TRADER JOE’S MUKBANG | Trying their unique + uncommon snacks! ✨

Hello friends its Allison and I hope
you’re having a super happy day so far I am absolutely pumped for this video
because I got a big old bag of Trader Joe’s goodies and we are gonna do our
first-ever mukbang which I’m kind of intimidated by but that’s what we’re
doing but the theme is trying unique Trader Joe’s snacks so all of the food
in this bag is not I haven’t had any of it before and it’s not necessarily stuff
that I would pick out myself but branches and I took a trip to Trader
Joe’s the other day and literally just picked out all the things that are kind
of like out of our food comfort zone so today I’m just going to try them all and
we’re gonna experience my reaction to them together so I’m excited / nervous
but my tummy’s rumbling so okay so we’re gonna start out with mango mochi so I
actually have never had a mochi and this isn’t necessarily a weird it’s not got
all it definitely I would say is unique especially for America because I’m
pretty sure I don’t know the whole history of mochi or mochi
but it’s a Japanese dessert I think or Asian dessert I’m not sure what part of
Asia it’s from but it looks adorable and they have a few different flavors at
Trader Joe’s I just want to try this one first because you do keep it in the
freezer so it’s cold and let me tell you what it says on the box it says a thin
sheet of traditional mochi is wrapped around a bite-size nugget of a
deliciously fruity mango sorbet so I mean I have good hopes for this one
but I’m not sure especially because whenever I eat ice cream and stuff I do
like sorbet but it’s not really what I gravitate towards I always gravitate
towards chocolate and I don’t think they had a chocolate flavor at Trader Joe’s
at least when I went but the mango does sound pretty refreshing okay here’s a
little monkey oh wait good so cute also I love the
name mochi mochi I probably say anything wrong but it’s so adorable okay we go
five thumbs up which is what the summer looks like so you can see I like it the
outside the thin sheet of traditional mochi um it definitely is like a little
more chewy texture but I would probably give this a 3 out of 5 because it’s
yummy it’s super tasty but I don’t know and
sometimes when I have snacks I don’t love it right at first but then though I
have it I’m like oh yeah this is great let me go pop this in the freezer and
then we’ll get to all the other sex okay let’s do something a little more savory
so these are interesting they aren’t ketchup flavored spud crunchies okay I
know people love ketchup oh they’re gluten free that’s cool but I
I’m not huge on ketchup like I’ll use it for some french fries I mean now and
then but it’s not my favorite I actually love mustard I’m more of a mustard gal
like honey mustard Dijon mustard spicy mustard that’s more my thing so these
were mustard flavors but crunchies I’d be more inclined to buy this but it was
never something I would buy on my own oh my gosh it actually feels really good
it smells like french fries smells like ketchup and french fries so oh my gosh
my mouth watery okay let’s go for it I mean it’s good it’s good it’s
definitely not something that I would get all the time it didn’t change my
mind I still wouldn’t get it again but it’s definitely not bad like I will
finish this bag it really honestly made it a good job because it tastes like
ketchup and french fries of course the texture is different
because a little crunchy guy but it does taste well what kind of does look like a
french fry but you know it’s a little different I’m gonna read this one a
three out of five again because it’s hard to compare to the mochi but I feel
like it it’s still yummy okay now let’s bring back the sweetness
so we picked all these dark chocolate honey mints so these might not sound
super strange to you but to me it sounded kind of strange because I never
have had a honey / mint combo before and I’m really curious about it and this put
the big snack is only three ingredients so I’m guessing it starts chuckling
honey and mints I don’t know let’s see honey chocolate
liqueur and an oil of peppermint let’s take a wild it’s only three ingredients I can already smell it in the bag and
it’s all good I need my scissors I think these would
be good to like have out on your desk at work or something from when people have
meetings like something cute like that because they’re all individually wrapped
like so I should have saved this one from hospice minty but I might just have
top of it right now it smells good it smells like dark chocolate and I
absolutely enjoyed dark chocolate but I don’t know about the honey in minute I’m
nervous I think that’s a note from me ending us a note from me it’s not bad
it’s not awful it’s just not that good to me I mean I think the honey is just
throwing me off and I love honey I put it in my coffee everyday but with
the mint like if it was just start chocolate mint mmm so yummy but then the
honey it’s gonna kinda throw me off so I’ll share these with my friends if you
won’t want to come over okay now I feel like I need to cleanse my mouth before I
try anything else especially these oh my gosh okay so these are wasabi roasted
seaweed snack these are so cheap at Trader Joe’s if you’re looking for an
inexpensive snack this is for you hopefully it’s yummy but I have seaweed
before in sushi and stuff but I’ve never had it like these little crispy version
and I did go for the wasabi flavor which if you’re not familiar with asabi it’s
super spicy which should be good for me because I absolutely adore spicy stuff
but these are only $0.99 so can’t be beat but I really need to
wash down this honey mint chocolate because that was not me you could conv
and I do love wasabi and they have a plain flavor I think maybe it’s just
like salted right I pedal asabi favor because my my worry
with seaweed is that it’s gonna be fishy and I don’t really love fishy flavors at
all go smell test you gotta do a small text oh shoot oh shoot oh no I’m so
fishy like super fishy like you just caught a fish in the river and you
brought it inside Oh No okay I still have chocolate and I know some
people love these but I don’t know if I’m the girl for it
okay here we go bingo stop oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh
no oh no I’m gonna swallow it I’m not trying to be dramatic
without it it’s so but that is not for me not for me we’re gonna get this far
away no no no give me this mint and give you this money bitch it’s up Oh No
the texture the flavor I did not taste like wasabi enough mm-hmm
no the texture was really bad for me and I am a texture person like I get ready
to out by certain textures mm-hmm that was a negative two out of five I’m
not gonna have that again so if anyone wants those let me know they’re all
yours mmm okay I’m glad we had that one over with okay since I just went through
that just drama for my taste buds let’s go with something a little more tame
this is the Trader Joe’s organic coconut sesame seed clusters snack sounds
magical sounds like something I would buy the
thing that is kind of different it’s just a sesame seed aspect of it all I
definitely even thought of sesame seeds so I’m not sure you guys really like
that I think they’re healthy for you I mean the coconut is making me feel
more confident that I will like it a lot small test it smells good it smells like
coconut the weird thing is that this is in it just little packet I don’t even
know what this is for but I think it’s to like keep it fresh or whatever but
kind of strange rate for product freshness
do not eat like I don’t really like when I have stuff in my food that says do not
eat I think that just seems kind of danger okay so this is a cluster we’re
gonna eat it anyways this is like what the cluster looks like mm-hmm I’m Capri
with that I’m definitely happy with that this will be eaten okay guys there’s
fewer snacks to try I’m gonna save the best one at least I hope it’s the best
one for last but these I have pretty high hopes about I’ve been like tempted
cheeky because I’ve had this bag of food in my pantry for like a few days now and
I’ve been daydreaming about this cuz when we saw it at Trader Joe’s brain and
I were like oh shoot that actually I’m super yummy and it is these sights eat
cheese crunchies they’re spicy cheese flavored corn snacks so basically they
give me kind of like the hot cheetos five a little bit and like I said I love
spicy food and I love cheese so worth a shot but it is like a more unique snack
so you really never know okay it doesn’t really have that strong of a spicy
cheese flavor so small touch isn’t it very great but I’m keeping an open mind they’re good they’re good I mean I like
them I like them and I could see how they’re addictive like I’m already like
cool let me just keep cuz the crunch when you just read kit in your mouth
it’s just like so satisfying but you’re not like as mouth-watering as I
anticipated just as someone who loves TV set and love spicy stuff hot cheetos
like are better I would say but I just started eating me and one of my favorite
Twitter just hack which I posted about before are the kind of talky knockoffs
that they have they’re called rolled tortilla chips they’re spicy – and those
are seriously the most addictive delicious things ever so I was hoping
they would kind of like be up to par with those but I would say I still like
those more but then again when I first had those little talkies I didn’t love
it at first but then the more I ate it I loved it so that might be the case with
these as well okay I need to clear my palate for one last snack now we have
these dark chocolate sunflower seed cups butter cups
so these sound really magically yummy but I thought they were really unique
because Brendan nice favorite candy is Macy’s peanut butter cups we are such
chocolate and peanut butter lovers like that’s our favorite dessert you know for
his birthday I always make him Reese’s something or like brownies of peanut
butter he just loves it and so do mine so I was interested in these but they
don’t have peanut butter it’s sunflower seed butter which hey I think I’ve had
some flower seed butter a long time ago but I don’t really recall exactly what
the flavor is like so I’m curious but I’m hoping it’s yummy and it’s gluten
free soy free dairy free tree nut free and peanut free so that is super awesome
one of my good friends she’s allergic to peanuts so I know the struggle well I
personally don’t know it but you know I kind of feel for her and
it was a great option if you love sweets trap but you can’t have peanut butter
cups and it looks just like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup even has a little
wrapper that looks the same stuff okay it’s definitely yummy definitely
delicious but it’s no peanut butter cup like you can’t compare one of my
favorite seats from Trader Joe’s are their dark chocolate peanut butter cups
that come in like a little plastic container but that’s yummy and I do love
chocolate-covered sunflower seeds so it kind of tastes like that in a sense but
it’s yummy I would probably give that a four out of five stars so surprisingly I
think I would say that my favorite snack out of all of them is I’m gonna give you
four seconds to guess which one it is four three two one ketchup flavored spud
crunchies honestly these taste like french fries and ketchup and they’re way
younger yummier than I anticipated and they even beat out these spicy
cheese crunchies so you never know that’s why we need to try new things but I don’t think there’s any snacks it’s
round that we really knock out new favorite snacks but that was a whole
point of this video to a step out of our comfort zone and try unique snacks at
Trader Joe’s us to offer and I had so much fun filming this and I hope you all
enjoyed watching me and I’ll see you soon bye no hear your sweet voice then
say your food

31 Replies to “TRADER JOE’S MUKBANG | Trying their unique + uncommon snacks! ✨”

  1. I never was so early 💜 love your videos, maybe you could make video : how to look beautyful without any make up 🙏💓🙂

  2. Haha! I LOVE this video. You are great at being honest without being rude. This was hilarious. Trader Joe’s is great but some of their snacks are a total miss for me too!

  3. The seaweed portion of the video just killed me lmao I hope you've recovered from trying that hahahah
    also you should try mymo mochi ice cream! They have lots of flavors and come out with seasonal flavors and you can get it at Publix and Target and probably other grocery stores too! There are 6 in a package and its usually like $4.50 so not a bad deal. I LOVE their strawberry mochi, the apple pie one was good, pumpkin spice was alright, and I didn't like the s'mores flavor. They probably have chocolate too! You can get mochi in Epcot in the Japan store and you can get mochi ice cream from one of the carts outside the stores sometimes.
    The ketchup crunchies remind me of veggie straws which are yummy to me!

  4. Such a fun video! Those ketchup spud chips actually do sound good… and I guessed right to what your favorite snack was at the end of the video haha. I also prefer mustard over ketchup, and Reese’s peanut buttercups are my favorite as well. ☺️

  5. Mochi is one of my all time favs please give it another try for sure cause I bet you will love it as much as I do. And mango is my favorite flavor but they have so many more too. Love you. You are so cute in how you try to be polite with how much you disliked the seaweed. Too cute.

  6. my sister and I had the exact same reaction about the seaweed snack. Absolutely awful (smell and taste). My husband, however, can eat one a day! He loves it, go figure.

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