Trading Patterns Prediction: Can You Predict A Morning Panic?

– So, right now I’m gonna teach you all about morning panics, my
single favorite pattern. Study up! (bright music) What’s up, Tim Sykes,
millionaire mentor and trader, here answering your questions. My number-one most
favorite pattern right now, dip buying morning panics. I have 600 and, I think, 70 videos. Click the link just below, I’m
gonna link to those videos. They’re on, study them, okay? This is not an exact science. The more history that
you have knowledge of, the better prepared you are
for future morning panics. That said, there are some key indicators that you can look for. I don’t wanna just dip
buy any stock, okay? A lotta people say, oh, this is dip buy, this is dip buy, and I’m like, what the heck, you know,
what kinda drug are you on? You’re not even paying attention. You obviously haven’t
watched my video lessons. You’re just dip buying
anything that’s crashing. That’s a very dangerous pastime. If you buy some of these
stocks that, frankly, deserve to go down,
they’re not gonna bounce. They’re just gonna keep going
down and you’re gonna be like, yo, stock trading sucks. Stock trading sucks if
you ignore the rules. Dip buying sucks if you
ignore the indicators. So, indicator number one, I
really just wanna dip buy plays that are up over several
days, over several weeks, not a play that has been
spiking for one or two days. The more time that it’s up,
that builds a bigger panic, because sometimes people use stop losses to protect themselves along the way up, and as the stock crashes,
it’s like Inception, a dream within a dream,
but you have stop losses after stop losses after stop losses, it creates a tsunami of sellers. Not necessarily natural sellers, it’s just because all these
key levels are being triggered at the same time, and there’s
500, 700, 900 sell orders, trying to get executed. None of them are getting
executed, so it creates a panic. That is the inefficiency that we’re trying to take advantage of. Those stop losses, all
the people panicking, even when there’s no bad news. And a lotta stop losses get taken out if the stock has been
running for several days or several weeks. And if the stock has only
been spiking a day or two, there’s not gonna be that
many stop losses, okay? The key is, and you don’t know
where the stop losses are, no one tells you, you can
only guesstimate, right? You need a lotta people who are trying to protect themselves along the run-up. So if the stock has been
running up for, let’s say, 20 days, there’s a lotta
stop losses built in. Let’s say 20 days with no big drops. All those stop losses can get triggered, one, two, three, four, five. And it’ll crash the stock,
so if a stock, let’s say, in 20 days, has gone from one to seven, and in one morning,
when it starts dropping from seven to six to five,
you can get extra stop losses that take out four, and maybe even three. And now it’s a 50% drop in,
like, maybe a half hour, not because the stock
has done anything bad, not because the company has anything bad, but because all of those
stop losses created that 50%-off sale. If you think about Black Friday, or going to a store and getting a sweater that’s 50% off, that’s
fantastic, that’s a good deal. But a stock that’s down 50% might be a very different
company than when it was up. If it’s down 50% because, let’s say, the FBI just busted down their door, it deserves to be down 50%. It might even deserve
to be down 70 or 90%. That is not a dip buy. But if it’s down 50% only because of stop losses being triggered
and there’s no negative news, that should lead to a nice bounce. Why do these stocks bounce? Well, just as the stock has
been going up, let’s say, every day for 20 days, a
lotta people missed out on the run-up, so they’re
waiting for that big dip. And then they’re like, oh, this is the time I can
finally buy it on the dip, and I don’t feel that bad missing
out on the initial run-up. So that’s one group of
people who are buying. A second group of people
who are buying on the dip, guess what, short sellers. If they were betting
against it on the way up, and it finally comes down, they can buy to cover their shorts, which means that they’re basically buying. So, you have two groups of
buyers end any morning panic. How do you know where the bottom is? Well, you have to look
at previous support. Look at where the stock
before it was breaking out. Look at how did it act
before the big run-up. Was there key support
at, let’s say, $4 a share from 21 days ago, or 25 days ago. Before the biggest spikes, where was it kinda like, chillin’ around? That should theoretically be a bottom. Also you have to look at level two. Look at the bid stacking. I have a whole DVD called Learn Level 2. It’s six hours, I think
you should read it. I have a lot of live trading video lessons where you can see the bid and the ask. It’s like a seesaw, and when
the stocks are panicking, there’s 10, maybe even
15 market makers trying to sell on the ask, and
the bid has one or two, and it keeps getting taken out. But eventually the seesaw
can change momentum. And there, it’s called bid stacking, so there’s different market
makers who are now solidifying on the bid, and that can be a
sign that everything changes. And sometimes these
bounces can be very quick, so that’s why you have to
be prepared ahead of time. Click the link just below this video, watch the 600-plus video
lessons on morning dip buys. Learn and see what I do right, learn and see what I do
wrong, and leave a comment underneath this video, too. Let me know if you like this video. (bright music)
Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader, thank you for watching my videos, I
hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there. And also click subscribe so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge, and become
my next millionaire student.

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  1. This is very helpful! Watched ANY yesterday. Some people said it's going to go above 7, but in the morning, it did exactly like you said.

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    if you ask me, I will tell you I agree, I tried to explain to my partner how Wesley Wills program but insisted I was reckless to invest in the said skills of someone I heard of online, my first payout put a sock in the mouth and we haven't stopped working with Wesley ever since. I do believe that cryptos will change the world, replacing stock markets, most currencies and powering everything from machine-to-machine payments and the Internet of Things through to streaming media, prediction markets, governance systems, voting systems, even potentially the internet. That being said, there is a long way to go, and we are in the very early stages for most of these areas which may or may not turn out to be what we expect from the markets because growth in value is mostly speculative. That been said, I would love to attribute accolades to a very sophisticated trader and investor, Mr. Wesley Wills, a man I believe in his capacity is a name worth mention amongst traders. I do trade his signals, and his analysis and understandings of the markets are awesome. With his guidance, I have made over $200,000 trading bitcoins in the last three months. You too can reach him by Skype: CHIEF TRADER, mail/hangout ( wesleywillclinic @ gmail com ), and I am sure you would have no option but to tell others about him.

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