Thinking Is Not Required To Trade Properly

[Music] what’s your name is our yeah yeah yeah jerk yep Guillermo okay if some more piracy is your name Guillermo do you have to think you don’t have to think right because why you know what’s your name is if I were to say is you know as today’s Sunday I mean unless you were drinking last night maybe you don’t have to you don’t have to think about that so when do you have to think when you don’t know so thought can’t exist when you know so ego can only come into existence when you don’t know when you know something ego is not there so when should you trade you should take a trade when you know not when you think if you’re thinking that’s a battery you should not ever be thinking in a tree ever thought is the is the problem because it it means that you don’t know like is this an elephant bar yes and if it’s not is it in a good position you should know these things and if you know your action is from knowing it is not from thinking so if you have a thought and then you do an action that’s a weak thought that’s a weak action because your actions coming from a thought not from knowing right so now each time you have a thought and you but you don’t do the thought you don’t do what the thought suggests you revert to knowing and each time you do that you weaken the ego you weaken the thought mechanism thought is our problem I think this is gonna go up I think this is a good trade that’s not how you become a successful trader playing your thoughts and your thought is never the real thing and this is where the concept of ego comes in the thought about your wife is not your wife right but the thought about her can get in the way between you and your wife and so now the thought separates you the thought about a trade is not the trade so the thought stands between you and the trade and so now the thought becomes the most important thing this is why going into the market with a bias which is nothing more than a thought is wrong I think today is a bi day so now your thought becomes more important than the market which is the fact the market is the fact the thought that it’s a buy day is a thought so now your thought becomes more important in the market and you you pay more homage to your thought than the real thing that’s evil my thought is what should happen not what the markets doing the markets going down but my thought is that it should go up that’s Eagle it’s my thought that should be real not what the market is doing that’s what he goes [Music] and you honor your thoughts you honor your thought more than the real thing that’s Eagle my creation my thought my thought about you is correct my opinion is Perez my feeling that the markets gonna decline is correct not what the markets doing right now so all of a sudden you live dictated by what you think not by what is thinking is not required to travel in a trade properly in fact no thought is the right way you don’t you should not have to if you got to think if it’s an elephant bar in the right position then it’s not an elephant bar in the right position because what would you have to think about you should never be analyzing if you are you don’t know do you don’t have to analyze what you know you follow him say it’s sucked it’s subtle but is so very important the thoughtless trader that’s the master the traitor that does [Music] you [Music]

7 Replies to “Thinking Is Not Required To Trade Properly”

  1. Sooo true, when I stop thinking about entry/exits…. 😏😏😏 consistency started to rise 🤔🤔🤔 the skill is totally different from physical world 😍 thanks Boss!

  2. Wauuu….Amazinggg Boss…!!!!!! Thank you,, Thank you !! The simple and powerfull truth about trading ( …and life !!), NO Ego.. Is the KEY. Regards from Argentina..

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