Trader Case Study: Stephen Solares

(light, string beats music) – Hi guys. My name is Stephen Solares
and I wanna say for the better part of a year I
have been trying to teach myself the art of Forex. Eventually, I stumbled upon this program called
Forex Source Terminal. It’s a terminal that takes into account just the major currencies
and they pride themselves in listing every single
event and possible catalyst that could cause a change in sentiment. I started following their YouTube
channel, where once a week they would post tradeable sentiment shifts and I started having
significant consistency just following their weekly YouTube video. Fast forward maybe a week later and now I actually have access
to the Forex Source Terminal. I’m really happy with my
results so far, so I wanted to share with you, exactly what
my process is, how it works and exactly how it has made
my trades, just better. I don’t make trades
because I’m bored anymore, which is a problem I used
to have and now I know exactly what kind of events
are moving the currencies in which I’m invested and I know exactly what to look out for. Today is Friday and I have just gone through a full five days of
trading, using the terminal. So I wanna share with you
exactly what my week was like Monday to Friday and
where and how I managed to secure some relatively
consistent and profitable trades. Now, the main event on Monday
was the inflation expectations for the Bank of New Zealand. According to the Terminal,
this particular piece of data would solidify the
market on whether or not the Bank of New Zealand was going to cut rates or hold rates, later this week. There was a lot of optimism
leading into the event, so taking advantage of this I
placed a couple of long trades on the New Zealand dollar, which I would then cut loose right before
the decision, which ended up in some like profits. Now on Tuesday the main
focus was Trump’s speech in New York, which presumably was going to mention things about
the trade war with China. Knowing this, I tuned into
the live analysis webinar in the morning, where they told me the markets’ general
expectations were for Trump to say something good about
the trade deal with China which essentially means that the high beta
currencies would be pushed up, leading into the event. Then when the moment of the
speech actually came, I tuned in, I had to listen to Trump speak. He did mention China in a
slight negative tone, which again soured the markets for
the coming days regardless of perhaps not having immediate effect. Now, during Wednesday,
the predominant sentiment was a risk-off tone because
now people were afraid that Trump and China were not
gonna come to an agreement. Taking advantage of this
and knowing what was posted in the Terminal, I took
a short position on some high beta currencies in favor of some safe haven assets, which again led me into some profitable trades, however that was pretty much it. Thursday resulted being a
relatively quiet day in terms of macroeconomic catalysts that could potentially move the
markets and the only thing that happened was, there was an Australian jobs report
coming in the afternoon and leading up to it, we were
briefed through the Terminal of what exactly were the expectations and what could be seen
as a possible deviation of that particular shift. Unfortunately, I still had a position that was short, the
Euro/Aussie, at the time so the moment the news came
out, it came out really quite bad for the Australian dollar. Well, first thing I did was immediately I placed a short order on the Aussie dollar, I placed
it short and then I went into my orders and I closed one that was trading the opposite direction. Then on Friday, one final
thing that happened is, I was still holding on to a short
position on USD/NOK ever since, maybe over a week ago and it
was very, very negative for a very long time, but then on Friday the risk-on tone
persisted, this strengthened the high beta currencies, the
Norwegian krone being kind of one of them, so I could
have taken short position, but I prefer to close out on
Fridays of all my positions, but I was lucky and this was
brought down, right down to my take profit, which was
pretty much at breakeven. Now, highlighted here on
my trades of the week, in total I took about 26
positions, even though taking into account that this
does include the financing which comes from the
interest rate differentials. Here is the return on
each of the trades which my week resulted in a 3.19%
return which was quite good. In conclusion, I just
wanted to share with you exactly, how it is that I
used this terminal to better my trading and how it
actually has improved my game. I’m looking forward to making
more in-depth videos about my use of this particular terminal to how it has been bettering my trade on pretty much every single day. Next week, I want to go more in-depth into exactly the moments I’m making the trades. I wanna record my screen the moment to see exactly how it all is playing out. I wanna increase my
risk factor, just a bit. May get a bit more
exciting, especially now that I have found some more
confidence and I look forward to sharing it with you
in next week’s video. We’ll see you then.

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