“The Trump effect” in Canada: Testing how we react to racism and intolerance (CBC Marketplace)

33 Replies to ““The Trump effect” in Canada: Testing how we react to racism and intolerance (CBC Marketplace)”

  1. YouTube comment sections are always sad, miserable places.
    To be so arrogant while having accomplished so little in this life? To be so hateful and fearful, while being so obviously lonely?
    Try as I might I just can't understand it.

    I'm going to have to take a look at my own masochistic tendency of coming here and subjecting myself to this deluge of cowardice, ignorance and narcissism.

  2. media….stop blaming trump for everything!!!!!! iam an older guy and there has always been racism in canada….long long before trump was on the scene. canada is using trump for a scapegoat cuz they refuse to believe that there has always been racisim here

  3. This is terrible wow I guess that's what we come to expect from the CBC. Time to get rid of this corrupt Broadcasting Corporation

  4. Lol its amazing seeing all the trump fanatics and snowflakes here years later. Every single one of their videos has mostly praise but the moment you get these snowflakes riled up against their dear leader fuhrer they get triggered and turn to children.

  5. your not allowed to be proud of being white but your allowed to do that with another race. Your suppose to apologize of being white and beg other races for forgiveness. When they do it's called civil rights when we do it's called racism.

  6. Blacks have blacks specifically speaking on the behalf and interest of blacks. That’s black supremacist and this video is witchcraft and extreme racism against whites

  7. A couple of times, I have had white people tell me 'Go back to where you came from'. I yelled back at them that first they have to go back to f*****g Europe where they came from. Next time I will punch them in the face as an added bonus.

  8. Now print out and try to sell 'Black Pride 't-shirts, if anyone buys one berate them for being racists and conclude pontificating about the Trudeau Effect.

  9. I am a Trump supporter who lives in Canada and I find this disgusting. CBC should be shut down. Why do taxpayers have to fund this.

  10. The only good thing to watch on CBC is Hockey on Saturday night, other than that it is trash that has to be propped up by taxpayers

  11. So the CBC is now a supporter of the corrupt US Democrats. It is a form of bigotry to make the link that Trump support equals racism. Despicable media.

  12. LOL in all honesty Trudeau's second term win will only increase the amount of hate in the coming years… just wait and see

  13. There are Blacks for Trump, Muslims for Trump, Asians for Trump, Sikhs for a Trump, Latinos for a Trump, that’s hardly someone who is a Supremacist. Look at 1400 years of Hirjah Clock ….. it’s proven.

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