The Lowest Risk “Trade” that Exists (Day Trading for Beginners)

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  1. I'll give ya an oldie but goodie here for future smear on job videos….(if u havent used it already)
    "What does J.O.B. actually mean/stand for?"
    "Just Over Broke."

  2. Trade your time in your job for money to grow your trading account. Until such a point comes when you don't need the job as your trades pay you enough. $500 a day keeps the job away….

  3. hey clay not a member but a fan just wanted to let you know that the CRWD puts have been freakn insane thanks for all the info be safe

  4. Time is the very thing we trade for money. People generally don't think of it that way. Due to it being so natural. The majority of people are doing it! But have you heard anyone ask you what your time is worth?
    it is why people should always ask, what my your time worth? Is it worth the minimum wage I'm making? Is it worth 6 figures per year that my friend earns? It all depends on where your mind is at right now.

    Perspective. If you are new to the workforce you could very easily decide that $10 bucks an hour would be fair since you know nothing. Your friends all say, yes it is money in your pocket!
    But what about college students. Where is their mind at? After getting a degree in Business? And spending 4 years and $80k, would they have the same mindset? NO! They may work for $10 bucks an hour but it won't be for long. Only out of necessity will they commit to such. Because in their mind they are making $50k per year. Or will very very soon.

    Now if you already have a job…And you don't feel your worth is a few bucks per hour…Why not commit just a few more hours to take in knowledge that will forever get you out of the workforce and the slavery that it entails. Chump change is what I call it. Manual Labor!
    So why not develop the mindset to see the potential of actually educating yourself so you can EARN MORE AND WORK LESS! A wealth-building mindset begins with a wealth-building skill set!

    Decide to be more, do more, have more, and earn more. Today. Now. Last month I joined ClayTrader so I could make money from home trading Mutual Funds. It will enable me to earn way more than I've ever earned before? As well as having to actually work, fewer hours. Great video 🙂

  5. Thanks for this video, I really needed to hear this! I have a trading account with only $800 and I lost $179 today so I'm full of anxiety! So, watching this, I can now KNOW I work to build my trading account and keep learning to trade. Take ONLY the best trade that I see every morning! Thank you…..

  6. Always wanted to start trading. only things holding me back are lack of knowledge, and my low paying job. Even $100 is a lot for me to risk. Hopefully your videos will allow me more and more to build up the conference to take that little risk.

  7. Yeah, it's true that there's really no way to lose money at a day job. But I think what one of the biggest benefits is that comes with trading if not a bigger benefit than having enough money, is the work/life balance. If you could make an average of $150 in an hour and a half every day and then simply choose to stop working after that hour and a half, for me that would open up a world of motivation to learn things that I otherwise wouldn't have time for with a 40-hour work week.

    For me, that would be as big, if not a bigger, motivator to become profitable in day trading.

    Throughout my life I have always heard the question, "What would you do with your life if money wasn't an issue?" I think that this question is problematic because one of the premises in the question is incorrect. The fact of the matter is, money is an issue. So I really don't know how to take that assumption out of the equation of my life. But what's more, some things that I might want to do with my life may not be profitable, and is that a bad thing? What if I wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument? Must I find a way to monetize this skill, or can I just have the joy that comes with learning how to play the instrument?

    Right now in my life, I have a very unique opportune window to at least try to learn how to day trade without any real cost to me. And I think it would be foolish of me to not at least try to learn how to do it before that window becomes much more difficult to keep open. If I don't see progress after several months, then I can think about the next steps for my life.

  8. Clay… Whats the strategy of day trading… Best time to buy… Or is it just a gumbling

    Great work man thanx❤️❤️

  9. would u be interested in merch for ur followers? all u would have to do is advertise and i would design everything however you want me to and u won’t be paying anything at all we just split the profits

  10. A job (Just Over Broke) is what traders go back to working if they fail in the market. People jump right in without any education or training, and they don't know what they're doing. They lose all their money in the market, then they lose all their confidence that the market works, so they quit trading and go back to working a job for a living.

  11. Hey Clay, I am about to start a dropshipping but versus a Forex trading or stock trader with a small funded. Which one should I start while I am working at a real estate job? Thanks in advance if you reply

  12. Update on my status: Third day had earned me 1494 dollars in the green on Tesla. Though it was Paper Trading I observed it more closely along with the charts and only did 3 trades per the PDT Rule so I think I did a good job. First day was really rough, second I tried to get it back and third day finally staying on the PDT Rule while also staying in the green!! It’s Paper Trade but it’s progress!!!!

  13. In my opinion profitable stock trading is 60% knowledge and experience and 40% mastering emotions while trading, which again comes with experience. Every day I’m not trading I’m delaying being a master trader.

  14. I'm sorry I had to say this, just starting watching the video and on the black board there are two small spots of black from the board I'm here trying to clean my screen thinking I got something on it then scroll down a bit and its gone. Lord save me sometimes

  15. Great videos clay really enjoy them

    Quick question I understand the day trade limit at 3 a day I understand if you have at least 25k you can do unlimited is there a way for smaller day traders to still trade unlimited without 25k?

  16. Hello Mr.Clay I am from Iraq and I live in turkey and I have a bank account in turkey I found your channel by coincidence and I wonder can I trade in the U.S market?, can I buy Apple's or Google"s stacks?, I really like the stock market and I am learning so much from you
    thank you so much for this channel and god bless

  17. Why are the top traders not doing videos or even mentioning "analyst price target" it took me a year to happen across this topic by chance. From my perspective "price target" seems to be of huge importance! The experts reputation is on the line when they throw out a price target it seems.

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