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Hi, I’m James from Goldenshiny Trading, and now I’m with customers from Thailand. Today, we are, our main destination is district 3, Yiwu market. One of the largest wholesale market, one of the largest wholesale market in the world, and, we’re gonna meet some suppliers. stationery suppliers in this district 3, and we will negotiate those price, explore the market and meet the suppliers. So, hopefully, we can finish everything in one day. So stay tuned. James: Uh, you can make like one carton or two cartons, the system is same, the transportation charge. James: Because my warehouse is nearby the market, so they can charge a little less, like that. James: So how many cartons customers want to order when they visited you yesterday? Supplier: Customers did not tell me yesterday. James: I see, customers are not specific about quantity. James: Those 2. Supplier: Let me check if this has stock or not. James: Uh, this one also hot selling to them James: This one also have. James: You know the transportation usually ranges from 40 to 60, no more than that. James: If they give you 100, of course it’s not true, because we all know the transportation charge. James: So, one carton 4 colors, plus transportation charge, that’s what they will do. James: Give you 4 colors to mix in carton boxes. James: Yeah. Customer: Can we choose in here? James: Can you choose directly from your computer? James: Computer is easier to confirm. [Thai Language] Customer: OK. James: Left, this one. Customer: This? James: Yeah. Supplier: Each design is 1 carton for minimum order quantity. James: One design with mix colors. Supplier: This one carton one carton. Customer: What if buy 2 cartons, like this James: If we take 2 cartons? Customer: 1 color, 1 color. James: What customer wants is mix designs in 1 carton Supplier: How you gonna mix? this half and the other half for 1 carton? James: No, we want total 2 cartons. James: Take 2 cartons. Supplier: So you can take each one design. James: To be clear, this design 1 carton, the other design 1 carton, is that ok? Supplier: I know, you want this for 1 carton, but the other small half mixed, right? James: Yes, this is what we want. Supplier: No, we can’t do that. Unless each design 1 carton, 2 designs 2 cartons. Supplier: So, 4 cartons in total. Our minimum order quantity is 1 carton 1 design. James: Their MOQ is 1 carton, so, he is saying it’s 4 cartons if you choose this 4. James: Is those 2 are same? Supplier: Not same. James: All right. Supplier: One is grid, the other one is line. Supplier: Our design is the line printing for 1 piece, we also have other designs. James: So the 3 designs customers choosed can be mixed in 1 or 2 cartons? Supplier: Usually, our MOQ is 1 design 1 carton. James: Uh, 1 carton for 1 design. Supplier: Correct. James: They have 1 design 1 carton. Customer: 1 design you mean 1 color I think. James: There is 1 color for 1 design? Supplier: Those type of designs are 1 design for 1 carton. James: So, there is no color actually, 1 design 1 single color? Supplier: Yes. James: Single color single design. Customer: Ok. Supplier: Only around 100 pcs per carton. James: Uh, around 100pcs per carton. Customer: 3 cartons, can it be mixed? James: If customer orders 3 cartons, can you let her mix few designs in 3 cartons? Supplier: Sorry, we’re afraid can’t do that. Supplier: We usually do 1 design 1 carton, can you take 3 cartons for 3 designs? James: Ok, humm……1 design 1 carton, like that. 1 design 1 carton is their MOQ. Customer: Ok. Supplier: This one is 6.7 rmb. James: 7, uh……6.7. Customer: 6.7, can we mix designs. James: We can mix designs in 1 carton? Supplier: 4 colors available. James: 4 patterns in 1 design. Supplier: Yes, 4 colors. James: uh……4 different pictures, 4 designs you can mix in 1 carton. Customer: Ok. How many in 1 carton? James: How many pcs in 1 carton? Supplier: Those designs? James: Correct. James: So, this type sold by pictures instead of designs as you call, right? Supplier: Yes, 4 pictures in 1 design. 72 pcs per carton. James: 72pcs, 72pcs 1 carton. Customer: Where are the other designs? James: Do you have another 4 designs? The other ones. [Thai Language] Customer: Ok, 1 carton. James: So, is it ok to take 1 carton? Supplier: Sure. Supplier: Yeah. James: If we take 2 cartons, can you reduce transportation charge? Supplier: 40. James: 40. Customer: 40? James: If 2 cartons. Customer: each? James: No, total. Customer: Total 40? James: Total 40, yeah. James: So there is 40 rmb transportation charge for total 2 cartons, right? Supplier: Yes. James: Yeah. Supplier: The package is sealed package. James: Oh, package will be better than that one. Package is better that that, it’s not like that. Customer: That means she has that kinda pack? James: yeah yeah yeah, you mean the shrink……zip. James: Is like…… Supplier: It’s just normal standard sealed pacakge. James: Oh. Zip. James: Film zip, like that. Customer: Oh……ok. How much? James: How much? Supplier: 1.3 James: 1.3 Customer: 1.3. James: Yeah. James: 3? Customer: 3 James: 300? Customer: No, 3 colors 200. James: We need 200pcs in 3 colors. Supplier: mix 3 colors in 200pcs? James: 1, at least 100. Because they have that plastic…… Customer: Oh……ok. James: If you really insist 3 colors in 200, she can do. Supplier: Yes, I will unpack and count for you. James; Ok, please do that for customers. Supplier: So, 200pcs divide 3 colors, averagely 66pcs each color. James: No need so average, close to average is enough. James: Ok, 20 James: Ok, 200 divide 3, it’s 6 point……66.66, so is that ok she give you like 70 or 65 like that? Supplier: Is that ok? James: Yes. Supplier: Round number is easier. Customer: Can we mix? James: Those designs are ok to mix? Supplier: She is meaning…… James: Customer wants mix designs. Supplier: If you mix pictures in 1 design, then it’s ok. James: So, different designs can’t be mixed? Supplier: If different designs, I can’t sell the rest left designs. James: What he is trying to say is different designs, the designs you have to be clear with him, uh, usually, Customer: So, I have to pick it out, right? James: Uh……yes. James: Let customers choose designs first, then you decide whether can be mixed or not. Supplier: Ok, no problem. Customer: Ok, these 2. James: For example, like those 2 designs, can you mix or you need 1 carton for each design? Supplier: This one is no problem, because the size of box is same. James: No problem, this one is 2 designs mixed in 1 carton is not a problem Supplier: As long as you make sure the sizes of box are same. James: Because it’s same size, it’s easy to pack for them, uh……Understood. Supplier: There are already mixed for this design in the carton. Customer: It cames like the box, right? James: Yes, 1 set, 1 set of box. James: So, it’s up to gift box. All right, understood. [Thai Language] Customer: Oh, it cames set, right? James: Yeah. In 1 carton comes from 4 colors. Customer: Oh, ok. Supplier: You can take designs for few cartons. James: I see. As long as reach 15 cartons. Supplier: This is new design. James: New design? Supplier: Item name is 1602. Supplier: Price is 11.2 rmb. James: 11.2 rmb, this one. Customer: 11.2. James: Yeah. [Thai Language] Supplier: This actually has 4 colors. [Thai Language] Customer: Thank you. Customer: So, these 2, right? Supplier: 4 colos. Customer: 4 color. Customer: This? Supplier asked his wife: why this only has 2 pictures? The wife: the other 2 pictures are not here. Supplier: We have 4 color, but 2 sample are missing Customer: oh, ok. Customer: So, the other 2 are cat also? cat, cat, cat, cat. Supplier: Yeah. Supplier: 2 sets, 4 color. Customer: How many in 1 carton? James: Are there 80 pcs per carton, or…… Supplier: 80pcs. James: 80. James: 80 pcs per carton. James: How much? That one is for 1 carton. And how much extra for transportation charge? Supplier: Total 2 cartons. James: Ok, for 2 cartons. Supplier: Yes. James: All right. Supplier: 100 rmb for transportation charge. James: You sure 100 rmb? Supplier: Yes. We do not rise much. James: Ok. Supplier: We understand it’s first to customers. James: Ok, understood. Supplier: If more, then less transportation charge. James: You can show him the picture, if you have some sample. James: Design is different I think. Customer: Yeah. Too much different. Supplier: We can produce based on your color. James: Because it’s first time for customers, so they want to take samll to test their market. (By Mr James)

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