Trader Personality Type – What You MUST Know!

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  1. Day trader; conservative – take less trades; smaller wins -then slowly moving to let my winning trades run; more discretionary as a right brain type of person; that's my style. Very cool video & definitely relatable! Cheers.

  2. I think that being too careful isnt a bad thing. I would much rather miss a trade than to lose money.

    I've been working on my behaviour and trade management and I've hit the most profitable streak since I started trading.

    But I also wanted to say that for me the whole win rate thing is neither here nor there, my approach has become to place maybe 1 or 2 trades in a day that are 100% clearly in line with my setup (any doubt and I wont enter) – usually on correlating pairs cause it makes it easier to keep track – and then expose a little bit more of my account. So the logic behind that is if the trade is gonna win its gonna win, the question is then how much is it gonna win. See by entering with a bigger lot size (as big as you can stomach at the time) it wont hurt you if you wait for the right entry price. So by doing that I've vastly cut down the number of trades I enter and also increased my profits at the same time.

    But basically what I'm saying is I like to think of myself as a conservative aggressive trader. That's even in line with my personality I display both intro and extroverted qualities, which by the way is called an ambivert.

    Great video as always bro. Keep up the good work. ✌🏽

  3. Definitely proving day trading suits better on higher timeframes with occassional swing as/disc done last year. Starting to feel the ‘flow’ and profit following!

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