The Hair Trader

Welcome to the hair trader, your hair,
your nails and your makeup in one spot. This is Celestes new bestie, Khethe,
Khethi is a fully qualified makeup artist, and she’s thrown down the challenge to
me today, for a faceoff. She’s going to paint Celeste’s face, while I paint the
face of one of the mannequins downstairs always happy to rise to a
challenge. Let the race beginning and they’re off Well, we all got there in the end! and now we can try with the serious
business of creating new looks for Celeste’ I asked our host deli, if they do extensions yes for those people that prefer to have their hair sewn in, we do offer that service as well. They buy and then they proceed to the stylist where they have the hair sewn in. If a person prefers to walk out wearing the wig, we do that service for that, we don’t charge anything for that.

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