in the process also
develop valuable job relevant skills which are highly sought by employers the
key features are its breadth we can access markets anywhere in the world
that are trading just about anything that moves we can monitor news feeds
even down to tweets to see how they impact asset prices and how to bring
some of the concepts that we develop in our undergraduate or postgraduate
courses or our masters of applied finance and bring students to these
terminals and see how that how these lessons really apply in the world. When
we’re learning all the coursework in class I’m not just looking at the
information that’s given us from a textbook like 10 years ago I can go up
here and have a look at all the information in real time which is really
cool because then you get to actually see what the theory does in real life.
When you walk into the room it’s all very exciting you can see if green
flashing everywhere and you see how fast pace the working environment actually is. We’ve got information from all over the world coming at you in just this one rooms
it’s very exciting. This trading room has really been made possible through the
kind donations of our UWA alumni this includes the rosemary Nathanson
Charitable Trust and vigils such as John Poynton, Adrian and Michela Fini but
also organizations like BHP that have really come to the party to make this

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