Trader Joe’s Peppermint Taste Test

‘Tis the season for
peppermint-flavored food. Let’s talk about that.( upbeat music )Good mythical morning. Thank you for making us
a part of your daily routine. And, as a reward for that,
we got a big, big show for ya. Big, man, it’s so big. It’s so big,
I got some more pics to hopefully get back
on the Instagram, Mike and Alex get
covered in Sharpies, and we present our twist on the new La Croix
hair color trend. Ah. But first, pumpkin spice,
we need to break up. I’ve decided I wanna
see other spices. And ’tis the season for
peppermint-flavored everything. Mm-hmm. Now, once again,
Trader Joe’s has gone overboard. What? So it’s time for… Okay, so we are going
to be tasting and ranking various peppermint-flavored
Trader Joe’s items. Now, we’ve got six items. – There’s a lot more.
– They got more than six, – but we’ve narrowed it
down to six.
– Joe goes cray cray. We narrowed it down
to six that we think are representative of
the peppermint offerings. In order to help
you make your choice if you need to narrow it
down further than that. We’ve got our score,
what’s it called? – A scale.
– Scale, not score. Amaze-mint,
enchant-mint, mint-iocre. That one was a stretch. It was really working
until “mint-iocre.” What about mehhh-int? Ah, that’s good. Disappoint-mint,
and abolish-mint. – Wow, that’s harsh,
harsh words.
– Maybe don’t buy that one. I don’t know, let’s get
going with the first one. What do we have here?
Some peppermint pretzel, – oh, no, peppermint bark.
– This is peppermint bark. Now, lemme just start, you don’t even have
to hear us say this, but just in case
you’re new, you know that I’m going
to like everything because I like everything,
and Link is going to have a fundamental problem
with peppermint, because Link has a fundamental
problem with peppermint. And Rhett is gonna
seethe with frustration And Rhett is going to be
a little bit annoyed by that, so let’s just go ahead
and get that outta the way. Yes, I’m gonna be
annoyed by the fact that he doesn’t like peppermint
because I love peppermint, – and this is one of
my favorite things on Earth!
– But you know what? This is my number one! Well, don’t go ahead and… I’m just telling you,
if you can beat peppermint bark, I’ll give it to you. I never had
peppermint bark because I never thought
I would like it. I’m gonna set it
aside for a second. Somewhere in between
the two of us,
is an impartiality. But you can’t
not like everything just because
it’s got mint. We’re the “Ying”
and the Yang, as we would say as kids – who didn’t know
what Yin-Yang was.
– Yeah. – ( snap )
– Good gosh, bark is hard. Yeah, it wouldn’t be
bark if it wasn’t hard. It’s got quite a bite,
too, you hear me? Just promise me,
just promise me… Promise me
that this is it! that the one thing you won’t
say is, “It would be good if were not
for the peppermint,” – ( laughs )
– just don’t,
you cannot say that. – I was about to say that.
– No. Tell me how
to interact with it because I’m thinking about
chocolate and peppermint, but I’m not thinking
about them together. Don’t think about it,
just enjoy it, just embrace it, man. I would say
it’s not bad. Don’t think, that’s the problem,
you think about food, I just eat it, I use my stomach
and my mouth, not my brain. Since I don’t think it’s bad and
he thinks everything is great, I’m gonna put it right
here in the middle like we normally start, and then I’m not opposed
to moving this forward because it’s not bad at all,
but let’s move on. Okay. All right. Now we have
the pretzels. Now, these are
Peppermint Pretzel Slims. “Our thin,
crunchy Pretzel Slims with a creamy coating
and peppermint sprinkles.” Now, people out there
be eating these by the bagful thinking they’re
getting skinny, because they’re
called “slims.” That ain’t
how it works, y’all. I think it’s just that
the pretzel is slim. The pretzel is slim, you’re not going to be slim
if you eat a lot of these. Now, I don’t love
pretzels either. I mean, there’re so
many things to eat, I don’t have to
like everything. Exactly, exactly, it’s like
the world is your oyster, and you don’t like
oysters either. – I don’t love oysters.
– ( laughter ) This isn’t bad,
this isn’t bad, I feel like I’m getting
in the holiday spirit, and I can tell you are. – ( laughs )
– They’re so good, man. The pretzel thing
kinda widens it out. Can we put ’em both
at number one for now? No, this is
a little better, I think this is
a little better. Really?
That hurts me, man. I’ve been living off that
bark for a long time. Those are
really good though, especially coming off of the
bark getting into the slims, coming off of the bark,
going the sweet to the saucy? – Not saucy, whatever
it is, salty.
– But that being said… – Okay.
– Oh, now we’re gonna
mix it up with some beverage. – We’ve got…
– No, this is
green tea, man. Candy Cane Green Tea,
decaffeinated. Now, I’m a fan
of green tea, I’ve been doing a lot of
green tea since I stopped drinking coffee because
it does something to my insides, I don’t wanna
explain what it does, I’ll show you some pictures,
follow me on Instagram. I don’t take pictures
of what I deposit in the toilet,
don’t get excited. He has taken some
selfies on the toilet, he didn’t think you would
notice, but you did. No, that was Snapchat, my first ever Snapchat selfie
was a toilet selfie. Now, this is a sweet spot
for peppermint for me, I mean, on a cane
and in a tea. So, I’m all about this. This is really good,
but it doesn’t excite me. Yeah, exactly. Like, I’d hurt somebody
over either of these, – you know what I’m saying?
– Oh, really? I couldn’t tell. Like if this was
the last thing on the aisle in Trader Joe’s and
it was not even Black Friday, – I’m just talking
like a regular Tuesday,
– Right. I might hurt somebody. I mean, I’m a big man,
I get excited, I might hurt somebody
over this. I’d be like “Oh,
you could have the green tea, I’ll get something else.” Well, because peppermint
tea is something that, any time of year,
I could grab out of a shelf. So, it’s not
that it’s bad, it’s just that
it’s not special enough. Man, boy, talk about–
now I got two mugs. – What is this?
– Okay, now, we keep these
in supply at my house. Really? We got all this stuff,
we have a peppermint shelf. The shelf itself is
made of peppermint. This time of year,
or you stock up? This time of year,
but me and the kids, we really like these
Minty Mallows. You don’t like marshmallows
either, do you? I don’t love
marshmallows. I’m not proud of it. – I’m beginning to think
that you, at some point,
– I’m not proud of it. you set out and you just
decided to hate things, man. Is it because I love
everything and you feel like you have to hate things
just to balance us? I recognize that I know
there were people on my side, you may have been on
my side at the beginning of this conversation,
and now I’m losing you. You’ve not liked
everything so far. I know, it’s a problem,
but you know what? I’m trying. And we haven’t even
gotten to the peppermint, we’re just talking
about the other things associated with
the peppermint. I’m trying to, maybe
the peppermint
will help me like– I don’t hate marshmallows,
it’s just that it’s not what I choose when there’s
other things on the shelf, like peanut butter,
or just chocolate, or white chocolate,
which isn’t really chocolate. I love the texture,
love the texture of
a marshmallow, but I gotta say, in the context
of these other things, it’s not as good
as I remember it, it’s not as good as
the slims or the bark, I mean, right off the bat,
it tastes a little toothpast-y. You’re right,
it’s very strong, it’s aromatic,
and it’s not as good. I’m not gonna take
’em off the shelf, the peppermint shelf,
they will stay on. You’re gonna put
it low, low, low? Let’s put it
low, low, low. Really? I feel bad about that.
All right, next one. We can switch it
in a little bit. Now we’ve got some
Candy Cane Joe Joe’s. Now, they look like Oreo’s,
they’re not Oreo’s. I love Oreo’s. – Is that a joke?
– Yeah. – You don’t like Oreo’s?
– I don’t hate Oreo’s, but if there’s, like,
another type of cookie there, I’m probably
gonna choose it. ( laughter ) And I’m sorry,
I’m legitimately sorry that I’m being this way. You cannot say that
it’s not a little annoying, – I know, I know.
– I know you people
in the comments. You’re like “Well,
I don’t like things too.” We know you don’t like things,
you made that very clear. Now, but,
it’s a little annoying when somebody doesn’t
like everything, right? I mean, this, come on, maybe
I’m a little annoying
being annoyed by it, I understand that too,
but I mean, come on,
gimme a break. Lemme say this:
nothing that I’ve eaten… – Is bad.
– has been bad. Okay. You know, I’ve been
talking about preference. After eating the other
peppermint stuff, I think that
marshmallow especially, I cannot really taste
the peppermint in this. – This is a very
slight peppermint,
– It’s mild. It kinda tastes
like somebody stuck something into
some Oreo’s, though. Which is good. No, in a bad way, like Oreo’s, and somebody
put some like Borax in ’em, like they were trying
to kill the roaches. Borax is not peppermint-y, I tried it.
I like that, it’s really good. – But it’s like crystallized
and crunchy.
– There is a crunchiness. I could take it or leave it,
I’m not gonna hurt anybody
over this, you know
what I’m saying? I like the mild
peppermintiness of it, It’s better than the tea,
it’s not better than the bark. I’m saying it
should go in there. Okay, and final. Gimme something else, guys. Oh, finally some, what is this?
Chocolate milk? Chocolate peppermint
almond beverage. – Ooh, now–
– Boy, that sounds appetizing. – You know what I love?
– Almond beverage. – Chocolate milk.
– Oh. ( laughter ) It’s not chocolate milk,
it’s almond beverage. They couldn’t even
say almond milk. You know the milk people
have been really upset
about people saying almond milk? ‘Cause it’s not milk,
according to them. The milk lobby’s
like, “Listen, you can squeeze
a nut all you want, you ain’t gonna get
no milk out of it. Speak for yourself. They are really
upset about it. They got to Joe, Joe caved
and said “almond beverage.” You gotta come up
with something better, “almond juice,”
at least say that. – Beverage doesn’t sound…
– Almond juice. Almond juice,
chocolate almond juice. Chocolate
almond juice. Dink it
and keep drinking it. You like it? I cannot taste the peppermint
after the other stuff. We need a peppermint
palate cleanser. Typically for an almond juice,
it’s kinda thin, – but this is a thickness
that brings me to the farm.
– It is pretty nice, though. What’s happening on the farm? Oh, the yard,
not the farm. The milkshake brings
the kids to the farm, that’s what I thought
the lyric was. Yeah, I think you’re
talking about a field trip. Okay, it’s fine, again,
it’s just okay, I can take it or leave it,
like if you gave me this, I wouldn’t be insulted,
but I’d like be “Oh, okay.” It’s better than the tea, I don’t think
it’s better than the tea. – It’s not better than the tea.
– It’s not better than the tea. It’s not better
than the mallows. Oh, you’re going
low, low, low? – Yeah, come on, beverage.
– Man, it’s not even
in the yard. All right, what do
you think about this? I know you wanna put
the bark at number one. I don’t know, I feel
the slims were really good and they help you lose
weight, so, you know, there’s a lot
to love about ’em. I am in total agreement,
and I think that, you know what? This has opened up a world of
peppermint and pretzel for me, and you know what?
I’m a new man, I’m never gonna bad-mouth
peppermint stuff again. I don’t believe you. Well, I’m gonna try, and I do wanna apologize
one more time, but you should
probably apologize, too. – I’m sorry, Link.
– For what? I don’t know. – Click through
to see what happens
– Sound like my kids. when you stand in the middle
of Hollywood Boulevard and ask strangers to
tattoo you with a Sharpie. Link:
Pop the corn, sit back,
and relax because
the new season
of “Buddy System”
is available to watch
right now on YouTube Red.

100 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Peppermint Taste Test”

  1. Link makes a good point for a lot of these though, like why would I eat some of these when I can have other better things? Don’t apologize link!!!

  2. Oreos are overly sugary. I remeber when Oreos used to have a slightly bitter chocolatey cookies. Now it is sugary garbage so I understand Link on this one. Also peppermint is a strong flavor and not everyone will enjoy it.

  3. I have a friend just like link and I understand Rhett’s pain. We can’t go out to eat unless they have chicken tenders or cheese pizza cause he hates just about any other food. It gets a little irritating after a while!

  4. I feel terrible for link because I, too, am extremely picky. We don’t set out to not like
    Things, or cause arguMINTS but something’s just don’t agree with my palette.

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  6. I will eat almost anything, and I love food. Like least picky person ever. If you ever need someone who isn’t a sad, bitter person to try food, I’m down.

  7. Ok my math teacher did a kahoot during Christmas time and the winner would win those peppermint Joe Joe's cookie and I got 3rd place, 3RD PLACE and I didn't get the cookie

  8. I’m only annoyed when they say it or refuse to eat it.. then again I’ve grown up with a picky mom and my grandma doesn’t like food in general so🤷‍♀️

  9. If it comes from anything but a mammal, it's not milk. As an animal science student in college, and someone who very much supports the dairy industry, I'm not sorry about being pissed off about almond beverage being called milk. It's very misleading toward consumers and hurts the dairy industry.

  10. I like mild sweet, not rich sweet. If I get to decide on the holiday thing I'm more likely to go for cheesy. Plus I am a diabetic, so…there is that. My mom's crab dip though!

  11. Ok in relation to test tasting things and deciding if it good , Link's view of , I don't hate it I just prefer another type, is irrelevant, because their not test tasting multiple types of one thing. He's doing it just to annoy Rhett and

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    Seriously though Link is so picky, what does he even eat?
    I genuinely wonder if he's getting all necessary vitamins and nutrients.

  18. Link I feel your pain! I don’t like a lot of foods either .. it sucks and I always try to apologize too.
    I know it gets annoying but I’m not gonna eat gross food just to appease other people 😂

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  21. I'm a fiend for peppermint. Not a big fan of chocolate. I like chocolate milk, but peppermint bark is kinda… eh. I always keep Mint tea around the house. And I go crazy whenever mint (without chocolate) ice cream is available. Or Shamrock Shakes. Or even mint candies. I'll be your best friend for a bag of spearmint lifesavers.

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