The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing in 2020 | Neil Patel

– Content marketing is
still one of the cheapest and most effective ways
to get targeted visitors hitting your website on a
regular basis, and according to HubSpot, marketers would
prioritize blogging after it’s our “thirteen x” more likely
to see a positive ROY. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel;
and today, I’m going to break down the beginners guide
to content marketing in 2020. (bouncy tune) Before we get started, make
sure you subscribe to this channel. If you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. Step one: Define your goals.
What is your niche? What type of content are you looking to
create? What do you want to do with your content? If you
don’t understand the type of content that you want to
create, you’re not going to do a good job. Everyone thinks
it’s just about your audience, but you’re the one creating
and writing it. If you don’t write content that you’re
passionate about, that you love; it won’t come across as great
content and it won’t do well. So you got to first figure
out, what do you want to write about that you think people want to hear? And that leads me, into the second tip. You need to research your
audience. You need to come up with audience persona’s.
What question’s is your audience asking? What problem’s
do they have that you can help solve? How can you
provide value to ’em? And by knowing this, it
ensures that none of you writing content that you love,
but also that other people want to hear about, which will
help you rank higher as well. And you’re probably also trying
to figure out “hey, how do I figure out what problems people have?” Well, type in any keyword within
your vertical; your niche, into UberSuggest. Go onto
the keyword ideas reports, click on “questions”, it’ll
show you all the questions that people are typing. These are
the issues, problems people are having, and by you looking at
this keyword base, it’ll help you figure out “alright, these
are the problems people are facing, maybe I will enjoy
writing on some of these topics.” Tip number three. Do your
keyword research, and this gets in, funny enough, to the
last tip that I just gave. You’re already in UberSuggest,
UberSuggest also have a big laundry list of keywords
that you could be going after. This will show you what’s popular
in your space, what’s not. But you don’t just want to
go after popular keywords, you want to go after the keywords
that are high in (mumble). So kind of like the keywords
that are in the conversion list, or the keywords that
have a high CPC. Keywords that tend to have a high CPC tend
to convert better and generate more income for the website owner. The forth tip I have for
you, is content ideation. You need to come up with topics
that cater to your audience. Check out what your competitors
are writing. You can put in their URL into UberSuggest,
click on top pages, and that will show you everything
that your competitors are writing. Or if you want to
see it based off a keyword, go to UberSuggest, go to
the content ideas report; type in a keyword, it’ll show
you what’s hot in your space. You can also do the same
thing with BuzzSumo, it’s just a paid tool, UberSuggest
you can do it for free. Um, or you can do the same
thing with AnswerThePublic which is also a paid tool. So, by
doing this it’ll give you a rough idea of what’s working
and what’s not. And it’ll break it down based off of social
shares, search traffic, back links. And that’s
important because when you’re looking at the content ideas
report on UberSuggest you’ll be like “oh, this is what’s
working for my competitors.” Well, if they’re getting a
ton of search traffic but no social shares, that means you’re
just too reliant on Google. Ideally, you want pages, posts;
that have a lot of search traffic and social shares,
because then you can diversify your traffic sources. The fifth thing I want you to
do, is create content that is tailored to voice search.
It’s estimated that roughly fifty percent of the
searches are voice searches, according to ComScore. So
I want you to use structure data markup, and when you do
this on your website, it’ll help you get into the rich
snippets. When you get in to the rich snippets, it also helps
Google pull your listings, your result; for voice
searches that way your brand is getting out there and you
can keep getting more traffic. This is important because
with devices like Google Home and Alexa becoming more and
more popular, you’ll see this trend continually increasing.
You want to be prepared for it. Last thing you want to do is
see seventy, eighty percent of the searches being voice
search and then you start optimizing for it. You want
to do it now before it gets to that point. The sixth thing you need to
do is create videos and visual content. It’s no secret that
visual content video story telling is taking over the
web. From Instagram to Facebook to YouTube, it’s all super
popular. And if you don’t want to do videos, you can also try
podcast or you can even try info graphics; it’s a way where
you can use images to tell the story and that works really
well as well. And just to give you an idea, I only
create four blog posts a month, but I publish over twelve
videos a month. I see a trend in which videos are becoming
more and more popular and it’s a better way to relate
to a audience, to your brand, right? Helps you build
that deeper connection. That’s why you should
definitely start creating videos today if you already haven’t started. The seventh tip I have for
you, leverage social media. If you’re not leveraging
social media, your brands not getting out there. A lot of
people tell me “Neil, my reach is continually dying, why
shouldn’t I be on social media?” Either way, whether your reach
is dying or not, these sites are super popular. So the way
to combat this and so, do well from the social app, is going
live all the time. People like Tai Lopez, he goes live, he
even sells from his live videos, converts extremely well. And
through social media you can create engaging content, videos;
that still does well. Sure, driving the people off to your
website doesn’t get as much engagement, but uploading
videos still does well. The eighth tip I have for
you, follow the EAT formula. EAT stands for expertise,
authority, and trust. Google ended up releasing
a medic update awhile back. In which, they don’t want
people writing on content that their not credible for. For
example, I’m a marketer, if I start writing about health,
and when you get fevers and you get sick; should you go
to a hospital or not? I’m not an expert on that, no
matter how well written and how many back links I build,
they should of ranked that content because that’s not my
expertise and it can damage someone. The same goes with
financial content, I’m not a financial planner, I shouldn’t
be going out there and telling people how to invest
their money and where not to invest their money and how
to, ya’ know, maximize their 401k. I should stick to what I
know. So, you want to make sure you’re adding your author
bio on every page that you’re writing content on. Linking
to your social profiles, guest posting on sites to
build up your credibility. Maybe even create a Wikipedia
page. All of this will help. Last but not least, build back
links. If you don’t know how to build back links the easiest
way is go to UberSuggest, type in the URL of any one of
your competitors, click on the back links report; you’ll see
all of their pages that have a ton of back links, who’s
linking to ’em. The anchor text, you can use this data to figure
out what pages you should replicate, who you should
head up to get those links, as well. Now, if you need help
growing your traffic, you can check out my addings in Neil
Patel digital, or if you just have any questions, leave a
comment below and I’ll answer it. If you enjoyed this video;
like it, share it. Subscribe to the channel, tell other
people about it. Thank you for watching.

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