Trader Joe’s Haul & Favorites!

(upbeat banjo music) – Hey everyone. Welcome back to the You Need
a Budget YouTube channel. My name is Ashley. I went grocery shopping today. I got home from Trader
Joe’s, was so hungry I put all the refrigerated items away, I made myself lunch, I ate lunch, pulled everything back out so that I can share it with you guys. So I’m gonna do a Trader
Joe’s grocery haul, and I’ll show you the
items I bought today, and then I’ll also show you a few of my staples from that store, things I like to keep on
hand, always in the house, and that I’ve been repurchasing for years. If you read any of the articles like “Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s,” a lot of them say the cauliflower gnocci. So when I was there a couple weeks ago, I bought two bags, and I made one bag exactly how the instructions said to, and I didn’t love it. I didn’t think it was that good. So I’ve had this other bag
just sitting in my freezer, and I decided I wanted to use it. So I went to Pinterest,
and I found a recipe for a sheet pan meal, which, I love those. I feel like they’re so easy
and really hard to mess up. So I bought all the
ingredients I needed for that. Broccoli, Parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, and chicken sausage. It was so easy to make;
all I had to do was chop up the broccoli and the chicken sausage. I used my largest cookie sheet, and I put everything on the sheet with a little bit of olive
oil spray and garlic salt. And then I put the
entire tray in the oven. So it was incredibly
simple, and it was so good. I will put the recipe down
below, and then let me show you, I have leftovers, I’m hoping it’s gonna be just as good heated up. And the cauliflower gnocci
baked is a million times better than how I made it the last time. So I’m really excited, and I would definitely repurchase those. Okay, trying to get myself
a little bit organized. I did have to buy eggs today. I don’t normally have to buy eggs because my in-laws have chickens, but I was running really low, and I wasn’t sure the next
time I would see them, so decided to get myself some eggs. And I also got a bag of Brussels sprouts. I cannot believe I have
spend most of my life thinking I hated Brussels sprouts. My first trip to Charleston,
which was a few years ago, I ordered a meal, and
I didn’t realize that Brussels sprouts came with the meal, or I probably wouldn’t have ordered it. But I tried it, and I fell in love. And now I try to get Brussels
sprouts as often as I can. I’ve tried to perfect my own technique for making Brussels sprouts, and I’ve been making them
in a cast iron skillet, but for Christmas my mother
in law got me an AirFryer lid for my Instant Pot. And unfortunately I haven’t used it yet, it’s just been sitting there. But I’m determined that this
is gonna be the week I try it. And I thought Brussels sprouts might be a good first attempt. One of my plans this weekend
is to make the Glow Bars from the Oh She Glows cookbook,
those are my favorite. I used to make them all the time, but I haven’t in a while, so
I needed a few ingredients. I needed rolled oats; this bag is so big. I was hoping for a smaller bag, but I will find some other uses for these. There is a gluten free
oatmeal cookie recipe on the back that looks pretty good. I also needed unsweet flaked coconut and also raw sunflower seeds. And I like sunflower seeds in the bars, and then those are also
great to just throw on top of a salad. Two green things: the
Trader Joe’s Green Goddess Salad Dressing; avocado,
green onion, cold pressed lemon juice, chives, basil, and garlic. And then this I’ve never tried before. It’s the vegan kale cashew basil pesto. I was watching somebody’s
Trader Joe’s haul and they raved about this, so I thought maybe it
would be worth a try. The other new thing I got, which I think is just new at Trader Joe’s, there was quite the crowd around this. But this is the Vegan
Chicken-less Seasoning Salt, with salt, onion powder,
turmeric, and garlic powder. It says “For delicious,
full flavor, add to soups, “salads, broths, vegetables,
or wherever you’d like “a little something extra.” So I know that I already like the Everything But the
Bagel seasoning blend and the Himalayan Pink Salt crystals, so I’m hoping that this
becomes another favorite. For snacks, which is one of my favorite reasons for
going to Trader Joe’s, I got the dark chocolate
covered mini pretzels, which are so good. And I have an honorable mention. I can’t claim this as a staple yet, because I only bought it on my last trip, but I meant to grab another bag today, and I completely forgot. The Heirloom Popcorn with
avocado oil and pink salt. Oh, my soul. This is so good. Again, only my first bag, but
this will be on my next trip. This will be number one
on my shopping list. I have a couple fun purchases. The lemon cookie scented candle. This must be, unfortunately,
a seasonal item. I bought it a couple times last year, and then I haven’t seen it in a while. But it’s back, and I’m so excited, so I made sure to buy two this time, but this is my favorite kitchen candle. It makes it smell like
you’ve been really busy and baking all day. And then the Trader Joe’s
Sparkling Coconut Water with Yuzu. This is so good. It reminds me of one of the best nights. I was in New York City
with my friend Ashley, and she really wanted to go
to this famous Ramen place. We didn’t have a reservation, but we got seated really quickly. We had the most fun waiter. We had amazing seats looking
right into the kitchen, and it was just a great night. The Ramen was delicious,
and they served it with this Yuzu soda, which
was kind of like Sprite, but not really, and a
million times better, and I’ve tried to find it, I’ve gone to International Markets, a couple people recommended World Market, but I couldn’t find it there. So this Sparkling Water Coconut Water with a little bit of Yuzu
just reminds me of it enough. So, I don’t buy it every single
time, but it’s a nice treat. That is everything I bought today, but I do have seven staples that you can usually find in my house. And if you watch the video
on how to save money on food, I was introduced to the
concept of the emergency meal, which has been so helpful. So for an emergency meal to be successful, it’s something you can keep on hand, for me that’s in the freezer, it has to be less expensive than ordering takeout or ordering pizza, but it also has to be delicious. So it’s something you
actually want to eat. For my emergency meal, I love
the Mandarin Orange Chicken, so I keep that and frozen
rice in the freezer, just to have on hand because even if I’m on top of things meal planning, there are definitely
days where making dinner is the last thing that I wanna do. So it’s so nice to always
have that as an option. When I worked in an
office, in my snack drawer, had an entire drawer dedicated to snacks, you could always find the Belgian Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils. They are delicious. They’re like fancy, gigantic Sno-Caps, like what you would get at the movies, and the Sesame Honey Cashews. This also comes in an almond
variety, and both are amazing. I also love these Cauliflower and Broccoli Vegetable Patties. They’re basically cauliflower,
broccoli, and potato with a few other ingredients. You can put them on top of salads. Some people use them in place of a burger. But my favorite way is
to actually have them when I’m having either breakfast,
or breakfast for dinner, and I put egg on top of them, and I think they are so good. Sometimes I will add
a little bit more salt if I want them to be a
little bit more flavorful, but again, something that
can just live in the freezer, and be a very easy meal. Final two, I have the
Organic Coconut Aminos. This can be used like soy sauce, but it’s made out of coconut sap, I think. It’s great with fried rice, that’s probably how I use it most often, but you can also use it to make
really delicious marinades. I couldn’t make a Trader Joe’s
video without talking about at least one product
from the beauty aisle. This is the 100% pure Jojoba Oil. I’ve been repurchasing this for years. If you’re like me, and have sensitive, acne-prone skin, this
might be a great option because it’s a non-fragrant plant oil. So you can use this as a
moisturizer, to remove makeup. My favorite way to to mix in a little bit to whatever body lotion I’m using. I almost forgot the eucalyptus. This is not a staple,
this is a nice treat. But this entire bunch was $3.99. I like to decorate with it. And if you follow Trader
Joe’s List on Instagram, which is one of the big
Trader Joe’s accounts, she recommends hanging
this off your shower head using the rubber band that
comes around the eucalyptus, and when you turn on hot
water in your shower, this will make your entire
bathroom smell incredible. Just, eucalyptus is such a
nice, relaxing spa-like scent. So, again, not a staple,
but something nice to have every once in a while. That’s everything I have for today, but if you shop at Trader Joe’s,
and you have any favorites, leave those in a comment down below, because I’m always looking
for new things to try. And I think my next
grocery video, hopefully, will be an Aldi one. I’m really excited about it. I wanted to wait until Jeremy gets home, which we’re like at
the two week countdown, which I’m really excited,
so it would be easier to compare and see what kind of cost savings Aldi actually is. But, thank you so much for watching today, I really appreciate it, and I’ll talk to you again very soon. (upbeat banjo music playing)

15 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Haul & Favorites!”

  1. I don't know why TJ's keeps those instructions on the cauli gnocchi when literally everyone complains about it! There are actually a few different methods that work much better, including in the oven like you mentioned. Here's a good overview if you want to try out a different way:

  2. I'm sorry but why am i seeing a 8 min commercial for a supermarket ? this is the YNAB channel….. Is business so bad you need a sponsor??? if not maybe stick to YNAB budget related content?

  3. My must-buy at TJ's the is the pre-cut "chicken tender" sized chicken breasts.
    Especially because I cook for just myself, it's nice to have a protein that I know I can just throw in the toaster oven and bake really quickly for a healthy meal. The leftovers are already precut, so I can use them again or just toss it on a salad without portioning or cutting.

    Also, the tangerine juice. I like to have a glass on the weekends; it's a nice thing to look forward to on a Saturday morning!

  4. I didn't know I'd actually like this. Seems a bit weird for the YNAB channel but I enjoyed watching your haul. My brother used to love TJ's but where I live, the closest one is over an hour away. I'd love to see one about Aldi's since one just recently opened in my town but I've never heard of them before.

  5. I have heard that ALDI is really good and budget friendly too. Currently I go to four different stores to fulfill my grocery needs (single mom…three kids…five jobs) and it is a crazy PITA. I’d love to find one store that has Walmart’s toilet paper, Best Markets Meat, Costco’s coffee and Trader Joe’s hummus.

  6. My husband and I make a point to go to TJs every time we visit our American friends. Things we always buy are the umami powder (awesome on popcorn), green dragon hot sauce, gluten free crisp breads, eggplant and roasted red pepper dip, Dr bronners soap, and dog treats

  7. More grocery haul videos!! Aldi, Walmart, Walmart grocery app, Target, Whole Foods, etc. would be awesome!

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