The Best E-Commerce Application for WordPress

Hello, this is Mikel Bruce, CEO of Tiny
Frog Technologies. I’d like to talk a little bit about e-commerce websites or
having e-commerce on your website. There’s countless numbers of e-commerce
applications that can be either built into a website or have your website
linked from there to an e-commerce application. Probably the most common
nowadays, the ones that you’re probably most familiar with, are
Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. W-O-O Commerce. We’re a WordPress company so we
specifically and almost exclusively work with WooCommerce. One of the
advantages of WooCommerce over Shopify or Magento, if you have a WordPress site
is that WooCommerce is an app – a WordPress application – so it’s very
easily fully integrated into a WordPress website. So if you have a WordPress
website, WooCommerce is a really good solution because the
integration is much cleaner compared to Magento or Shopify. If you don’t
have a WordPress site, it’s a whole different story but this is specifically
if you a WordPress site. So if you have a WordPress site and you’re looking at
different e-commerce applications, I would definitely recommend WooCommerce. A
couple of the other advantages and benefits of WooCommerce: one of which is
that it’s relatively affordable for the most basic version and then it’s very
expandable. There’s countless what are called plugins or sub-applications to
WooCommerce so if you want to expand the functionality on your e-commerce site, you
can do that either initially or over time with WooCommerce. It’s
managed to the same dashboard as your WordPress site so you’re not having to
log in to multiple places. It’s fully integrated with the WordPress site. So
those are just a couple of the advantages with WooCommerce. So if you
have any questions on WooCommerce or e-commerce in general, please feel free
to give us a call. This is Mikel with Tiny Frog Technologies.

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