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– Hey, everybody! Welcome back
to Kevin’s Corner. I’m Kevin. Today, we’re gonna be making pumpkin spice monkey bread. It’s so easy, even your
little brother could make it. So now we’re on our way to Trader Joe’s to get the ingredients for our pumpkin spice monkey bread! ♫ Trader Joe’s! Trader Joe’s! ♫ Since we have a little time to kill I just want to thank everybody for all the comments on my last video. But, hey, let’s keep the
criticism constructive, okay? Pumpkin spice monkey bread! I personally love Trader Joe’s, because they have reasonable prices, everything is fresh and organic, and sometimes they wear Hawaiian shirts. Hawaii! All right, we’re pulling
into Trader Joe’s right now. Oh man, there are a lot of people here. Everybody’s here probably trying to get my ingredients for my nacho
pizza from last week! Heh heh. This pumpkin spice monkey
bread is to die for. You guys are going to love it! Excuse me, ma’am? Ma’am, are you leaving? Then why are you putting
stuff in your car? What goes great with pumpkin spice? Monkey bread. It’s easy.
It’s simple. It’s delectable. Are you seriously pulling in front of me? Finding a spot is a little
more difficult than I thought. Are you backing up? Are
you backing up right now? Seriously, what are you doing? It’s a popular grocery store. You’d think they would
have more just 15 spots! This is bullshit!! Here’s a spot, and there’s a cone. What is that? This isn’t a spot? Fine. I don’t understand why. Fucking jackass. The greatest thing about this pumpkin spice monkey bread is that it brings people together. No no no no no no no! You
cannot just get into my spot! I was sitting here with the bl This is bullshit!! I can’t back up, there’s
a truck behind me. I can’t back up! This is bullshit!! I’m seriously, I’m two minutes away from just ramming into a car. I just want to make some money bread! Pumpkin spice monkey bread. Mini van, cut me off one more time! All right, so we finally found a spot. I had to go all the way
to Bed Bath & Beyond, but we’re here. So now, time to go get
some ingredients for pumpkin spice monkey bread. – [Voiceover] Excuse me, are you leaving? – No, I’m not leaving! Are you ki (party music)

100 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Parking | Kevin’s Korner”

  1. Is this a parody or an impression or what? Please someone help me, i just don't know kevin corner is exist..btw it's funny zack but i need more explanation just to make it funnier


    then he started yelling at dumb peopld in the parking lot & then I contemplated my life & then I was like, "… fair." πŸ˜‚

  3. Trader Joe's sucks!! Most of the male employees are rude, poorly groomed, community college drop-out surfer bros.

  4. I like Kevin. He means well but he's so bitter and resentful deep down that he comes off kind of krazy. SO relatable lol <3333

  5. SO TRUE!! I've been to Trader Joes in smaller towns, LA, the Bay Area – it doesn't matter where you go they are all like this!!

  6. i think ive watched this 10 times already, laughing my ass off at work. 0:16 is a personal fav. KeviInNnn'Ss CooOrnErrr*~! YEA!

  7. Trader's Joe Beef jerky is the only beef jerky we get in Euorope. It is best thing ever made by a human being just after haribo.

  8. kevin went to the future to kill his past self because he couldn't get rid of the hiccups, and when he finally got a spot, the guy asking him if he was leaving was future kevin. so future kevin ate regular kevin, and thats why theres no more kevins korner.

  9. "The greatest thing about Pumpkin Spice Monkey Bread is that it brings people together" 5secs later "what the fuck are you doing?!"

  10. If I don't see a spot on the street, I won't try to stop there. I'd rather amputate my foot with a spoon than use their parking lot.

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