To Sell Or To Hold? That Is The Question – Live Trading with Students

– For me the biggest thing
was could it break .02, which was the big round number that it could not break on Monday. We got the answer, yes, it could. (upbeat music) – I’m in at .02, so I’m up 10% right now. Unfortunately, I don’t
have a huge sized position. But now the question is do I take the 10%, not get greedy or do I hold overnight because this looks like it’s set up freaking perfectly for tomorrow? So as we head into the afternoon, like 2:15 PM Eastern, 3:15 PM Eastern, you gotta start positioning
for the next day. This looks amazing for a gap up. Ah, conflict! I have only 450,000 shares, but this is another $900 type profit. So, that would put me up
like $1,600 on the day. Let’s go around the room. Should I take profits? Should I play it safe, or do I hold? – [Man] Take half! – [Instructor] That’s another option. There’s a third option. – I think you should hold, actually. This is just now breaking out. – [Instructor] It really is. – You might get that parabolic,
or when it breaks out and the volume comes in later in the day. – And I’ve underestimated it now twice, so you know, I’ve profited both times. I’ve already locked in like
45 hundred on this so far. I know Grittani would say,
“Don’t look at your profit, “let the chart play out. “Turn off your profit and loss com,” and I’ll be like no you, Grittani. I’m Jewish, I think about money more than you think about life. Ah, conflict! – [Female Student] Why not take
10 minute thinking about it? – [Male Student] Yeah, you’re
already up on the stock. So just hold a little bit. – I have been. – [Male Student] You’re in the money. – I’m in the money. (students debating) No, stop! You’re a bad boy, you’re very bad. I’m gonna see how it acts at .022. That’s gonna be the
decider because this is, .021 was a clear breakout,
.02 clear breakout, but as you get more and more
kind of resistance levels, it should theoretically
get harder to break out. So I’m gonna see how it acts, but I’m trying to give this thing time. I’m curious to see if that
1.8 million share bidder is real or not, if he’s gonna move up, or if he’s gonna disappear. All I know is that it’s
heading in the right direction. It’s hitting new highs every few minutes, so this is good. This is better than it was before. The first time I got out it
was not hitting new highs, and that’s what frankly got me out. I just don’t know if it’s
gonna be able to hold .022. And as much as I want to give it time, you also have to have
a broader perspective where the stock is up 43%
on the day with no news. Like, that is best case scenario. – [Male Student] Oh yeah,
that’s a good point. – So it’s like, as much
as I want to give it time, what is it gonna do? There’s also a lot of the time where, just like what was it yesterday, GHSI where it was spiking, spiking and then the last two hours straight down. Now there’s a lot of resistance at .022. Forget this. Oh shoot, I only said 45 thousand shares. It should have been 450. And there’s a typo in the alert, awesome. I am out at .0217. Huh, let me see, .0217. Sorry. (keyboard clicking) Now hitting my goals
despite no clear catalyst, taking profits along the way. Nearly 2K on the day. 2K keeps the real job away. And this is the thing, you know, I can always buy back in, but just recognizing where it’s at, where I’m at, profit-wise. I know Tim Grittani would say no to this. I know Tim Grittani would stay in it, but I’m not Tim Grittani. I’m Tim mother freakin Sykes, and I trade differently. So, you have to choose. Like, there’s no one right way, you know? He has bigger gains than me, frankly, but I have, I think, safer way. – [Male Student] You made
a good point, though. It’s up 43% on the day. – For me the biggest thing
was could it break .02, which was the big round number that I could not break on Monday. We got the answer, yes it could. After that, it ran another 10%, which is where it’s at right now, but then it’s just like,
why is it gonna keep going? You know, I can understand,
I can make an argument why to buy it at .02 because
now it’s a multi-day breakout, but I can’t make an argument to buy it now when it’s up 45% on the day, it’s already 10% above the breakout. You know, if I was
considering buying it now, I would just wait for a dip. I would say you know what, I’ll just wait. I don’t need to chase this. If they come out with a press
release tomorrow, I can rebuy. (cheerful music) Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I have learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there, and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos,
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  1. I must admit, I did like the comment from the person on your left that said "take half now." It made me think of hitting a single rather than a home run

  2. Tim, i found this video very helpful. I would definitely request more videos like this because it helps give some understanding to the thought process needed to make these trading decisions. Thanks a ton!

  3. ASTC was a good short today lost 50% of its HOD which means momentum lost thank you Steven for sharing that in a free you tube lesson very nice

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