THC vs CBD: What’s really in your weed? (CBC Marketplace)

♪ [mysterious] David Common:Today’s marijuana
is not Woodstock weed.
♪ I got to get
my props ♪ ♪ cops come and try
to snatch my crops ♪ David:It’s not even
Cypress Hill weed;
that was in the ’90s,
in case you were wondering.
Decades of plant breeding
for high THC content
mean that some strains are more
than five times stronger
than in the 1970s.To understand why
that’s important,
let’s look at what weed
does to your brain.
This is drugs. [egg sizzles] This is your brain
on drugs. David:But instead
of frying pans,
let’s use neuroscience.Simply put, cannabis
contains cannabinoids,
about 85 of them.Many users may have heard
of the big one, THC
or Delta-9
It’s the compound
that produces the high,
and it does that by binding
to receptors in your brain
and interfering with how
your brain’s nerve cells work.
Users feel buzzed because there
are high concentrations
of these receptors
in the areas of the brain
responsible for memory,
movement, and pleasure.The result? Suddenly, the world
seems a little different.Reaction time is slower;
judgement is impaired.
And while some find this
experience pleasurable,
others have reported
severe effects
like increased heart rate,
anxiety, and paranoia.
And some studies say
exposure to THC as a teen
may even increase your risk
of developing schizophrenia.
That brings us to pot’s
lesser known cannabinoid,
Cannabidiol or CBD.It doesn’t have the same
street cred as THC,
likely because it
doesn’t get you stoned.
Some research suggests CBD
helps tone down
THC’s extreme effects,
like anxiety or paranoia,
by minimizing its effect
on certain receptors.
Researchers are even looking
into using CBD
as a possible treatment
for schizophrenia.
We tested 12 popular strains
from dispensaries in Toronto
and found weed that
had no CBD at all;
that’s because when
you crossbreed weed
to increase THC,
the levels of CBD can drop.
Is it worth
freaking out about? Well, maybe.THC-potent strainscan hit inexperienced users
pretty hard.
In Colorado,
quadrupled after
the state green lit
retail pot sales.As for Canada?Perhaps ones day soon,
you’ll see labels like what we have
on an alcohol bottle but for THC and CBD
content levels. Let us know what you think
in the comments below. ♪ ♪

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  1. all my cannabis has the labels he was speaking of, they are also relabeled when a new crop is grown to reflect the new levels after testing.

  2. great idea it would force the industry to analyze thoroughly their products and would allow the government, retailer and consumer to have an oversight over cannabis.

  3. I was hit by a car in 2013 and I am lucky to still have my left foot so to help with the pain and inflamation I use creams high in CBD and thankfully it helps tremendously and I can be on my feet for up to 10 hours

  4. you should have labeling not only percentage but where it was grown, how it was grown and how it was processed but before that can happen we need to legalize it, tax it (reasonably) , and regulate it

  5. Thanks for talking about CBD on the CBC 🙂 For the record, I am not a recreational user. I don't really like the stuff, personally. But I know people who really benefit from high CBD weed for both pain, and muscle spasm management. It helps with some side effects of chemotherapy as well, but still leaves you relatively functional. This is a much better alternative to the opioid pain killers that doctors are handing out scripts for like signing autographs, and which are ruining so many lives because they are so addictive. We need weed. But content labels would be very helpful.

  6. Thank you CBC , I'll be using your article as defense if I ever get caught with an ounce and arrested. A journalism card doesn't make you immune to prosecution for purchasing MJ, an illegal substance or does it!? 2 wrongs don't make a right , that's true but I'm sure a judge will see the logic behind my argument if he's cool! The same goes for dispensaries that operate anywhere their not legally allowed, if they don't get closed that means the law is turning a blind eye, that creates a precedence that no intelligent judge will argue against!

  7. It is very rare for a person to experience anxiety or paranoia and I have never met anyone who experienced psychosis. There are many people around who have smoked it for 30 years or more, so I suggest you start asking the real experts. Many chronic smokers actually live happier and more productive lives than non smokers. Delayed reflexes, never.

  8. More THC less you need to consume. Back in the 70s when I was a regular user we'd smoke a hellofalot of weed to get high. Now that I'm a medical user, you take a few tokes and you're there, then stop. Usually the goal is not to get high, and you learn to manage your cannabis to achieve your goal. I also use straight CBD most the time to treat anxiety with THC for sleep. The stuff I use is 20% THC. The high is no different than it was nearly forty years ago when we'd smoke all night. You can only get so high before falling asleep (hey that's an objective). The people in Colorado heading the the Hospital are inexperienced tourists. These things will all shake out in time, and likely, after a jump in users, quickly drop when the novelty wears off.

  9. I agree that dispensaries and growers need to decide on a standard unit of measurement, to accurately represent the quantity, type, and quality of THC and CBD in each strain.
    One thing to remember is that you may test one flower of the plant and it might have a different concentration then another flower on the same plant; Likewise two seeds might be the same strain, however they will produce a different product all together. Consistency is an assumption under the current measurement system.
    Edible products have similar issues when concerning the quantity of THC and CBD in each individual product, because when bonding the product to the fats and sugars, the product will fall out of suspension or be mixed unevenly. To explain further, a measured amount of activated THC and CBD is added to a measured amount of fats, sugars, or alcohols, mixed then it is assumed that there is an even distribution of product into individually sold edibles.
    Over regulating growers and dispensaries to represent each flower's profile might be too costly for the current system.
    This leads me to my final question: What unit of measurement do we use to accurately represent the THC and CBD in each unit sold to the public, and who holds responsibility for testing and labeling such goods?

  10. would love higher levels of CBD in my pot… out of the countless times i've smoked, only a handful of times i wasn't freaking out with anxiety.

  11. Labeling the amount of thc makes sense because we know it's the active ingredient. Cbd on the other hand may not do anything. When you force people to label you suggest that it's important health information. In fact if you look at food labels certain labeling should be banned such as calling food natural. It sounds nice as if it's healthier but doesn't really mean anything.

  12. Anyone in Canada that can buy cannabis legally already has these labels on their products. THC and CBD %. Why have you not gone down this road CBC? Loosing faith…

  13. Yes marijuana should be legalized, but consumers should be informed about what is in their pot. When pot is legalized and I start buying it, I'm going to be asking about CBD levels, and I hope that sellers will be informed enough to answer them and provide me with pot that has decent CBD levels.

  14. idk how these guys figure people have been able to breed better weed in the last 50 years or so than people have been able to breed in the last 10000 or so… especially considering the modern legal climate makes large-scale selection pretty much impossible. more likely the weed that's been sitting in evidence lockers for 40 years has degraded and was crap to begin with…

  15. This vid doesn't touch on all the amazing effects of using CBDs AT ALL. Weed doesn't cause mental disorders either. All propaganda. Thumbs down 👎🏼

  16. From what I saw in this show, the side effects, as far as what younger people experience, is at par with alcohol's side effects. Now that it is legal, there can be more testing done to see what the balance between THC and CBD to make it more useful to people suffering from various ailments, similar to any medication. So someone with schizophrenia can be informed to avoid the types that are heavy on the THC side and to focus more on the CBD content.

  17. Every one must know that all the modified ,genetic ,hybrid or gmo seeds are only making you a stoner not a productive person only natural ganja is the real cure of the body and mind

  18. I think that the fact that they should put the labels of the percentage of the carcinogens would be a huge benefit to all customers, because they can look for their preferred percentage of THC and CBD, especially if they want the benefits of the CBD component to fight the negative affects of anxiety and psychosis yet still have the customers enjoy their HIGH experience, thus also decreasing psychological health risks in return. Do everything to decrease health risks

  19. They do have testing and labeling of THC / CBD content that is the main benefit of buying from a reputable and trusted dispensary. I think most people will be better off with a balanced THC and CBD strain, higher THC isn't always necessarily better. I've also seen cannabis with like 12% CBD and virtually no THC (like under 1%) which doesn't get you traditionally 'high' but does have some effects. These types of strains have huge medical benefits with less side effects.
    Also using a vaporizer is healthier (not a 'vape' using processed juices!) compared to combustion.

    One thing to watch out for, which may or may not be healthy is a lot of big dispensaries and cannabis stores are using irradiation to supposedly prevent any mold or bacteria from being in their products (which may be good for immune compromised people) sometimes they call this 'cold pasteurization' which I think is misleading.

  20. This paranoia crap is just that crap it was the same crap they pushed back in the 50's when it was made illegal

  21. The CBD+ HTC content levels labels are good idea I know that we can control the levels should be legalized in all 50 states it's what people need to understand if we can control the levels now on cannabis in CBD then it needs to be legalized in all 50 states

  22. Someone tell the uk government its almost 2020 the uk harf of the uk laws of so call drugs are like 10/20 years behind the rest of the world

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