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Hi friends welcome to stock market live India in today’s video we are going to see trading online using single candle technique and also going to share the data that I have tested for last three weeks on single candlestick technique if you watching this video on smartphone then you can click below in the red colour to subscribe for latest updates like share and also leave your valuable comments which will help to trade online and you can analyze and know the profits so I request you to watch this video full like share and leave your comments so that I can clarify your doubts on this video trading online so now let start with this video if you are watching this video on computer then you can subscribe here you can like this video and share this video in your group or with your friends and also leave your comments related to this video so friends trading online by using single candlestick technique so today I have chosen Reliance Industries to show you how this single candle technique works and also I have included the data for say last three to four weeks on this single candle technique which will help you to analyse how this technique works and you can book profits so starting by this single candle tecnique to trade online so here you can see display of a single candle on 22nd of July Reliance Industries made high of 1594.25 and it made a low of 1544 so when I subtract this two figures I am getting 50 points and just to confirm as you can this website so this is a derivative that I have chosen so here you can see the high of 1594.25 low at 1544 so let us go back to this template so this is single candle technique that I was discussing so when I calculate with the high and low of the last trading day for Reliance Industries I am getting 50 points so now taking you on previous week on how this technique performed for trading online so I have taken data for 30 June 2017 7th of July 2017 which is also an Friday was 22 points target achieved on 4th July 2017 I will take you with technical chart this is the high of candle and this is the low of candle so in the next candles say 3rd of July and fourth of July our target of 22.50 was achieved it was on 4th of July target of 22 points was achieved and the lot size of Reliance Industries in fno is 500 so when we calculate profit of 22.50 with lot size of 500 the total profit would be 11250.00 and going on low was at 14.31 so the total points when we subtract with high and low of the 7th July 2017 it was we got 58.80 points from this trade and this is 7th of July day candle which is quite big when compared other Friday candles and so in this week on after 7th of July we were able to book 25 points on 13th of July and profit that we made from this trade was Rs.12500 because it was 25 points so 13th July I will just show you the candles here so this is the 13th of July and candle high is at 1524 but I am considering only 1522 for booking the partial profit on the strategy so taking back to 21st July the high as earlier we discussed was at 1594 and low at 1544 so at here I am showing the candle once again which is big candle that closed on say there before yesterday in the next week if the Reliance Industries future if it crosses below 1545 then I intent to go short and if it crosses above 1596 I will go long so let us go for the actual data here so low at 1544 and high at 1594 so how can we calculate the targets for this single candle technique I will take you for the next template here so here I have divided the total target of of 50 points into 3 different targets just to make it easy for you to identify the first target 2nd target and 3rd target as I showed you earlier we saw that there was a possibility of partial profits so this was

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