Trading Multiple Time Frames

welcome to the video on trading multiple time frames, a very very important topic so one of the reasons that using multiple time frames is very important is because when you have to time frames of that a line that give you a goodbye signal or good cell signal concurrently you have a higher probability of a winning trade why is that there’s a market logic to it the market logic is that you have some people looking at one time frame for example here we have the daily chart you can see that can you alright let me bring that down for you sorry about that mm okay there we go and so there we go so this is the spiders but the point is this is a daily chart so you’ll have some people for example looking at a daily chart and trading off of that so that’s one group of market participants that are looking for signs so a sign that would be a pretty obvious one that a lot of people trade is the market coming up breaking through this resistance level here coming back down and resistance than becoming support in the market going up that’s a very traditional technical analysis thing for people to be watching and especially when it’s a significant support or resistance level and that one is because if you go over here you’ll see that that level is off of these highs these major highs here which basically a Triple Top 1230 mark that for you easier to see if I’m market I’ve had people tell me that so there’s 1 2 & 3 so Triple Top trading pattern by the way i did a video on that too on youtube if you want to read about triple tops or triple bottoms and so a lot of people have looked at this and the more people who see something the more people respond to it in the future and more people to respond to it well that means you get more people buying more people selling in therefore it’s more likely to be a self-fulfilling prophecy and that’s really how markets work is it’s a big auction place and the more people that are buying selling as basic supply demand and so that high then it’s gonna be one that a lot of people seem so again when people see this very basic technique i mean even people who aren’t real strong technical analysts will look at that and they’ll know they’ll mark that hi there and they can be watching how the market responds to that previous high market bounces off that they’re going to be barracks we’re gonna have some people who will take profits into that which is probably why you have that one red bar there and market goes above it and then comes back and says well wait a minute let’s see are we really serious about that we got above it and going to have people be a little skittish and when it moves back up even hear you see these bars here for example these bars are a bit of a hesitation or thing you gotta do g bar again narrowest part of the narrow range park until we break above the high of this bar and then he get your big candlestick and that’s when the market has a real extra confidence so this is your first significant move and then they’re in their step 3 ok now the problem is so that yes that is a great pattern we love it however the challenge here is if we take this trade based on the daily chart we’re getting in about half way past the move from this load of that high in fact even less and then that high and now we’re all the way back down here so it’s a late entry as far as I’m concerned and so the problem is the reward on it is not that great and we want not only a high wind loss ratio that’s got a pretty good high weight loss ratio on that type of trade but it’s not a great risk reward ratio it’s not too bad but it’s not stellar we want to better reward to risk ratio so how do we get a better reward to risk ratio well the same answer we use multiple time frames so let’s bring up a longer timeframe in this case a daily chart in this case a weekly chart it’s not the weekly chart on the right in the daily chart on the left so call the daily the shorter time frame that we clean the longer time frame now we have a my setup over here on the weekly as well right in this area here so trend is up as the 50 period simple moving average gotta wave 1 and a 2 so that’s a first retrace in the trend and then we getting very nice three-bar candlestick pattern for a bullish signal by the way this black lines the 15 p.m. a now is that comes in you see early November so it comes in around this time right in here really November what happens on the daily chart well we get a gap up boom nice big gap ok let me bring my crosshairs on here so if I global cross hearers you can see where these match up there we go so let’s just do it this way here ok so now you can see we got in a lot earlier or we could have potentially gotten a lot earlier if we would have looked for the setup on the weekly chart instead of the daily now we want a good signal good trigger if you will on the daily chart as well but we’re primarily looking for the setup on that the longer term chart by the way i’m using daily and weekly charts but this can apply to any to time frames you can use a hourly chart for our chart or shorter time frames if you want to as well so the point is looking for the setup on the longer-term chart now but that does okay look where we are here with our crosshairs if I can keep that they’re not with mine drawing tools here but it’s going to work but here was our our entry before remember breaking above resistance and retracing back to support and so we got in here about i’ll say somewhere around 220 or so now we’re able to get down were able to get in here somewhere around let’s say 2 14 to 13 14 15 somewhere in there depending on where you would actually take your entry and oh my goodness look at that you’ve doubled your profits roughly so and you know that’s where it’s gone so far so our initial reward if you would have taken the setup on the daily chart is that your reward if you took it on the weekly chart is that Plus that huge difference huge difference so in this case about double and so therefore I like to always look for setups on the longer-term chart and then look for triggers on the shorter term chart so that i get a superior risk-reward ratio i also find as we said at the beginning of the video it also increases my win-loss ratio now the one thing that I will say as the downside of this approach is that you don’t get as many trades and that’s just a logical thing okay waiting for trades on the longer-term chart well they’re just not going to be as many trades because there’s not as many bars in the same period of time and so the one of the ways to resolve that is simply be trading more markets have a variety of markets that you trade i would trade a lot of anti do trade a lot of non-correlated markets so that i get a lot of opportunities on the longer-term chart so very very important principle and one other thing that I would say to is timing is absolutely critical so might as well how would you know to get in here of course that’s a five-way pattern that your average trend so trend reversal there was to be expected also timing indicator would indicate that if you’re interested my timing indicator to give away that for free on a webinar training how to use it and give it to you offer free to send me an email at period top dog training calm and i’ll be happy to send you over that info but timing is absolutely critical and then again treating with the trend over here on the long-term chart and trend reversal after five wave pattern here is actually an alignment of trade entries they’re just different signals but they’re still both long signals if you like this video please understand that sure it’s free but if you got value from it you have a moral obligation to pay it forward by clicking share button below and share it on social media also if you’re watching this on youtube please click the thumbs up icon below and leave a comment i love your comments and they really cherish what you have to say in your feedback i’m giving away one of my favorite trade strategy is called the rubberband trade this is an actual trade setup that I’m going to teach you have a very high win loss ratio is very simple to I can teach you to about 26 short minutes you can get that video explaining the trade strategy absolutely free by just clicking on the image in the top left corner or if you’re on a mobile device click on the little I with a circle around it in the top right corner of this video and if you’re not watching on YouTube then the public link below or an opt-in form on the side once you do that I’ll personal email the video to you with rubber band trade strategy

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  1. ya but that weekly candle isn't closed yet where you are marking the entry on the daily. it would have been much higher than where you marked

  2. Regarding the webinar on 3rd January, is it possible to view the webinar after it has been streamed? Unfortunately I can't make the live webinar tonight and it is something I really do not want to miss.


  4. Thank you for this lesson, very informative.  However, is it necessary to have such a large logo on the screen?  I've noticed it on some of your other videos.  Frankly, it can be quite distracting and frustrating, especially for someone like me whose just starting to learn all of this.  Can you shrink it to at least half it's size?

  5. I've seen some of your videos and they are great. My only issue is the little "ad" that you have on them that blocks some of what you are showing.

  6. I always have loved Multiple Time Frames, Just keeps me in the right direction. I find that when I get lazy and trade against it I usually lose. I use 2 time frames for direction and a short term tick chart for actual entries. Mostly works out pretty good. Like how you teach all the different ways to make money in the market. Thank you.

  7. Ya know Barry not bad work but maybe you should not  worrying about marketing so much: i.e. you your face box is covering some of the very same stuff that you are trying to teach!

  8. hi master:i am the new player to learn the trade,i want to leran the mean reversion trade and using the multiple time frames,i want to say thank you couse i can learn form your youtube!!but i have the question about the how to find out the ma with support and resistance function??i use some probem and try to find out,but i can't sure the way is correct,can u tell me about that??thx you and best wish!!scott

  9. I believe he meant to go down to an hourly chart instead of going up to the weekly chart for timing entry if what he oroginally says is actually what he does.. Going off weekly chart in this instance is going completely away from the original breakout trade from your daily chart. So it started well, but you can notice even he confused himself and just kept going with it creating some hindsight trigger off weekly chart. He should redo video. Usually decent stuff from the guy.

  10. Excellent video sir. Can you tell me when the weekly chart starts and ends compared to the daily. For example, if it is Wednesday, is the weekly chart for last Thursday to this Wednesday? Or, is the weekly chart always Monday to Friday of the current week? Thanks so much. I always love learning new things from your videos.

  11. thanks for showing the correct way to read the daily and weekly charts on daily and monthly periods. you always teach something important but this was very critical. keep up the good work.

  12. Not only are these videos clear, but they're also engaging. There's real sense of passion behind all what is taught.

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