Tech Effects On The Job Market- Christine Harrel

do you all consent to being
recording yes my name is Christine Harrell the title of my speeches take
effect on the job market the presence of technology is evident and apparent and
practically everything that we do some might even compare the advancement in
the last few decades to that of the 18th century Industrial Revolution it is
predicted that by 2030 up to 375 million people globally will need to find
entirely new kinds of jobs because of automation how workers governments and
businesses tackle these seismic shifts will define the future of work
everywhere you look automation technology is taking over we have all
experienced the overwhelming self checkout stations at Walmart or the
touchscreen kiosk ordering at McDonald’s not long ago those jobs belong to living
and breathing humans although technology is eliminating dust it is also created
in a 2017 Washington Post article Robert J Samuelson stated the robots won’t
steal all jobs because their efficiencies will create more purchasing
power for new products that require human involvement and oversight for
proof consider smartphones in 2012 they created nearly 500,000 mobile app
related jobs technology allows business owners to increase profits by decreasing
their workforce but that leaves limited options of employment for those whose
skill sets aren’t needed many people believe that technology is destroying
more jobs than it is creating and that the jobs being created are only for
people who are keeping up with the technology pace according to a CNN
business article writer Matt MacFarlane predicts that jobs that require only a
high school diploma are most in danger he states that those jobs don’t require
much human analysis so they’re easier for machines to handle a study from
financial services firm Cornerstone Capital Group states that as many as 7.5
million retail jobs are at risk of automation in the
decade it is also estimated that close to 5 million driving jobs will be lost
in the early 2020s as vehicle vehicles will soon be able to operate driverless
the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has estimated 80,000 fast-food jobs will
disappear by 2020 for the increase of minimum wage in various states gives
companies more reason to replace workers with machines McDonald’s former chief
executive Edward Renzi appeared on the Fox Business Network in 2016 and he
stated that it’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire
an employee whose inefficient making $15 an hour bagging french fries although
automation will do away with millions of jobs there are plenty of jobs that are
considered londres doctors and nurses are among the least likely to be
replaced by machines CNN business article writer Matt MacFarlane writes
that a human touch is essential in health care I have to say that I agree
could you imagine getting a shot from a robot or being told that you have cancer
from a computer how I’m personable would that be hair stylist and cosmetologists
are also among the least likely to convert to automation because let’s face
it robots aren’t miracle workers social
workers are also considered safe from automation according to CNN business the
Bureau of Labor and Statistics is estimated that dogs in the mental health
field and social workers who work with substance abusers will grow by 19% by
2024 as we are spending more time with technology and less time making personal
connections we have come to think more highly of technology I will leave you
with a quote from Robert Atkinson we should all take a deep breath every time
you read another piece about the coming job apocalypse think about how hard it
is to automate jobs like mining engineer fishing game wardens and dentists thank

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