Top trade officials from Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo hold talks on forging trilateral FTA

now as a follow-up to Simmons report
there the top trade officials from Seoul Beijing and Tokyo agreed on Sunday to
speed up their trilateral FTA talks and ramp up efforts to conclude a mega
massive asia-pacific trade deal as well easing Jay with the details South Korea’s trade ministers hung in
more met in Beijing on Sunday with China’s Commerce Minister Zhang shun and
Japan’s economy and trade minister Hiroshi Kochiyama
for talks on how to speed up their regional free trade negotiations the
talks between the three sides comes as China remains embroiled in an over
year-long trade fight with the US the meeting also marks the first gathering
of the trade ministers of the three Asian neighbors since Tokyo implemented
restrictions aren’t exports of industrial materials to Seoul in July
during the meeting the three sides agreed to accelerate their talks to
conclude a comprehensive high-level FTA next year to promote deeper economic
ties they also agreed to successfully conclude the mega asia-pacific trade
pact also known as the regional comprehensive economic partnership our
SEP which is the biggest trade deal ever signed by South Korea is expected to
helps Asia’s fourth-largest economy diversifies export portfolio amid
growing protectionism around the globe minister song also held a bilateral
meeting with his Chinese counterpart where the two sides agreed to expand
cooperation in the service and investment sectors as China a South
Korea’s largest trading partner sung also met with his Japanese counterpart
for about ten minutes with the two sides apparently discussing ways to resolve
their trade span the meeting came ahead of the South Korea China Japan leaders
summit slated for this week in the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu
where president moon Janina will hold one-on-one talks with Japanese Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe a watchers hope the two sides can make significant progress
towards settling their disputes over trade and historical issues isn’t a
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