The 6 Minute Life Lesson Every Trader Needs to Hear

– All right, so I am
here in Venice, Italy. Literally they’re opening up, like the elevators and the escalators. I am here at 3:27AM in Venice. I’m at the airport. And the airport is empty, but the airport also has
this crazy, like dock. Like, you can go direct from Venice, like the city of Venice, and take a boat directly to the airport. And I just got here, and now somebody else got here. I don’t think, I don’t even
think that it’s open yet. I have to wait like three minutes. Look at this, they’re taking boats! This just came from Venice. I don’t know why I’m
so blown away by this, but I have been to Venice
maybe a dozen times. I’ve never taken a boat
directly to the airport! It just happens that I
have like a 6:00AM flight, so I had to, still
haven’t gone to bed yet, had a few cappuccinos, not gonna lie. But I love this. I wanted to document just
learning something new. You know, I’ve traveled a lot, I’m pretty well-versed, but I didn’t know about
this, look at this! A terminal or the toilets! Let’s go up here, let’s see what happens! Woo! Look at this! I’m going up this crazy escalator! Anyways, I just wanted to make a video. Like, it doesn’t take
that much to impress me. I’m just so fascinated to be alive. I’m so fascinated by
technology and convenience and innovation and education. I’m fascinated by a lot. It’s not just about like money or lambos or how much money you
can donate to charity or like how many schools you can build. I’m fascinated by a lot of little things, and just the fact that you can do this. Like, this is brand
new, brand new terminal. I just love this. I don’t even know if this is open yet. We’re not open yet. Anyways, this is so cool! We gotta wait for it to open, but I just wanted to document this. Never think that you know everything. Oh, thank you, grazie! Never think that you know everything. Look at this, we got classical music! (classical music plays on speakers) It’s air conditioned in here. (classical music plays on speakers) This is incredible! As a frequent traveler who knows quite a bit about travel, this is blowing my mind, and I encourage you to
go out there and explore and blow your mind, whether it’s a boat directly to the beautiful new terminal
here in Venice, Italy, or, you know, whatever,
whatever you can do to kind of blow your mind and just go out there and explore, because I think that you’ll be surprised. I know that you probably
want something technical, but I’m just gonna give you a life lesson: always be learning, always
be looking for new stuff. I just got a haircut too, what do you think about my haircut? Leave a comment below. I got a haircut in
Venice, which was tricky, ’cause he didn’t speak much English, but I also got like a straight
razor shave, which was nice. And the way that I found it, I didn’t just go to a random barber. I cross-reference like
four different websites. I always do research, but pretty amazing that you can now look for like the best barber or the best anything using the internet. None of this stuff was
available just a few years ago, and I want you to
recognize the difference, and I want you to capitalize
on the difference. Always research, never just
go to a random restaurant or a random barber, no matter
where you are in the world. There’s reviews, and it’s only gonna get more and more. Like, some review websites
don’t have that many reviews, some unethical businesses are probably trying to game it. You know, there’s a few
people in the trading world where they have like John
R. Made a 100,000 dollars and it’s just like totally fake, so I’m proud that all
my students are real, I’m proud to be real. You gotta watch out for the fakes. But, you gotta enjoy innovation and you have to think ahead the next two years, five
years, ten years, 20 years. We’re gonna see more innovation. We’re gonna see what
technology can really do. I mean this looks brand new. This looks like it was all
built in the last two years. Look at this, clear channels advertising. I’m sure there’s beautiful,
amazing cappuccinos here too. I’m actually flying back to LA right now. I might as well just keep talking, ’cause there’s no one else here. I’m flying back to LA to throw out the first
pitch at the Dodger’s game, my second time doing this, and I screwed up the first time. I tried to actually very similar, hold the camera in front
of my face like this and do a selfie, and I, you know, holding a camera while throwing the pitch and trying to like, you know, trying to like video the pitch, I failed, so I got a little too cocky. I was doing warmups and I was fine, so this time I’m not
gonna try to selfie it. I’m just gonna be all normal. And the lesson there
is don’t be too cocky, in anything, I don’t care
how good you are in warmups. I don’t care how many
times you win at something, you can always fail, you can always lose. And it was very embarrassing. But, not really that embarrassing, I don’t really give a shit. It was just kind of funny to be booed by tens of thousands of people who do take that stuff seriously. To me it was just an honor to even, you know, be invited to
throw out the first pitch. It’s an honor to be invited again. Oh, there’s already some people here, but they didn’t take the boat access. Anyways, I gotta go. Leave a comment below
if you like my haircut, and if you like this innovation video. Cheers, ciao. – Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
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26 Replies to “The 6 Minute Life Lesson Every Trader Needs to Hear”

  1. 💰 Where do you want to be in 5, 10, or 15 years, and how can trading help get you there? Unrelated but still important: tell me what you think of the haircut I got in Venice! ✂️

  2. speaking about fascinating, you are a fascinating individual, one of a kind, hoping I get to pick your brain someday, it will take a while, love your enthusiasm. you rock, safe travels!

  3. Im completely jealous, inspired and proud of your success all at the same time…Venice, Santorini, and Athens are on my vision board. Oh and I like your haircut and clean cut look today, but also love your thick curly hair too 😊✌

  4. Pure awesomeness!!! I'd love to take my family to Venice.
    Love the classical music you walked through..
    Yes, always learn every damn day!!! Don't get complacent or stagnant!!!
    I always appreciate your educational content.
    Btw…great haircut

  5. I estimate this many cappuccinos went into the making of this video:
    I am inspired to drink more coffee! ✌😄

  6. Great millionaire mentor.Am learning alot from you as an amateur trader all the way from Kenya.Am looking forward to be your best millionaire student in Africa. Am in my first year of freshman i'll give anything to learn from you.

  7. Going to be completely honest here: I couldn't give a shit less about the haircut.

    But What does impress the fuck outta me, still to this day, is how unapologetically GENUINE you are. It doesn't matter if you're interviewing one of your top students or walking through the airport at 3am, you always say what's on your mind without even giving a thought of what the people who see or hear will think. And THAT is worth so much to me. You are a real ass guy in my book and don't ever stop doing whatever it is you want to do. You're inspirational, Thank You.

  8. Nice cut, no blood! From what I can see, ya keep moving the camera too much. Have fun, stay dry and enjoy your travels.

  9. Holy shit the boat thing is cool. I've never seen or even heard of that before at an airport!

    One day I'll be able to discover all of this shit on my own, but until then – keep sharing all this cool stuff lmao!

  10. Great video.quick question. Didn't I already see a video of you throwing the second pitch? I remember you describing the first time you pitched, you shot a quick video of it, then you made up for it in the second pitch. I'm sure of it. No Mandela effect. Thanks for the inspiration none the less. I'm keeping up with my studies. And I trust the process

  11. Solid haircut, Tim! I started my trading journey 4 years ago by reading your penny stock trading manual. Forever thankful for you bro. Keep it up, you are a constant inspiration and an awesome dude.

  12. Loved the video can't wait to start trading and building my account so I can eventually travel the world and learn from different cultures.

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