15 Replies to “Trading 101: What is a Day Trader?”

  1. Is it necessary to pay for classes to learn how to trade? What kinds of things would a teacher teach me that I can't learn by just diving in and learning as I go? I'm asking because I learn better by doing.

  2. Okay, this is a random question. Assuming I don't know anything about day trading and i'm just a average person how hard do you honestly think it is to teach myself how to day trade and to be successful at it? Every persons different but im curious what your opinion is on how hard it would be to learn to be good at it.

  3. how are naked options affected by HFT activity?
    I did a paper trade on NVDA and I saw it hit past my mark of 112 all the way down to 107, but on the weekly chart it shows the lowest price only hit 112.60
    So what I'm asking is how would my naked 112 put have been affected by the few seconds/milliseconds that the price was at 107?

  4. if my broker has a 15 minute delay on stock quotes, does that make it useless for day trading? or is that common place in the discount broker community?

  5. I understand a day trader likes trading that day but let's say they shorted but it went up 5%. could you hold the stock until the the end of the next trading day?

  6. I love these trading 101 videos. They are very easy to understand for newbies like me! Thank you for making these, Clay.

  7. Dude all you had to do was explain the definition and get some illustrations like khan academy the production quality sucks it’s you in front of a whiteboard boring af. Terrible editing. That’s just my observation without any emotion that is.

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