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Hey friends a lot of you guys have
requested that I do another haul video and I haven’t done one in a while so I
thought today I would do one on my Trader Joe’s haul because you guys
comment all the time and ask do I go to Trader Joe’s. Now I gotta be honest with
you I was not a huge Trader Joe’s fan to start with and this video is not
sponsored. It took some getting used to for me with Trader Joe’s. But now that
I’ve warmed up to it I have found some specific items that I really love
getting there either because of price or because they just haven’t seen them
anywhere else. So let’s get to the haul. So the first thing that I fell in love
with at Trader Joe’s was these baby potatoes. They are called teeny tiny
potatoes and they are just that. They’re so cute they’re perfect for roasting and
I have seen them at some other stores but not frequently and whenever I go to
Trader Joe’s they’re there and I just love them. I love adding them to my roasted
casseroles and weeknight meals. The next thing is riced cauliflower. Cauliflower pizza crust say what?! This cauliflower is literally nothing but cauliflower. It is just a cauliflower head that has been
riced. Now some of you may say “That’s silly to pay for” but frankly this was as
cheap or cheaper than some cauliflower heads depending on where you get it. So
it makes my life easier and I also use I don’t actually make cauliflower pizza crust
everyday but I will use this as a rice substitute. Sometimes I’ll make like a dinner bowl
and I’ll use half rice half cauliflower or whatever. You can add it to anything. But this riced
cauliflower is raw and it is a lifesaver when it comes to getting
veggies in. The third thing is actually the same thing but it’s frozen. So first
before I saw the raw uh riced cauliflower I saw frozen riced cauliflower.
So I buy both and just kinda use both. Ok so one of my all-time
favorite things at Trader Joe’s is their shelled edamame. So this is literally
just edamame that’s been shelled and I have very rarely seen it shelled. I’ve
gotten it frozen before from other stores but never just shelled and it
tastes so much more delicious. Edamame if you don’t know it’s pretty much shelled
soy beans and they are really high in protein. So 9 grams of protein in a
serving here and it’s great for salads for eggs for wraps whatever and it tastes really good. Next up, baby zucchini. So fun fact: zucchini and summer squash are more flavorful the smaller they are and let’s be real everything is
more adorable when it’s small. Next up, is this cold pressed watermelon
juice. I’m not usually a juicy person I just prefer to drink water. I struggle
to get my liquid in as it is but this juice is so good and the only ingredients
are watermelon juice and lemon juice and it even specifies that the watermelon juice
is from the fruit and the white rind and did you know most of the nutrients of
watermelon are in the white rind. Sucks cuz that’s the gross part but you’ll never
know when you drink this juice and I guess I should show you the juice is
separated and if you shake it ahhhh magic. Next up, freeze-dried fruit.
So I’ve seen freeze-dried strawberries at other stores but rarely blueberries or mango
and freeze-dried fruit is really great because unlike regular dried fruit
there’s no added sugar. So it is very hard to find regular dried fruit that
doesn’t have added sugar to it. You can find it usually in like the bulk
bins of your health food store but even then if you read the ingredient sugar is
one of them. So these babies are just freeze dried blueberries and freeze
dried mango and that’s it. Good healthy snack. Vegan cream cheese. So I am not
Vegan but I have been trying to cut down on my dairy intake. This cream cheese is
crazy cool because unlike other vegan cream cheeses this is not soy based.
There are no partially hydrogenated oils. This cream cheese is actually coconut
oil based which is pretty sweet. Now that being said there are still nine grams of
fat in a serving so it’s not any lower fat or calories than regular cream
cheese but it is much cleaner, it is dairy free, and there are no partially
hydrogenated oils. Next up, these turkey breast cutlets. Now we don’t cook a ton, a ton of meat
here these days but these are really great for when we do. They’re portion out to 3
ounce serving sizes and each serving size is only 80 calories, 0 grams of fat,
and 18 grams of protein. So good bang for your macro buck. Next up, black bean pasta. Now funny story about black bean pasta. Well
first of all if you’ve watched my any of my what I even days I’ve shared it a
few times. I love black bean pasta because I love pasta but the only ingredient in this is black beans or here it’s organic black bean flour and the really cool thing
about black bean pasta is there is a lot of protein per serving for only one
ingredient. It’s really cool. But when I’ve shared it in those videos you guys have commented
and been like “oh but it’s so expensive” and I’m like I know it is expensive. But they now have it at Trader Joe’s. So the first time I went to Trader Joe’s and I like had kind of my ‘meh’ experience
this is one of things I look for. I was like “oh Trader Joe’s they probably have that” and I like walked around and looked at all the pastas and asked the guys I was like “Do you guys have a bean pasta, a red lentil pasta, black?” and they were like “No we don’t have that” and then like a few weeks later I went and now they have
it and I haven’t actually tried it yet. I just bought it. But I saw it, thought it was there, and I had to buy it to show you guys. Next up coconut oil cooking spray I am obsessed with this stuff. So it is
literally like you know olive oil cooking spray for you know when you’re
baking or cooking or whatever but its coconut oil so you know no calories
because if you’re supposed to just use a small spray but usually when you buy
coconut oil spray at the regular store it’s like $5 or $6 it’s ridiculous
and this one is $2.99 which is much more affordable than even some of the olive
oil cooking sprays so I usually stock up on this at Trader Joe’s. Next up staying in
the coconut oil category we have actual coconut oil. So there’s nothing special
about this coconut oil it is organic virgin coconut oil is great but usually coconut
oil is so so expensive and this is actually a pretty fair price for coconut
oil. So I prefer to buy it there then somewhere else cuz it’s cheaper. Also staying
in the oil category we have a sesame oil toasted sesame oil. So I love sesame oil
and add so much flavor and a little goes a long way. I’ve used it in some episode
can remember which one right now I will link it but it lasts forever and it’s
usually more expensive but this one is pretty affordable so why not buy
our sesame oil at Trader Joe’s. You don’t have to but you can. Next up pasta sauce. So this is organic tomato basil marinara and um I, I do love making my own pasta sauce and making it in bulk and freezing it but you know what I’m gonna be real with you, I don’t do that all the time. I
use store bought pasta sauce too. The problem with most store bought pasta sauces as we’ve
talked about in homemade pizza rolls and I took you to Target and we looked at
all the pasta sauces they all have added sugar. Well this one from Trader Joe’s
has no added sugar. There’s of course a little bit of natural sugar from the tomatoes but you know it’s pretty cool to actually find one with no added sugar. Then this one I also like,
spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, this one does have a little bit of added sugar
but there’s no fat in this one so this one you have a little bit of fat
probably from some oil. This one you have no fat but you have a little bit of sugar. You win some you lose some but both taste really good. So my last item that I have today is
coconut cream. This stuff is amazing and I of course discovered it after I made my
coconut whipped cream and coconut ice cream videos. But if you’re gonna make
those recipes use coconut cream. It works way better, you don’t have to separate
the liquid from the fat, and this is so affordable. Usually coconut cream is like
really, really expensive and at Trader Joe’s it’s really affordable. How do they
do it? And a sixteenth item that I don’t have here because I want to buy and they didn’t have it blueberries. I don’t know why but at
Trader Joe’s blueberries are always more affordable. You can get like a huge pack of
them for like $5 instead of you know like a little dinky I don’t know
what the sizes are but. So that’s it for this haul video. Don’t forget to give it
a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and you want more and if you have any really
cool Trader Joe’s items that you love to get please leave them in the comments below. I swear I find something new every
time I go and I would love to know what your favorite things are. That’s it for
today I will see you next week and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

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