Top 10 Books On Trading – Best Books For Traders (Animated Video)

Top ten books on trading Watch only if you must become a winning trader reading list for professional traders number ten trading in the zone re Kiev Before we start building a business. We should have a business plan Before we build a house, we draw the architectural plan the same principles apply in trading We need to write down our trading plan, which is work. That’s why most people don’t do it Unfortunately, if you must become a successful trader, there’s no way around it number nine fooled by randomness Nassim Taleb in Everything we do there is the element of skill and the element of luck involved imagine the scenario Difficult table you’re the small stack under the gun Preflop, you get a pair of aces going all-in is probably good, right if We’re playing a Texas Hold’em cash game. It may very well be You could still lose the odds can be calculated They depend on the number of players and you should be mentally prepared and not get emotional when it happens to rain on your parade What if we’re playing Omaha ins that have Hold’em? What if this is the end of the month and the rent is due and this is all the money you have The person who wins is just a number we tend to agree. There will always be somebody winning Well, the other 95% are losing Question is on which side of the coin would you like to land? Number eight eight lessons in military leadership for entrepreneurs Robert T Kiyosaki Being a trader means being an entrepreneur by default You know, what risk is because you do it on a daily basis The metaphor chosen applies many times over for men and women who serve and have served in the military Robert Kiyosaki never was a traitor and frankly doesn’t like paper assets To him paper wealth is gambling. And in many ways. He’s right That doesn’t mean that he’s not learning from Paul Tudor Jones or quoting Warren Buffett in almost every book Rich Dad knows how many sides every coin has and reminds us that you don’t have to necessarily Pick heads or tails to win the game Number seven pit bull Marty Schwartz lessons from a champion trader Years ago James Rogers, the ex-partner of George Soros said I have never met a rich technician Meet Marty Schwartz the man who tried everything for 10 years Then he started trading with the technical indicators. He recognized his logical after 10 years of being a losing trader. He makes the jump and becomes a multi-millionaire in no time How is this possible he leads through the ups and downs and demonstrates how and why? Persistence is the key factor in everything we do Number six stock patterns for day trading Barry Rudd Many pages with charts Barry Rudd teaches us how to recognize certain patterns where the probability and the reward to risk Ratios are very high How do we achieve 5 to 1 every time? We do not play every setup Barry Rudd has given us pages and pages with setups where we don’t enter because XYZ Sitting on your hands sometimes isn’t the only lesson in the book. Of course a great read whenever you feel out of the zone Number 5 thinking in bets and Duke An X poker champion and Duke is mostly a consultant at the moment She teaches traders entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to make better decisions The concept of resulting is one of the cornerstones of her philosophy There are only four kinds of bets good bad profitable unprofitable She teaches us that losing with a pair of aces is part of the game as is winning with ten deuce twice Number four trading in the zone Mark Douglas Mark, Douglas has created seminars audio programs and books on the subject of successful trading Trading in the zone is one of his best works He goes very deep into the psychology of trading and tries to teach us how to lose successfully Everyone knows how to handle success they say but no one really teaches us how to handle failure Number three how to trade in stocks Jesse Livermore The only book that was written personally by mr. Livermore himself He goes into detail on what he believes are the principles of successful trading Every time I lost serious money it was because I disregarded one or more of the rules of profitable trading He was the richest trader of his time he made and lost more than a couple of fortunes during his lifetime His life and tragic death our lessons for every one of us Arguably the greatest trader of all times Who knows if you’d be interested in a video about trading if this man hadn’t done the groundwork for us? Number two market Wizards, Jack D swagger swagger interviews the best traders he can get access to between 1986 and 1988 in the process creating one of the best books on trading ever written Some of the interviews read like a separate book in itself a masterpiece and a must read on most trading floors all over the world Number one reminiscences of a stock operator Edwin LaFave Reminiscences of a stock operator is a 1923 novel written by American author Edwin LaFave supposedly a thinly disguised biography of Jesse Lauriston Livermore It’s the one book that has created more traders than any other it’s inspired young women and men to learn read and write Who knows how many of the other books on this list would have existed? If not for the young journalist and author? Edwin LaFave Benjamin Franklin once asked time is the essence of life. Why would anyone squander it? Thank you for watching. We do appreciate your time You Tell us in the comments what’s your favorite book face book read and grow one Twitter? slash read and grow one

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