Swing Trading: What’s The Best Time Frame

hi welcome back I’m Scott Schubert with
trading mastermind and today you’re going to have the biggest breakthrough
of your life regarding what time frame you should trade on for swing trading or
any type of training that you’re ever going to do in your trading career so
let’s get started with that right now our trading world could probably be
divided into two types of people two types of traders that you may come
across which means that you would be one of them yourself as we all are the first
type of trader would be the type who knows that swing trading will be more
profitable than any other type of trading as possible and then the other
type of trader would be the type of trader who hasn’t discovered that to be
true yet so this is something you can prove to yourself to be true why is that
true well most traders who have looked at charts and and been involved with
attempting to trade markets and trying to figure out how to trade the financial
markets know that trading on the 5 10 or even 15 minute time frames ends up
wasting a lot of time and causing more losses and limiting the amount of profit
that you could actually get by trading on just a slightly longer time frame and
at the same time some people may have discovered that if you get stubbornly
addicted to longer time frame trading you could enter a long time frame trade
and then after three or four months of being in the trade you find that it’s
back at the same price when you first started and then of course you would
think why would I want to do that when I have ended up wasting way more time
longer term trading and so what we need is a balance not too short of a time
frame not too long of a time frame but in that sweet middle balanced spot in
between either extreme so for a simple answer to this question what’s the best
time frame to execute your trades on for swing trading the answer would be the
one or two hour time zones but until you have the breakthrough that you’re about
to have from watching the rest of this video what time frame you trade on is
almost irrelevant unless you can actually read what’s on the charts let
me show you what I’m talking about because a lot of people have been taught
and conditioned there are standard time frames and your trading platforms come
with standard time frames like daily for our one hour then maybe the 15-minute or
the 5-minute and those are some of the standard time frames that come default
on trading platforms over the years we have found that it is critical to have
additional time frames in between those such as the two hour the three hour the
six hour eight hour the 12 hour if you’re not looking at the eight hour and
the 12 hour there are some very important things that you cannot see so
here’s something to consider what time frame should you trade up first of all
when you’re trading is not possible to trade on a time frame is it you can look
at time frames on your charts but that just tells you should you enter a trade
or should you exit a trade you’re actually not trading on a time frame and
so we don’t want to limit our mind to thinking that we’re trading on a time
frame it’s not even possible to trade on a time frame all you can do is enter a
trade or exit a trade but in that process you can look at certain time
frames to help you to decide whether you want to enter or exit so when you’re
looking at a chart what is it that you want to see let me explain something to
you that is that the market forms patterns
on charts and then our job is to adjust the charts
so that we see the patterns that the market made
let me demonstrate what I mean by that when I open up my charts and recently
I’ve been looking at the Euro Ozzy and what a lot of people don’t realize is
that whenever I’m looking at a chart I am personally unconsciously and
automatically adjusting the frequency the frequency meaning the timeframe that
you are looking at so I’m adjusting that automatically unconsciously all the time
so here I have adjusted the timeframe to the eighth hour I just go right to it
because that is the timeframe where the market formed this perfectly shaped
trend so if you look at the eighth hour you can see oh I see a perfectly shaped
trend if you’re familiar with what a trend is and what they look like and
also if you’re familiar with the phenomenon that marks the end of a trend
because of that is extremely important to be able to see this stuff so if you
can do those things you would automatically go to the eighth hour
doesn’t matter what time frame you’re going to enter a trade honor or what
time frame you’re planning to trade on or whatever it has to be based on the
pattern that the market made so one of the patterns that the market made on
this particular pair the euro Ozzy is tuned right to an eight hour time frame
so if I go to a longer time frame well it’s not gonna disappear but it doesn’t
display as well as it does on eight-hour if I go to a shorter time frame well
it’s still not gonna disappear but now I’m seeing the subdivisions and the
details of the trends inside of the subdivisions of that trend which I may
want to also see I will want to see that but does it make sense that when you’re
trading the market you’re going to be looking at charts for the purpose of
adjusting the frequency so that you see the patterns that
the market has made who made these patterns the market made them in order
to see them whose adjusting the charts so that you can see them you are so you
are adjusting your chart so that you can see the patterns that the market made so
any trading that you’re going to do will be based on seeing this pattern for
instance there are several trades as this trend continues on shorter
timeframes and it will be based on seeing this pattern on this timeframe
and then going to a shorter timeframe and identifying the corrections to each
of the subdivisions that you see there so now I’ve gone through the two-hour
and you can see primary ends of Corrections during the subdivisions that
this was making the pattern on the 8th power okay if this is becoming clear to
you just put a comment below because for some people they’ve never even thought
of this before and when you do have this personal
breakthrough it could cause a tremendous
transformation of the way that you view trading and it could definitely cause
those lightbulbs to go off in your mind and bells to be going off in your mind
now so that now you see now you see something you weren’t seen before and
you’re tuned into something that you don’t quite tuned to before and it opens
up the keys to see all of the trades then this becomes a process once you’ve
mastered at the beginning of this trend you see the impulsive move down you see
the very clear and distinct pattern of a corrective move up and then if you know
how like we all do in our community you would easily be able to identify the
point where that corrective price action ended and know that that would be the
place you want to enter and then stay in for the rest of it or enter at other
points along the way when there’s a trend going you can enter
several times during that trend adding more and more positions as it keeps
going so here’s the end of that first correction on the one hour now what if
you were trading on a timeframe shorter than one hour and could you be trading
this movement going up yes of course you could hidden so these these waves that
are going up our trends on the 5 or 10 minute 10 to 15-minute timeframe there
are trends that are going up and if you know how to do it and if you’re aware
that this is a correction what time frame it’s on when it’s going to end and
then have a plan to exit and to go short you can trade all of the pieces that the
market forms all the subdivisions all the ways that the market reforms but the
important thing is the market is forming these patterns not always on certain
time things like there are some perfect beautiful patterns on the one-hour time
frame and then during some periods and some cycles that the market is making
what you see on the one-hour is just itself pure noise like people say that
what’s on the 5 and 15 minute is just noise in the market well in some cases
what’s on the 1 & 2 hour is just noise inside of a perfect wave on the 12 hour
or the daily and this you can see you can prove it to yourself and it becomes
very exciting when you do have this breakthrough and you can see oh yeah
you’re just constantly going right to the timeframes where there are clear
patterns and of course because of the concept of subdivisions there are
different octaves where you will see clear patterns there there are some that
around the weekly or so there’s some that may be around the daily and in our
group some people are going through the two day and the three day time frame to
get that tuning of the frequency sometimes the market is forming a
pattern that is more tuned to the two or three day time
frame than it is on the one day time frame and you wouldn’t know that unless
you knew how to tune your the frequency so again the short answer to the
question what’s the best time frame to trade for swing trading is the one and
two hour time frame but the more important answer is you’re going to be
trading based on seeing the patterns that the market makes on all time frames
and just reading why would you not want to see the pattern on the daily because
wouldn’t that have a direct bearing on what you’re going to do today even if
you were trading on the 5-minute time frame
wouldn’t the pattern on the daily be an important part of what will tell you how
you would trade on any other time frame it has to be if you know how to read
Marcus if you’re trading in a way that is based on what markets are doing so if
in the past you had this conditioning or this idea that you’re supposed to choose
a time frame like well I trade on the 4-hour and the one-hour I trade on the
one-hour and the 15 minute those are just arbitrary selections of time frames
and if you just go there and you’re just looking at the charts you can’t see what
it is that you need to see so what’s gonna happen is you’re trading based on
not being able to see the patterns that the market made and since that’s really
the most effective way that anyone could ever trade then not being able to do
that would be a huge disadvantage and likewise being able to do that is a huge
advantage I would love to make a video in which I demonstrate hundreds and
hundreds and hundreds of these patterns and how to tune your charts to see them
precisely and to demonstrate how the market is always shifting and not always
on as soon as you think that you discovered
some consistency that Oh trends are always on the eighth hour you know then
you’ll see later that well no that’s not on the eighth hour this cycle this part
of this pattern has shifted so that this subdivision is tuned to the four hours
or the 12 hour or some other time it’s not just always on one time thing and
having this ability to see what reality is and and to see the patterns that the
market has made like I say that really gives a tremendous advantage over
traders you can’t see that you like to find out what really works in trading go
to trading master Hong Kong where we do have a free training series to get you
going in the right direction and help you to see how the market actually works
so you can start applying that in your own trading business look forward to
seeing you in the next video meanwhile to find out more about how this actually
works watch this next video right over here

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