The Australian Government Jobs and Skills Expos – A marketplace for jobs and training

This is the small seaside community of Burnie
on the beautiful northern coast of Tasmania but around 10 per cent of those who
live here are looking for work. It’s an example of some areas in Australia
where finding work can be difficult. I’ve applied for about 18
different jobs. No luck so far. And sometimes businesses
find it hard to get workers. We’ve got some positions also for
some labourers and I’ll probably pick those up today. But Mig welders
are very, very hard to get. But we’re here hoping that we’re
able to pick up some today. The Australian government recognises that employers and jobseekers need
to get together. That’s why the Jobs and Skills Expos travelling
the country are part of the Building Australia’s Future
Workforce package. The Expo is a place that
brings together both jobseekers and employers in one place,
providing opportunities for both. And with that in mind
we have to acknowledge that these programs actually work.
Across Australian some 17,000 people have been able to secure work through
arrangements like we see here today. Here at Dandenong in Victoria,
unemployment affects people across a wide range of gender,
age and multicultural communities. They come to the Expo in
the hope that face-to-face they have a better chance of getting
their experience and resumes considered. I think for me you know, rather than
over the phone or over the computer, sometimes it’s nice to talk
to a person and actually have an explanation for your questions. Another advantage of every expo is
the jobs board, offering a wide range of actual jobs available in the
area where the Expo is held. Are there many jobs going? There’s heaps.
Yeah? Today? Hundreds, yep. They’re all up on that jobs
board up near the stage. Are they around here
though? Yep, all locals. Here at Dandenong more than 1,000
jobs are presented on the board and attract considerable interest. It’s really useful. Things you
know, I’ve never heard of. You know there’s heaps of
opportunities for people. Lots of jobs, openings, and yeah,
it’s good. It’s really good actually. And because it’s a jobs and skills expo, the
training and skills board is also popular Because we are new we don’t know
much about the jobs in Australia. And the most important, the English,
you know that’s why, just trying. For now we are unemployed
and we are students looking for training just like that. Most of the notices are connected to people
at the Expo where training and courses can be discussed face-to-face. Meanwhile, the Minister for Human
Services, Senator Kim Carr, was getting among the people to ensure
everything was working as it should. How are you going? How are you? Good.
I’m well thank you. That’s good. Are you getting much interest?
A lot of interest. That’s always the case. At Burnie
both jobseekers and exhibitors alike felt the Expo was more than worth it. Really, really good. I think today is going to
be really successful. We’ve had a lot of people
actually come by our stall asking a lot of different questions as to
what we do, what we can offer. Yeah, no, I’m glad that I came here today. It’s been really helpful
for me by going out there and seeing how many jobs
are actually out there. And another feature of every
expo is the free barbecue, because looking for
work is hungry business. Come back if you want more.
Oh, I’ll be back then. It’s a place where staff
and jobseekers alike can take a moment to catch up and relax,
and the people are always fun. You’re on candid camera.
Oh, are we? Hello! All expos end with hundreds
of people having connected over employment or training,
either available or sought after. If you have a look in the paper
there’s only 20 or 30 jobs, but you come and look here
and there’s hundreds of jobs. There’s a lot of availability
around so it’s really good. And then it’s time to pack up,
to move to another area where finding work is proving difficult. And the Department of Human Services team
do the whole thing with a good attitude.

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