Trader Caméraman #3 “La Mule” – Bapt&Gael

You know, Mrs. Mackleone, it’s sort of like a smear test But instead of inseting in you a Q-tip We’ll insert a huge cocaine packet inside your… Don’t be scared …pussy It’s like carrying a child, except that a child Doesn’t bring you money It’s the opposite… On the other hand this cocaine Will make you a rich woman It’s up to you but… two hundred and fifty dollars, it’s what a boom operator makes in one day’s work, so if I were you, I wouldn’t take it for granted Leave me alone, I’m not a mule! You’re maybe not a mule but… It smells like one down there Stop screwing around! You OK? Yeah… Let the lady go right away or I’ll make the Bolsa de Valores of Colombia drop! Excuse me What’s the Borsa de Co…? Because I had my headphones on and I didn’t get that It’s the Colombian Stock Market, dumb-ass And no Colombian Stock Market, no drugs And no drugs… No customers for you! Wait, wait… It can’t be like that You’re two We’re three! And now, are they still two? And if I were you I wouldn’t be a smart-ass Because I’m a… Congresswoman Congresswoman for Val d’Oise! Excuse me but that’s crap When it comes to jobs, no? He’s right, that’s really cheap as a job, madam If you could avoid saying that you’re in our team That would help Well, there’s a brawl, you can give us a hand But stop saying you’re with us Yes, because Congresswoman is really shitty and… That would be like shameful for us And besides, we haven’t even met in a bar! Yeah, that’s true Usually, we always meet our buddies in bars… … with counters Yes, in a little bar in La Défense… Olives to set the mood… The beer is half-price, which lets us drink a lot of them And to pay for our friends A sexy dancer… That means it’s pleasent Never mind Well… You’re just two And we’re three! Dumb-asses! Yes but that doesn’t scare us! Because like I’ve said I can make drop the Colombian Stock Mar… There he is, quite the character Math teacher! What are you doing here? Look at that! The band of loosers is complete! “The gang of loosers”? No, it’s “the band”… He said “the band of loosers” No, he said “the gang” No, “the band” He said “the gang”, I heard it That’s it, we can’t talk anymore… “Look at that! The band of loosers is complete!” “The band”. He said “the band of loosers” My bad Humans make mistakes “The band of loosers”? Did you know that an uterus mesures 8 cm long and 4 cm wide? And that its walls can reach up to 35 cm long? Having a maximum size of 35 centimetres cubed? So, by taking a peek at your packet of 100% Arabica coke let’s say it mesures around… 50 centimetres cubed Being the size of a Typhoon 50cc’s engine Your plan fails Dumb-asses Fuck, that’s your fault! That was your idea! To start with, I just came to register the sound of a stressed woman And, eventually, to record some weird shit But don’t shove me in that story He knew the pussy mesures It’s his fault If you never went to a gynecologist This is a speculum, It’s used to open vaginas I’ll bang you, OK? You gonna bang me? You gonna bang me? You gonna bang me? WOW! That was impressive You saved our life over there We’re sorry we’ve said that gynecologist is better than math teacher We didn’t think so No hard feelings, guys I’m not angry at you Not at all, it’s the opposite actually You can go back home madam You’re safe Thank you stock broker, camera-man and math teacher! At the René Mulot High School I can offer you some drinks, it’s the least I can do I’ll have some white dry wine And you? I don’t know Ah… Let’s go Well, well, that’s weird, the waiter isn’t here Maybe because he’s on vacation today It’s okay, I’ll drink this invisible mojito anyway Mmh, not bad! You know, I sleep really often with the minister of finances So I have some really sensible info about the CAC40 before everyone else WOW, really? Yes! And about filming autorizations I know well Paris’ mayor Because she’s my sister That’s awesome! And for you, I could find you a job of Research Director of Mathematics at the Université Paris-Sorbonne My brother-in-law works at their HRD That’s huge! That means we could… Squad up! No. I joked. You shouldn’t have said that congresswoman is a cheap job! Peace out, suckers! Buy Sell Buy Faculty of 4 over 5 Subscribe at the channel Bapt&Gaël And if you’re looking for where to invest your money Don’t hesitate to write a comment and I’ll give some advice Since I’m a stock broker

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