The CHEAPEST Heatsink on the Market

How bad, could a five-dollar heatsink that we bought on eBay, possibly be – how do you even make a computer cooler for five dollars? Shipped to our door. Five dollars! Well, we’re going to find out on the cheapest heat sink on the market and yes my friends, We are starting another series, “The Cheapest on the Market” – and it’s going to be flippin’ awesome! *synth boom* HP’s new Omen X lineup comes equipped with Intel 7th generation Core i7 processor. Check it out at the link in the video description. The brand is XYCP. And this is the whatever that is CPU cooler, 65 watt, (maybe that says 3-Year warranty?) and it also has support for Core i7 and 12 something – Okay let’s get it open. Wow! *wow* **wow** So that my friends. Holy crap. It’s like feather-light. That is five dollars worth of heatsink. I mean look at this; when they were designing The – the flower heatsink fin arrangement like this just looks like – uh, you know – someone accidentally y’know bumped it on the assembly line – see this hook kind of came off there. See, no problem! No problem! You just put that baby back together no big deal but – but look at this! There were like wasn’t room for the for the frame for the fan, so they’re just like “No problem. We’ll just bend it. No big deal. No problem.” That’s where the that’s where the wire comes out. Okay? So we’re looking at an 80 millimeter fan They’re somewhere in between like 75 millimeter fan – I think that’s 80 mil. Oh man. This stuff. This stuff looks quality! And see there Mmm. That’s a good stuff. That’s a good stuff right there Ooh. Really runny. Actually that doesn’t look especially quality look at this. Look at this. It’s like, it’s like a little thermal volcano! Warning, remove before installation. Warning, have your head checked before installation. All right, so you can see what they’ve done here. The construction method is pretty actually very very basic. So they’ve got these these pieces right here that are basically running all the way through and compressing so they’ve got all these fins coming in – you can actually follow the line cause it’s quite cheaply made, this is a very old old construction method They’ve got these four pieces of aluminum on either side that extend the base and that are basically used to crush all the fins together, then they machine the bottom as flat as they can in a couple of minutes there, and ship it off. Now, let’s put this thing up against its main competitor. So the stock Intel heatsink with the fan and the mounting hardware is a hundred and eighty grams This bad boy comes in at 157. Can it possibly hold up? So first things first, we’ve got to clean off our CPU with alcohol for the most fair possible comparison. We’re using a 7700K. Then, I’ve got a brand new Intel stock cooler and go ahead and throw that bad boy on there. So I’m using the included thermal compound. We’re not introducing extra variables in our test. So we’re going to hit this baby with an AIDA64 stress test. Here we go! “Utilization: 100%”! CPU temps, well we’ll give them a minute. I’m just taking in the, uh, the sounds of the heatsink. *fan simulating sound of breeze by ramping up and down that brings calmness to Linus* Okay, so you can probably hear the way that the fan is, (it sounds loud), hear that ramping up and ramping down. (the fan speed is going up and down) So, our temperatures and our turbo speed? Actually reasonable! So we’re hanging in here at 4.45 GHz on our 7700K all the way up to 4.5! So this thing’s turboing up to the max at a hundred percent load And we’re sitting at about 85 degrees on the CPU package. Ideal? Perhaps not. But certainly not going to damage it, but what we also hear is that that fan is working really hard to keep it there. So let’s lock that sound in our minds!(listens to loud fan again) And try out our five dollar heatsink. All right. so [with] it clean now we can put on our thermal lava here. Oh, look at that! That *drops thermal paste* oh! Oh, shoot! Oh, crap! Okay, well Oh quality! Oh! Beautiful! Okay. Okay, now I’m ready with my mounting hardware – you basically put these little clear plastic inserts into the hole that Corresponds to the socket you want. So at 775 or 115-whatever. Then we just Put this on here. Oh, do not tell me this is not going to align… Oh, man, oh you hear that crunching? Um? Oh shoot. I legitimately don’t know if it’s going to fit that way. Oh, how am I going to get this out now? S**t. Okay. Maybe if I can press it – Ow! Oh crap! Shoot, it’s up on there real good now. Well maybe I can get this side. I don’t know how I’m gonna remove this after. Shoot. Ow! I gotta get the video card off here. Okay, well there are some creature comforts that definitely come with using a more modern design, but if we put it on this way, I think we might actually be okay here. Shoot, it’s going to interfere with the RAM before I can press it all the way down – take the RAM out. Here we go. Oh, I’m gonna make it open up – yes! Okay, we have a mount, but can I get the RAM back in now? That is the question. I’m sorry, G-Skill. I’m sorry to subject your memory to this [Achievement unlocked: Perfect Fit] There we go. Look at that, it’s like it’s designed for it! It’s – it’s like right there. Yeah! Yeah, boyee! All right, let’s turn this thing on. All right, so it’s got this like – you know – orange Spinning style- you know what, it [actually] looks [pretty] cool. I legitimately think it looks cooler than the stock heatsink just because of that – that orange fan. System’s booted so we clearly haven’t outright broken anything. Oh boy, I don’t think this is a good sign. I already heard it ramp up for a second there, but let’s fire this – oh okay that’s all [mumble] Okay. Here we go! Oh! Oh dang! A hundred and one degrees on the CPU packet! Ah! It’s painful! Look at the throttling! Look at the throttling! 19 percent thermal throttling! Ah, the humanity! Ah! We’ve already fallen from 4.5 to 4.24 GHz! It just can’t keep up! Ah! So, if the question was “Could a $5 heatsink be worse than a free heatsink?”, the answer is in fact “Yes, my friends!” But, Does its performance hold up to what I would expect for a $5 product – given that if you try and buy one of these on eBay, it’ll actually cost you about $15? Then yes. Yes, it holds up to what I would expect. I am shocked that we got anything for $5. Even something as ineffective as this. Remember, it’s rated for 65 watts, not the 95 watts we threw at it. We were just wondering if – hey, you know maybe it was, you know, under-promise over-deliver? 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  1. Poor thing didn’t even get a chance, sure it’s $5 so it’s not going to be amazing, but it’s cooling a processor wayyy out of its league and the application of the cooler was rather shit… let it test with a 65W

  2. Wish I seen this review lol 😂 I bought a few of these from Ali Express as 1156 xeon 3470 heat sinks because I don't have stock heat sinks anymore they're over 10 years old figured these would be a viable replacement but as usual they haven't gotten here yet. But I'll definitely scrap them as soon as they get here.

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