Trading Lessons From A Trader Who Has Made $8+ Million

– Blew that up once, lost all my 1500. Had to refund, try again, and dug my way back out of that hole. And I now am up about eight
and a half million dollars. (upbeat music) – What’s up, Tim Sykes
here with Tim Grittani. – Hey. – The man, this guy is
not only my top student, he also has a guide
called, Trading Tickers. Tell them what this is about. – Trading Tickers, I
made that back in 2015 and it really was with the goal of trying to help people learn things that it took me a long time
to figure out on my own. – Yeah, you’re trying to
speed up their learning curve. – Exactly, yeah. Really it was the first
three or four chapters, I think I dedicated
completely towards just beginner lessons that I
had to learn the hard way, the long way. And then beyond that, it was just chapters of individual strategies. – Yeah. And that’s beautiful. In case you didn’t understand. We’re gonna post a link
just below this video for Trading Tickers. We’ll give you a special deal
because we want you to study. I don’t know if you know
this, but Trading Tickers has the best reviews of all the guides– – That’s good to hear. – That I’ve ever seen. – That’s really good to hear. – Some people are like,
“Tim Sykes, are you pissed “that this guy is better
than you at trading. “He’s better than you at teaching?” And I’m like that’s fine. Fantastic. I could use the help. And this is great. So what you’ve done with Trading Tickers; how long did it take you to make it? – It took like six months. Yeah, it was six months.
– You were putting it together and there’s
live trades, like there is so much. – You gotta do it right
if you’re gonna do it. – You did it right. So I highly encourage you to watch this. Just brief everybody. What have you been up to now? Just explain your whole
journey really quickly. Why should people learn from this? – Okay, I started trading back in 2011. I had $1500 of my own money. Borrowed some money from
my parents, just to keep more accounts open. I was worried about the
pattern day trader rule. So, I had three different
brokerage accounts open, but the rule was, their
money was just to keep the brokerage accounts open. I can’t take positions
any bigger than my $1500. Blew that up once, lost all my 1500. Had to refund, try again. And dug my way back out of that hole and I am now up about
$8.5 million dollars. – I like how you just say it casually, yeah I made like 8.5 million. Is that… What did you think of this? – It’s weird how casual it feels. – Yeah.
– Honestly, like it’s, even when I got to the million, I think you’ll remember me saying, like– – I remember. – It wasn’t like a big $200000
trade that got me there. – You made nine. – It was a nine?
– Yeah. – I wanna say six. I don’t even remember the trade. But it was like a trade that
I’d done a thousand times. It was something that
I’d done over and over so it was nothing special. – You said this on Fox TV, we’re on TV, we’ll post the link, below this video too. And they’re like tell us about the trade that put you over a million dollars. You’re like I made nine on it. I was just like (laughs)… No it’s cool how it becomes,
it’s not just about the money, at the end. It’s cool that you’ve made this money. It gives you a better life. It gives your family a better life. But it becomes a process
and that’s what we want to teach you. You know it sounds
amazing, trust me I get it. I see what people message
me where, “I wanna make “millions of dollars.” You should. But in order to do that, you
have to focus on the process. You can’t just say, oh
I wanna make millions, give me one stock tip. And that’s why Trading
Tickers is so valuable. I don’t think any of the
stocks that you trade in this guide still exists. – I mean, every now and then, one pops up. – It might exist but
they’re not doing much. They didn’t turn into anything big. – You know the one I
remember seeing most recently is BIOC. I’ve got a live trade at
BIOC on Trading Tickers. – There you go. – And that one, I think this
year, had some reverse split and big runs, so it’s just– – So they still run a little
bit, but what you have to understand is that we don’t
invest in these companies thinking that they’re the next Microsoft. – That was a short, that was a short. I think I shorted it again. – But you have to understand
how different this is than what most people think
penny stock trading is. They think I have to
find the next Microsoft. – Oh it’s nothing like that. No, I mean–
– And then, they hold and hope. – For me, I’m a day trader. It’s thousands of trades every year. And just do it over and
over and over again. – And Trading Tickers, helps
speed up your education. – That’s the goal. You know the beginner chapters especially; like I joined your course, February 2011, by December 31st 2011, I was up $4000. That was my first 11 months. – Yeah. – And I had a blow up in there. So, really the– – What was the next 11 months? – The next, 2012 was like 150,000 I think. – So you went from 4000 to 150,000. – Right. – Then what about the next year? – 600,000? No, no, no, next year was
maybe closer to 800 or 850. I don’t even remember,
I’d have to look now. – The interesting thing,
is my first year, 1998, I made a few thousand. Second year I made about 120 thousand. Third year I made roughly 700 thousand. But I had much more volatility
back in ’99 and 2000. But it’s very similar. It’s the process. And you can’t just go from
zero to a million very quickly. It took you basically three years. – Oh yeah.
– It sounds quickly, but it’s learning the process. Learning how to make 30
or 50 or 500 dollars. And then sizing up on the
same trade, you make 5000. – Yeah, it’s taking that trade
in 2011, where I made $50 and realizing that’s just
a step along the way. You know, to the bigger picture. – So how do we get people to study this? – Have you gotten messages from
people about Trading Tickers or emails? – Oh yeah, I get lots of
emails and questions about it. Yeah. – Well what’s one, what are
people saying who have seen it? – I get a lot of really nice reviews which is, I really appreciate it. The criticisms I get, some of them I feel might be warranted: like
it can be a little slow and boring at times. – Trading is slow and boring. – Yes absolutely, yeah. – The process of becoming
wealthy is not fun. Let’s have fun later. – I’m sorry I didn’t
include little techno music between each chapter. – That’s my fault, I enjoy
the same music videos– – Yeah, it’s a music listening
DVD, I’m really sorry. – I’m sorry, I made it a
little too entertaining. The process is not fun. And that’s a good disclaimer. The process of getting wealthy is not fun. We’re gonna add that graphic here. You’re gonna have to
slug away, studying data. Testing out different strategies. Thinking that you’re a
scientist experimenting. Having a test sometimes it goes wrong. In Trading Tickers they’re not all wins. You don’t just say– – Oh, I made sure and showed losses. I made sure to show some
pretty painful losses. And explain why they happened. – And I think it’s more
important that you show that too. – That’s actually,
that’s what I get I think the best feedback about. Is people will message me
about the trades I made. Or the big losers and they’ll
say, “Oh man, I was so tense “watching that, and I
couldn’t believe it.” That’s the stuff I hope that gets through. Like okay, you just saw me get stubborn. And I really hope that seeing this helps you avoid that yourself. – And that’s what this is all about. You’re gonna have wins,
you’re gonna have losses. That’s part of the journey. Eventually you have to
learn to minimize the losses which you’ve done fantastically well. And then grow your gains. Let me just ask you, the
strategies that you use, even if maybe not all the
strategies are the same because it’s been a few years. But the strategies that you
use that still work today; when you started, maybe you
were taking small position. Today, you can use the same exact strategy with a bigger position. So it might have paid you,
$50 on a trade back then. Now it can pay you $50,000. Do you agree with that? – Breakouts especially. And that’s a couple of
the chapters I teach. I kind of explain it for OTC breakouts and then I got into the chapter
for listed stock breakouts. But, those especially, have
been the ones I’ve done throughout my career really. And I still do today. Where back then, yeah, I
would buy an OTC breakout and I’d make a hundred bucks. And I’d feel really
good ’cause at the time I had a $1500 account. And now I’d buy an OTC breakout and I might make 40 or 50 thousand dollars if the conditions are right. And those don’t come around
often, but it’s great when they do. – This is so important. You guys need to see that. And it’s tough to explain this. Because you’re like, how do you know, sometimes I make a hundred
dollars ’cause I trade with a small account these days and I donate all my
trading profits to charity because I want to teach. So they’re like, “You’re
a multi-millionaire, “why do you care about something “where you make a hundred
or two hundred dollars “with a small position?” Because it’s the process. And this is what matters the most. I know that there’s some traders where they just take big positions and they show you the big profits and then when you think you’re gonna start studying in trading, you’re gonna get those big profits. It does not work like that. And Trading Tickers for me,
I love it because you show big gains, back then at least, when– – I mean I was trading pretty big in 2015. – What’s the biggest
profit in Trading Tickers? – Good question. (Tim laughs) 25,000 maybe? – Exactly. But what I’m saying is your
gains have gotten bigger since then. – Yeah, oh yeah. I’ve had some bigger ones since then. – But you also have some small
gains and some small losses in the guide, which. – I mean I had it after. I made Trading Tickers
after my $290,000 loss. I talk about my $290,000 loss. I will say for sure that
Trading Tickers was made at a time, where I was startin’ to become a little more risk aware. – Yeah. No, I mean that’s good. I mean, frankly you
shouldn’t learn from somebody who is not risk aware. – Yeah. – There’s a lot of newbies
teaching these days and they’re like, “Oh the strategy’s fine. “Everything is fine.” Not that they’re bad
people, they just don’t know what they don’t know. They haven’t learned
how to manage their risk and then sadly, it’s
their students who pay the ultimate price. So I’m glad that you talked about that. I’m not glad you had the big losses. But at least you utilized
those big losses, so that you guys watching Trading Tickers can learn from this. And learn from his mistakes. What was that phrase that you had? And then the tweet when
you were going too big on a stock going against you? There’s a tweet– – Oh that I was gonna drop the hammer. – You were gonna drop the hammer. – I was gonna drop the
hammer the next day on it. One round won, but tomorrow
I’m gonna drop the hammer. – Wait, we’re gonna show that tweet here: and we can all laugh at that. Because– – Yeah, please do.
– I think he said, I’m gonna drop the hammer tomorrow and you’re like, I
don’t care what happens. I’m gonna do this. – I don’t know if I said that but I probably was thinking it. – You said something like, you’re like, “Whatever happens I’m
dropping the hammer tomorrow.” And that is not someone who
thinks about their risk first. – That’s not someone who will
have a long trading career. – So you don’t wanna do that. So you can learn from his mistakes. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been
emotional in the past too. Neither of us are perfect traders. You’re never gonna be a perfect trader. We’re all human. At least most of us watching this. Some people don’t think
that you’re human too. They’re like how does he
just stay so emotionless? Give them one tip here. How do you stay rather emotionless? In these trades, where
they can be stressful, stocks are moving quick. You know that there’s big money at stake. How do you keep your cool? – Oh man. I think the biggest thing that’s helped me is just knowing my risk
level before I even enter the trade. So I can go into a trade, I
can know if this price hits, I get out for a loss. And I can put my size
in, so that I make sure that if I do have to get out for a loss, it won’t be too big. And if I do all that right
and I know what my dollar loss will be if I lose. And I can be comfortable with that number. Then it’s pretty easy to stay emotionless. Then you just sit back and you try to trust your pattern. You try to trust your trade to work out. And sometimes it doesn’t and
sometimes you take that loss and that’s what the defined risk is for. That’s what the proper sizing is for. – I think a lot of people
don’t have the defined risk. They don’t know how to
create a defined risk. Even if they did have the defined risk, they wouldn’t stick to it. And then trading becomes very scary. Right? But your trading is not
as scary if you stick to the rules. – Right, absolutely, yeah. – But you just have to learn the rules. – That’s right. – And then you have to stick to them. We did another video, we’re
gonna include that link to the longer video below
this video, so that you have a greater understanding
of this man’s journey. But please, watch Trading Tickers okay. It is literally the best
guide that I’ve ever seen. A lot of people say this too. He shares his wins, he shares his losses. He’s arguably the most
successful penny stock trader who teaches openly. There’s successful people. We don’t know about them
because they don’t talk about anything publicly. But you talk about everything publicly. What’s one last tip that
you can give people? – One last tip. Well definitely start small. Because, like I said, I
started small with my 1500. I lost that 1500 the first time I tried. And there’s no doubt in
my mind that if I had started with 5000 or
10,000 and that had been what I lost, I’d be done. I would have never had my second chance. – Start small and study often. Understand this is a
marathon not a sprint. That way you have the right
mentality from the start. Also, leave some comments
below this video. If you’ve seen Trading
Tickers, tell people what you thought about it. ‘Cause it’s actually pretty amazing. I have never seen any negative reviews. All I see is people being like, oh my god this is amazing. And there is really nothing else like it, so thank you again. – Of course. – Study up, start small, have patience. Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire
mentor and trader, thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there. And also click subscribe
so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge, and become my next millionaire student.

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  1. I bought trading tickers. While I did spend $1000 on it and ended up not trading in that way, it showed me how to track statistics of Stock’s movements. It made me look at everything completely differently. I now consider myself a scientist when it comes to trading and investing because of that video. Best money I ever spent! Thank you Grittani and Sykes for keeping it real and for the motivation for the past years!

  2. Grittani's trading ticker seires is probably the one of the best and easiest out there, he speaks clearly, examples are clear and he uses simple terms for a dumbo like me to understand. Highly recommended

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  5. My biggest takeaways from the video:

    1. Commitment. Decide that you're gonna do day trading, decide that you're going to make it work NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES. Decide that quitting is not an option.
    2. Long Term Focus. You have to be patient, expect to have to put in A LOT of time and energy before you see results.
    3. The actual trading might not necessarily be sexy and exciting, but it gets you results.

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