Trade Review: The Failed New High

[Music] so what I want you to see is the first solid red bar that occurred in this recent move to the downside there were two very important things that this red bar accomplished number one the move up before the red bar produced a failed attempt to take out the prior peak so draw a line across the prior peak you’re aligned have left to right across the prior peak [Music] all right so the the most recent move up failed to take out the prior peak that’s number one number two the red bar drop eliminated a chunk of green [Music] so draw horizontal line under the bottom of the lowest green bar not the tail the body [Music] so what this red bar does is a lemony or crush or uh knit undoes reverses green [Music] it is at that point I just I just pulled the cell button down and get as much as I can a lot of people ask me Oliver how many shares do you do you do trade when you trade I don’t have a set amount I have ranges so when I’m so I know how much to hold how long to hold down the key right more or less never I’ll be specific so I’ll hold down the key and I’ll tumble down a key like this that’s about four to five thousand shares right but if I hold the key down like this that’s like 8,000 shares if I hold the key down like this that’s like 10,000 shoes so I know especially with Apple more than any other stuff I know help how long to hold down the key my hot key to get in a range four to five thousand you know seven to eight thousand ten to eleven thousand like in a range so there’s never a specific amount because I don’t know exactly what I’m going to get in that price range or how fat it depends on how fast the stock is moving as well so I trade ranges small is around you know for five thousand medium is around seven eight thousand and heavy is ten twelve thousand say now these numbers are all relative so for instance light for you could be two hundred medium could be 300 400 heavy could be 500 you know it’s just I always trade with three ranges and I think most traders should have three ranges in their trading you should have decide you should have already decided what is like to me to buy the shares what’s medium three to four hundred shares what’s heavy five hundred shares is heavy like that it should be predetermined and so you should have already situations that you have labeled opportunities that you have labeled light medium or heavy opportunities so for instance a bull 180 is a is a medium to heavy opportunity it’s an it should never be a light opportunity you know so you should have a few opportunities where you know before it actually presents itself to you this is a what these are like this ooop of opportunities in our light opportunities this group this small group is heavy this one or two these are heavy smells you know so for me I typically have regular and heavy and I decide on where to do the heavy sometimes it’s a medium heavy and sometimes it’s just a pure heavy this was a pure heavy to me because of the dual aspect of the failure and the reversal so the failure and the reversal of Greene they’re both become they’re both confirming each other it would be a medium if the moon went to a new high and then eliminated way that’s different I’m missing an element I’m missing the failure so I have the new high but I also have the elimination of green so the new high is bullish the elimination of green is bearish I’ve got conflict on playing that medium but if I have that fails new high negative and the elimination of green negative I have a match tell me if you understand matches get played heavy [Music] so guys look at this one look at the this most recent move up right see this most Meese recent move up this most recent move up broke above the last peak so draw a line across the last peak [Music] right so here you you we we we made a a new high based on the last peak but we have read eliminating green so that’s a medium this is a medium because you have a mismatch right you have bull move but bear reaction after the ball you can give it a shot but don’t give it a shot heavier because you got a mismatch failures and the elimination of the opposite color cruelly matches [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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  1. It's amazing how you give out these powerful concepts for free, when there's so many others out there charging thousands of dollars for things which aren't even half as good. The best!

  2. Hey Boss, it's incredible that those simple tactics are giving me confidence and consistency… not an IFT member but I consider my self a humble listener of your lessons… thank you for sharing👊💥💥💥

  3. I found i was on my hands last night as all my stocks broke to lower lows at the open except for 1 and according to my rules it did not offer a sell which meant I had no oppitunity to sell anything, even though there were alot of violent moves down in the fist hour this morning. Sux specially when im trading at 2:30am in the morning here in New Zealand lol Ahh well I just have to be patient. LEARNING LEARNING

  4. Esa música de fondo de una me hizo bostezar, sería bueno una música que lo mantenga uno activo escuchando, esa es la que escucho para meditar o dormir.

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