This Week in the XFL | Oakman Cut, Mini Camp, First Trade in XFL History and more

Welcome back everybody to another edition of This Week in the XFL I’m your host is always the referee Representing XFL Newsroom. Whoo the #1 Source in XFL News and we have a lot of great stories to talk about this week. But before we get started We just wanted to remind you about two things. The first is we have a giveaway going on right now You could win two tickets to any XFL game this season. Here’s what you got to do Like comment subscribe and click the link down in the description for the discord Join the chat get up to at least a rookie status It’s about 50 or 60 messages in the chat, but the good news is is you’ll be hanging out with a bunch of other like-minded XFL fans just like you and hey need to be honest here. And when will we announce the winner? Well, that’s the second thing. We want to talk about here December 29 8 p.m Eastern we’re going live for our this year in the XFL special going over the best of 2019 all the things in the XFL we talked about the nominations last week. So click the link down in the description For the nominee poll there. Let your voices be heard, but it’s not gonna be just me I’ll be joined by Tron Hawkins of this is the XFL podcast Jay – of the XFL unhinge podcast and Hey, it’s the XFL delivery guy coming through So make sure you stay tuned and hey It gives you another reason to subscribe and click the belt to get the alert to see when we go live So like I mentioned we have a few big stories to talk about this week So the mini camps ramped up and we’re already starting to see some moves So the Los Angeles Wildcats have already made some initial cuts some that may even surprise you so the first one to be made public Was Shawn Oakman now? That’s a name That people were kind of hyped to see in the league now There wasn’t much said on why he was waived from the team, but the coach did comment He said the LA Wildcats are all about supporting each other and winning a championship We have all made a collective and joint decision that it was best to move on So that could mean it was something off field. It could mean that maybe his play wasn’t up to par You know, he hasn’t been playing in the last few years, but hey, you know, that’s one less person on the Wildcats It’s unfortunate to see him go now I would assume that another team could pick him up But we have a few other cuts here to talk about as well as well as somebody that they’ve brought back on to the team So the next larger name is was kind of an inspiration story for the XFL So Jeremiah Spicer was our also waived and it was kind of rumored online He had tweeted that you know he was so angry that he could shed a tear and fans started speculating that maybe he was the next cut and it was made official later that day in a release that the Wildcats had published on their website Announcing that Spicer had been cut as well as CJ Moore Anthony Morris and Damien Prince So the many camps have wrapped up We’re already starting to see some moves the Wildcats have cut a few guys picked up one guy But one thing that fans have been asking about at least the possibility was trades and hey We’ve seen our first trade in the league and this is the first trade in XFL history So the battle Hawks send Marcus Jones to Dallas and they’re picking up Keith mumphrey and you know Some fans are a little split on this. I think a lot of the Dallas fans We’re sad to see mumphrey go to the battle Hawks, but we welcome all of your opinions So, you know, let us know down in the comments below but like I mentioned this is the first trade in XFL history, the mini camps just wrapped up at least at the time of recording now. We haven’t seen the rulebook We’re already seeing some action in the league, you know Initially the battle Hawks had posted at early Thursday They deleted the tweet only to retweet it later in the afternoon during that time there was some speculation on if or if not the traded maybe failed or Didn’t go through or something of that nature But like we mentioned they ended up reposting it later in the afternoon, and it was official So like we mentioned we want to know your comments. What do you feel about the trade? Are you a battle Hawks fan? Are you a renegades fan? Do you feel happy sad in the middle or are you just excited for? February 8th to get here. We’re only fifty days away at least at the time that this video is coming out from the time that XFL kicks off and I couldn’t be more excited. You know, I’ve said it in the past This is the most fun time to be an XFL fan We’re getting to see the league build from the ground up like we mentioned the rule book is not even announced yet We just got the team names identities the jerseys all sorts of things And you know these these are some things that you know, the league is going to be exciting next year But these announcements won’t be around right? Everything will be set in stone. So jump on the bandwagon We’re having fun. We’re getting excited Like we said 50 days until kickoff and I couldn’t be having more fun So a little bit of scary news for the XFL came out earlier this week or what maybe seem to be some scary news So the helmet provider vises announced that they were having some financial issues and that they may be delaying some of their helmets shipments and so that led to speculation that You know, maybe the XFL wouldn’t receive the helmets they need for kickoff this February The good news is his thoughts business reached out to a leak Representative and they said it will not be an issue They have two other providers people are already using helmets in the mini camps. They’ll be using them here in the training camps So they are ready to go. So there’s not going to be any issues there It’s sad to see vices having you know these financial issues It’s still not said if they’re going to deliver the helmets at all or if maybe they’re going to depend on the other two providers But hey, we’ll keep you in the loop as we learn more like I mentioned though The good news is is it’s not going to be any Equipment problems for the XFL because that’s really the big thing that came out of this at least for fans like us I know Folks over at vices probably think different. They want them to be doing a little bit better in that financial sector But we had to report on it and like we said the good news is no delay. No problem No issue for the XFL this February So considering that you’re following me here on YouTube And I know there’s a lot of people that follow me on Twitter and Facebook as well And if you’re not you should check us out at accept valve news room but we have a new youtube contributor on the platform at least XFL specific and not only XFL specific he is a seattle dragon. So kyle Cuero has started a youtube channel Basically to show his journey throughout the XF valve earlier this week He put out his first video talking about his journey into football how he got into football as a small child Into the league and kind of his journey all the way to the XFL and he plans out putting out more videos in the future Just outlining that journey and I think that’s awesome This is something we’ve talked about in the past. You know when the original XFL came around Social media was around but it definitely wasn’t where it is today And so now that we’re seeing even players just engaging in social media Engaging with the fans giving us different ways to engage and digest content from the XFL I’m excited. I’m happy and so check out his channel. We’ll have a link down in the description to his first video Make sure you support them. Let’s get those subs up and you know sign them up and Kile qtv I’m excited to see all the new videos coming down the pipeline so another story that a lot of fans have been asking about is will the XFL have fantasy football. Well, we have some good news to report earlier this week Oliver Luck the Commissioner of the league Held a Q&A via the Dallas renegades social media channels One of the questions was will the league have fantasy football Although he didn’t go into all the details. He did say yes, there will be weekly season-long and daily fantasy Objectives for the league they’re currently talking to different fantasy football providers So that means we may even see more than one provider we spoke about in the past that Vince McMahon has a minor ownership a minor piece of Drafting so that is, you know, clearly one option, but I know a lot of fans we’re looking for that more Traditional fantasy football and it seems like we are going to get that again No specifics on who when we’re gonna get those announcements But he did say for sure we will be getting fantasy football So I know I’m gonna be holding a fantasy league probably I’m gonna probably be in a couple leagues So I know we always do a discord league for all things fantasy football So if you’re not a part of the discord click the link down in the description For that discord and sign you up and join the fun so a couple weeks ago the XFL revealed and subsequently started selling replica jerseys well The day has come where you can get your authentic Jersey so we know a lot of the replica jerseys sold out quite honestly I ordered mine the day it came out and it hasn’t shipped yet Not a huge deal, but definitely wanted to try to get it before Christmas But the you know, the urgency may be there if you want the authentic Jersey so December 17th All eight jerseys went on sale retailing at 225 But don’t forget if you’re a season ticket holder Use that discount code to get 25% off your purchase I haven’t ordered mine yet, but I’m probably going to I really love that Roughnecks Jersey. I love the guardian’s Jersey, but heck don’t I’m not gonna rank them all here We have a video which we’ll put a link up here that you can go check out where I rank all eight jerseys But hey, are you gonna get an authentic Jersey? Did you order a replica? Jersey has your replica Jersey ship let us know down in the comments below We always love hearing from all y’all XFL fans so last week on this week in the XFL we talked about a group of teams that had opened up the mini camps to fans in media and Luckily, we were here in Houston We had an opportunity to head out to TV ECU Stadium and check out the Roughnecks Practicing now again. This was a huge event no matter what city or where you attended this was the first time that you had the Opportunity to see your team on the field in their jerseys. I know it wasn’t a game It wasn’t a traditional game, but they were still out there on the field and in all the instances There was Q&A and different fan engagement events involved as well here in Houston We got so lucky, you know, it was freezing earlier in the weekend. Again, that’s freezing for Texas. So we’re talking about 5055 degrees but on Saturday during the minicamp, you know the Sun came out It was a beautiful about 79 80 degrees. It was great The weather couldn’t be more perfect and you know, the great thing was something that was awesome for me to see Was the league had red seat markers placed throughout the stadium For all the available seats and as you’ll see in our footage There’s not very many red seat markers left quite honestly There’s a lot more unavailable seats than available seats you know quite honestly I even had to go and email somebody from the franchise just to make sure I wasn’t making this up in my head, but this is very Impressive by the team and you know, we spoke about this one the tickets first came out they seem to be selling well league-wide Now there’s some places doing better than others but something to keep in mind some of these stadiums are bigger than others Another thing to keep in mind is at least at the beginning The league is only focusing on selling in that lower bowl, you know in Houston There’s really only a smaller second section. So I think it’s gonna be great I think it’s gonna work out and quite honestly the more people there the better Another thing. That was awesome at least for me is I had a chance to go check out my seats the seats that I had ordered and Go sit in them and see what the field would look like and I’ll tell you I could not be more excited now Sitting right there on that 50-yard line about eight rows up. Whew It’s gonna be a good time so very much like the summer showcase. They had the field split out they had offensive drills going on on one side of the court defensive drills on the other side of the field and You know in the center we had both quarterbacks kind of sharing time carrying it out And like I said, they were not scared to air out that ball. We had Connor cook PJ Walker like I said both kind of splitting reps out there trying a couple things doing short passes long passes running plays and Honestly that got me really excited The defense looks strong. The offense looked tight. The coaches were amped. You know you could hear Motivational speeches throughout the field, you know, so from one end you might have the quarterback coach kind of amping everybody up I know the defensive coaches were really getting into it and you know, like I mentioned each one of these events had a QA Event at them as well. So in Houston, we got to hear from Brian Michael Cooper team president Sam Schwartz Dean He’s kind of figuring out the rules for the league So that was really fun to kind of pick his brain on a few items there the offensive coordinator Chris Miller and the defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell, and then we had a couple players. We had Kony Ealy which I’m excited to see play out there He looks like a beast and running back Andre Williams and they spoke about you know, all sorts of different things You know katrell came out the defensive coordinator and he begged the fans to ask about the new rules You know, he even said, you know There’s things that he knows that the fans are gonna get excited about he knows that these are the the rule changes they’re trying to keep them as a Traditional football game but give some excitement Make it a little bit fast-paced game things like that 25 second play clock They even mentioned having only one foot inbounds For a reception which is, you know similar to college there So those types of things, you know When you look at the problems that you’re having with the NFL a lot of it is the refs a lot of it is Long games things drawing it out. Why are the games long? well the RAF’s having to look at penalties different penalties that maybe you don’t or do need well one of those things that isn’t going to You know sacrifice the health of a player is having that one limb in bounds for a reception So it’s not something that’s going to hurt the players. It will make the game faster less things to have reviews They’ve also talked about the fact of maybe not even having challenged Flags So again at the time of recording the rule book has not officially been released If it does come out by the end of Thursday night, I might tack that on to the end of the video Otherwise, I might do one over the weekend or you know, we’ll just kind of do a real deep dive, you know Come rule episode next Friday. I know it’s gonna be a little slow But remember December 29 next Sunday, not this Sunday But next Sunday this year in the XF out live 8 p.m. Eastern so check it out But like I said, it was great to be at the Roughnecks minicamp I’m excited to go see the Roughnecks training camp as well as the rest of the teams while we’re here We’ve heard that there may be some scrimmages that are open to the public. There may be some that are open to the media We’re hoping to get to as many events as we can while all the teams are here We’re hoping to catch up with all the coaches the players and just soak in the excitement and get as much XFL action as we can before the league officially kicks off this February So was a huge week like we mentioned at the top of the episode We had a lot of huge topics to talk about we went through a mall. We’re looking forward to next week Hopefully we have that rule book. Merry Christmas to everybody who celebrates it Happy holidays to everyone else But before we let you go, if you didn’t know we’re also on Facebook and Twitter Give us a follow at XFL newsroom for all the latest news and since we’re on youtube Make sure you drop a like comment subscribe and click the bell to see more drop in new videos some are gonna be live and some are going to be Pre-recorded just like this one. So until next time ooh Sign you up

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  1. Wow big talent cut, fist trade good for both BHawks and Dally. Awesome Amazing looking Helmets! Hope the Helmutts r ready on time.

  2. Have not ordered any jersey yet as I am more of a player fan then a team fan so I will wait until player jerseys are released and we start to see who the stand out players are.

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