Trader’s Calendar for August 19-21: What currencies may decline? (USD, EUR, AUD)

As an economic crisis is looming, the market
is rushing to find a safe haven. However, it seems to be not that easy. Nothing looks safe enough, so traders are
moving their funds from one asset to another. Macroeconomic reports help to see tendencies
in the foreign exchange market, so it is what we focus on in our video calendar for traders. The week will start with news from Europe
regarding consumer inflation. Most likely, initial estimates which showed
a rise of 1.1% in the CPI will get confirmed. It will push the weakened euro even lower. The next subject for sell-offs is the Aussie. This way investors may react to the outcome
of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s meeting which is due on Tuesday. The report is expected to call on keeping
the interest rates low before the labor market recovers and inflation target level is reached. Such information would trigger the AUD/USD
pair to move downwards. After that, traders will start selling the
US dollar. On Wednesday evening, the report from the
last Federal Open Market Committee’s meeting will be published. Notably, the funds rate cut took place during
that meeting. The report will give investors a clue about
how this decision was taken. In any case, the information about factors
that pushed the Fed to lower the interest rate will affect the US dollar. Apart from the mentioned events, traders should
consider the following releases. Monday will bring the factory inflation data
from New Zealand and Japan’s trade balance. On Tuesday, the market will focus on the industrial
sectors of Britain and Canada as well as Germany’s producer price index. Wednesday will bring the report regarding
the inflation in Canada hinting at the further monetary policy of the Bank of Canada.

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