The Life Of A Day Trader

before I get more into what the boot
camp is all about I want to give you a glimpse of what a
day traders lifestyle is really like or it can be for me location
independence is really really important being an expat for over 14 years now I
have to go and visit my family there are always you know reasons why i
am not able to just be planted behind a desk all the time so the freedom of
location independence is huge and a trading gives me that one hundred
percent i mean all I need is my laptop and internet connection and being around
during certain market hours and the second is travel travel for me is not a
luxury it’s a necessity actually it’s like an essence you know I’m not one of
those people that says oh I wish I could go there know for me I actually need to
go and travel and we’ve been really lucky up to this point we’ve been able
to go away for two three weeks here or there every year than long weekends but
my dream has always been to be able to take the full summer vacation of my kids
have usually between two to two and a half months and just be one hundred
percent location independent and travel kind of like a family on the move for
that period of time instead of them going to you know some little camp by
our house to get the world education hands on and even though I’ve had
amazing opportunities with my travel site the money wasn’t amazing enough for us
to be able to fully do this last year for the first time i was able to take my
family for six weeks to Spain and then another three weeks to do a road trip
through the United States it was definitely my absolute dream that
came true and it’s been amazing so here we are this is just a quick photo
of us in valencia we’re taking on a piña class um this is us just chilling out in the
south of Spain this is actually my kids enjoying the
sunset and the first image that i showed you is me watching them while i work and in Europe
trading is amazing for the futures market especially or the stock market
the market opens at three thirty p.m. so you have the whole day to just enjoy
yourself and then you could pretty much trade anywhere between 3 30 and like
10pm and it’s amazing so that freedom was truly amazing um so that’s kind of that’s just a
glimpse of what day trading can give you right i mean there are whatever you want
to do the Freedom and flexibility you get with your hours and the location
will really be up to you

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