Trader Joe’s Hot Sauces | Habanero and Chili Pepper Review

That’s… that’s not bad Let’s eat it! Hey everybody! Welcome to Extreme Food Reviews, my name is Daniel… and I’m Jonas And today It’s hot! It is hot. It is very hot. I’m sweating. But I think we might have the answer
for that Because today we are trying two different hot sauces both from Trader Joe’s One is their…
You did one of them backwards We’re trying two hot sauces! We are trying two hot sauces from
Trader Joe’s One is the habanero hot sauce And one is their chili pepper hot
sauce We’re actually gonna put a couple of affiliate links down below in the description if you’re interested in trying out these sauces You can go pick them up Which one do you want to start with, chili pepper sauce? What’s in that? Chili Peppers, distilled vinegar, Sugar, spices, Xanthan gum I love Xanthan gum. What’s this one got in it? That’s the “habanero”. Water, habanero chilis, vinegar, onion, sugar Garlic salt, sunflower oil and Xanthan gum again. Alright, well they’ve got a similar makeup it sounds like though the color is quite different Our chili-head friends have been telling
us that the best way to have hot sauce is on ice cream I never thought to do
that before We’ve certainly had ice cream after we’ve eaten hot sauce to try to cool ourselves down a bit So, we got some Breyer’s natural vanilla Yay! This is the best part on a hot day that you get to eat Breyer’s ice cream I know, I am on fire right now. It is hot. That’s why I said for you to give me the cream. Which one first? I don’t know. Which one do you wanna try first? Ah… let’s see Well that was easy! Knives make the world an easier place to live in Except you can’t keep one of those in your pocket when you go to middle school No! You’re not really supposed to bring a knife into school It’s a new rule. I heard you get this thing called “detention”…? I wouldn’t know. I’ve never heard of it, never had one of those. “Never had one of those” Chili pepper sauce! What’s the proper amount of chili pepper sauce do you think to put on a bowl of ice cream? Quite a bit! Here. This sauce is thin. It’s got… it’s got a good look to it, though. Give me some of that hot sauce… ice cream… Clunk it… and dunk it. Whoa. That’s different. It’s a little smoky flavor, almost a little barbecue to it Definitely a tomato-based I don’t know if I love that one with the ice cream so much That one’s not blowing me away The sauce is okay This would be great on, like a burger Yeah. It’s got that real “barbecuey” thing, or on some ribs NO! I think it’d be good on ribs! No! This one has a pull-tab Sweet! How come the other one didn’t? That is thick! Give me a little… Alright! It’s kind of like the color of butterscotch Maybe it’s like butterscotch topping Yeah, but it’s thick I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s gonna go that way Habanero. Trader Joe’s Clunk it. That tastes like a habanero Now, that’s a good mix! That is… My mind is confused like hardcore right now Eating ice cream and hot sauce at the same time? It tastes like a habanero… Yeah? But it’s not hot. this really isn’t the best thing to do on a hot day The ice cream part, perfect. The hot sauce on top of it… It’s confusing my brain right now. And the cat is over here. Hello, Harley. They weren’t lying on the flavor of this one, though. The flavor this… I’ve got a good tongue heat going on Slowly moving to the back of my throat It’s good though This one goes much better with ice cream. Agreed.
I’m liking this one How many flaming toilets would you give this one? Not a lot, my dude. Scale of 1 to 10? A shrunk down “1”. Like, if it was “1”? Mini? but it was like “Ant-Man” 1. Mini flaming…. one mini flaming toilet? A mini flaming toilet. The habanero hot sauce? It’s just “1”. Just a “1”?! See, I would say that to an average chili-head this is probably a…. 2 or 3. Okay. Whatever you say. You don’t think so? You don’t agree? Well, the Tabasco was like seven, so… “1.5” Yeah… not “Killer” Maybe you’re right, I’m with you I’m thinking you’re right This is probably one and a half flaming toilets The flavor’s good though, nice little heat. It kicks in slow I think this is the real bargain of the
two This one, if you’re into more of a “barbecuey”, kind of smoky flavor This one’s pretty good This one overall, nice smooth flavor and a nice subtle heat. And I have a milk moustache Too much! It’s not bad. Was that too much? What do you think?! I thought it was pretty good. *”Take On Me” by the band A-ha played on Kazoo* Put it in here. Wait.. wait! Let me blow it Wait, it’s in there good now! Uh-oh. Time to clean out the kazoo Make sure to “like”, comment and subscribe We’ll see you next Friday morning and every Friday morning at 7:00
a.m. We appreciate you stopping by WAIT! What? I need to do my… our intro!

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