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  1. alright, im going to be quite specific with this question. and i genuinely wish to hear from you on this…

    If i Buy 500 stocks monday, then buy 500 more tuesday, and 500 more thursday, im no longer able to trade again until… (????)

    Day trade only allows 3 BUYS that day, untill next week that same day.

    Buy back to my first question. can i buy different days not adding up to 3 in that same day? hope that made some sort of sense.

  2. Hey Claytrader, this is a very informative video! Thanks a lot, you are doing a great job!
    I have only one question left.
    When I for example buy 500 Shares of ABC with a Limit Order and got 300 Shares and 150 Shares (Partial fills), so I got 450 Shares totally, and cancel then the order, because I am no more interested into getting the left 50 shares, because the price went over my limit price, would this be 1 or 2 Daytrades?
    Would really appreciate an answer to that! Have a nice weekend and memorial day 🙂

  3. Hey this was super helpful. I was wondering if I enter once a week for let’s set 6 weeks on 10 different stocks buying throughout the week, not the same day. On week 7 I want to sell everything for all 10 stocks is that ok ? Are their limitations when selling multiple amount of multiple stocks ? As long as there is 5 days in between the buy date and sell date is wouldn’t be applied to the rolling thing. Sorry I’m extremely new to this and I’m using a app on my own.

  4. This is gonna be the fifth videos i have watch and i think i will finish them all before i'll dive into stock marketing/trading..Clay love you. thank you for being very kind and patient in sharing these helpful infos to neophytes like me.

  5. Did I understand it correct, that iam allowed only to make 3 trades per day for each stock by regulation?

  6. 6:12 in why that matter? Your previous examples said the entry is what determines the day trades. Contradiction….

  7. You are seriously the only person who explains it in Layman’s terms and I thank you! I opened up a Robinhood account about two weeks ago. Trust me when I say I know nothing but slowly I am learning.

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