hi guys it’s Keila I am back with
another grocery haul I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s and
forever I just got back from my cruise and I had nothing in the fridge so I
wanted to go ahead and grab all the things that I needed and I decided to
pick up some stuff from Trader Joe’s Trader Joe’s definitely gets the award
for most pumpkin flavored theme I could not escape it they had pumpkin flavored
pasta sauce pumpkin flavored pasta pumpkin flavored bread everything there
are a good amount of items that i’ve actually never purchased before so i’m
super excited to show them to you guys and hopefully they’re good let’s go
ahead and get started i needed some good old strawberries yes
i have a bottom the sour word I haven’t gotten strawberries in a while and I
knew I was gonna need some vitamins and minerals and that what better way than
having your diet filled with some fruits and veggies next we just have some
butter and radicchio I definitely said that wrong radicchio lettuce I figured I
would use this as a base for my taco salad as well as I’m adding it to my
gyros deck this is something new I thought the roasted pecan ninh I’m
planning on like freezing some of the strawberries and whipping that up with
some heavy cream to kind of be like a strawberry ice cream and this is like a
little hint of chocolate so hopefully that works out well for me
I’m obsessed with this and I ran out actually I gave the rest to my mom it’s
the roasted teriyaki unique stock I’m obsessed with this a whole one of these
only 30 calories and only one gram of carbs great if you need a crunch midday
I think full advantage of having these at my desk next I have some coconut milk
I used to be faithful to coconut milk and that I discovered cashew milk so
that’s my new fave but they didn’t have cashew milk and Trader Joe’s so I
figured I’d go ahead and pick this up I only drink this with my coffee I don’t
really like coconut milk on its own or like with like as a milk replacement I
just use a kind of as creamer and it works for me
next the estimates heavy whipping cream already told you what I’m gonna be doing
with this making my own healthier version of ice cream with the
strawberries and the cacao nibs that I have next I picked up some Tomatoes
these were actually pretty good on the price I think was like two bucks for all
these I actually opened it I needed it for one of the meals that I had last
night but I’m trying to add a little bit more veggies and wherever I can
so slicing this with some my breakfast meal just to add a little bit more
vitamins into my diet never hurts and I also got some roasted
garlic hummus I actually did try this already pretty good I like this spicy
ones better but I figured this would taste good with my pita that I’m gonna
be making this week I went ahead and picked up some avocados they’re called
the teeny weeny avocados and I actually opened this already and tried to use one
but it wasn’t right good so one avocado down the drain just fine whatever I
still have five more to work with I’m just gonna leave these out and not put
them in the fridge to try to soften them up fast but I do you want to try another
one tomorrow fingers crossed we’ll be nice and right by then next I
have some but uh now butter is something that goes through our house a lot both
my sister and me use it in everyday cooking for breakfast lunch dinner
butters usually our go-to I do cook with olive oil sometimes but I do like the
flavor better butter butter butter next I have a red onion this is gonna go for
both my gyro as well as my chocolate salad I like slicing it very thin it has
great flavor I love onions just to ramp up flavors I got some Persian Humber’s I
think I need to come first in a while and I figured this would be great to put
with my gyro to add a little more volume and to get some more veggies into my
diet I actually didn’t get this on this trip but I don’t know if I mentioned it
before it’s to everything but bagels seasoning it is super good I’ve been
putting it with my eggs it definitely like add a different template for to my
eggs I know a lot of people on keto I’m getting tired of eggs and I am
definitely one of them as well so I like spicing it up and I have been reaching
for this a lot to add a little bit of flavor to my eggs I got the Greek style
feta dressing I love this dressing this is like my new fave above like Italian
dressing I feel like this would be good on any type of dressing if you’re not
the era of Caesar dressing try this out it definitely has the Caesar fill but
the flavor the back notes is feta so I figured it’d be fitting since I’m going
to be making a gyro pita for the first time I’m super excited for that speaking
of gyro the reason why I picked gyro as one of my milk rats because I saw this
when I was going shopping this is the gyro slices from Trader Joe’s I haven’t
seen any other like grocery store have gyro meat like this and I love those
love gyros I don’t know if I’m saying this right if it’s gyros or Kairos the
heroes whatever it’s called Mediterranean style meat so I’m excited
to try this hopefully it will be good it’s a hit and miss with the Trader
Joe’s sometimes if they’re precooked meat so I will keep you guys updated on
my Instagram if it’s worth buying this was actually pretty cheap it was cheaper
than the lunch meat which is one of the reasons why I went ahead and picked it
up this is 399 and I think I was gonna get some lunch meat that was like 449 or
$4.99 or something like that so if you guys are interested in trying a
different type of meat in your pitas or in your wraps maybe try this out I don’t
know if I’m trying to get to let you know if it’s good or not but I will keep
you guys updated don’t worry that a cheese not feta I used to hate feta
until one day I you know added it into my omelet and the flavor at this is
amazing it’s definitely salty so if you’re not a salty cheese person I
wouldn’t advise trying this but definitely take a look at cheese’s um
they do range different couch not calorie wise yes calorie wise but more
importantly carb wise especially if you’re on a ketogenic diet this block
here the serving size is eight and it’s one gram of carb per serving but I also
did see one that was in like a tub at Trader Joe’s it’s the same Trader Joe’s
brand but that one was 2 grams so definitely keep a lookout on your
condiments and your talking because those do have hidden carbs in it and
last but not least where would I be without eggs I’ve been eating a lot of
eggs a lot more I go in and out between intermittent fasting but sometimes you
just need a good breakfast in the morning whenever I have time to make
breakfast I always take advantage of it so eggs fly through my house like me and
my sister eat eggs you should every morning so I’m very usually always on
the grocery list for me all of these groceries cost like 41
bucks so if you guys have a Trader Joe’s near you totally check them out most of
their items are Trader Joe’s brand which means they’re able to significantly
reduce the price which means cheaper for groceries for you guys so I definitely
want to throw that out there and if you have been wanting to try to go to a
Trader Joe’s but just haven’t found the reason to but yeah that’s all thank you
guys so much for watching as always if you like these two grocery haul and want
me make more of them let me know in the comments down below as well as give me a
thumbs up so you know you like this video and while you’re at it if you
haven’t been seeing videos from me definitely push that button that
notification the Bell it’s somewhere there so that way you won’t miss any
videos from me and I will see you guys in the next one


  1. I can totally relate to the Avocado disappointment. Somehow, I was able to slice open one, it was hard as a rock. I saw you can put it into the microwave to soften, but disgusting. I recently bought a batch. Tell me why, none of them were ripe. I haven't up until this week had Avocados not riped for days. I felt around lol and chose two. One had given me the inkling it was ready. Nope! I mixed it with the ripe one & garlic powder. It was at least better than my first attempt.

  2. Hmm I have to check if there is a traders Joe's.. I spend so much at Kroger but it's the only store so far that I've found that has good stuff

  3. Do you use the app ibotta? Not sponsored. Basically coupons online and stacks with coupons in person. Love the outro music too

  4. I noticed your channel comes up a lot for keto mukbangs. What kind of results have you seen on your diet? I.e. starting weight/sizes to current weight/size? And how long have you been on it?

  5. So today was my first day going keto and I found your videos, I watched the one where you first talked about it first and I've been binge watching your videos ever since and I just want to say WOW girl you are GLOWING, you look absolutely amazing and so much thinner too! Amazing and such an inspiration

  6. Just subscribed and loving your videos so far. A quick tip if you want to ripen avocados quicker, put them in a brown paper bag overnight. . . .it works great!!

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