Trading Places (3/10) Movie CLIP – Those Men Wanted to Have Sex with Me (1983) HD

I’m so glad to see you. Louis, you’re
making a scene. The good news
is I’m innocent. I’ve never even
done anything vaguely Resembling this.
Really. It’s the truth. Louis, you look awful.
I’m so ashamed. Those clothes
and those shoes And you’ve been
fighting and… And you smell. I smell? Penelope, do you realize
where I’ve been
since yesterday? They beat me up
and stole my clothes. Those men wanted
to have sex with me. Can we discuss this
somewhere else, louis? One of them tried
to bend me over this… I mean,
if this place
is indicative Of the state of
correctional institutions
in this country, They might as well let
all the convicts out. It’s far worse
on the inside. Stealing from your friends
at the club, louis? Heroin, louis?
Have you lost your mind? Mother wants me to
call off the wedding
and so does todd. Todd? What does todd have
to do with it? You’ve been fired
from duke & duke. They’re preparing
charges against you
for embezzlement. Embezzlement?
I’ve never stolen
anything in my life. How could the man I loved, Whose children
I wanted to have And breastfeed,
be a heroin dealer? It wasn’t heroin,
it was angel dust,
pcp, and… Listen, penelope,
I swear to you, on my honor, With almighty god
as my witness, I am not
an angel dust dealer. Oh, louis. (grunting) I’ve been looking
everywhere for you,
baby. Listen, louis… Would you…
I’m hurting, baby.
I just need a shot. Please…
Louis. Who is this person? I’ve never seen this woman
before in my life. Don’t say it, louis. Come on, baby,
just a dime bag. I’ll do all those things
you like.

85 Replies to “Trading Places (3/10) Movie CLIP – Those Men Wanted to Have Sex with Me (1983) HD”

  1. Maybe if she ripped her clothes off before uttering a single word. She's the type of woman who, once they open their mouth, no guy in their right mind would want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

  2. I smell? Barack do you have any idea where I've been for three years?  I've been on the street.  I'm suppose to smell.

  3. A great scene, in one of the greatest movies ever (look at the joy Louie has in letting the "nice purse" guy know he's innocent).

    Lewis, you're making a scene….I'm so ashamed.  
    Those clothes.
    And those shoes. 
    And you've been fighting!
    And you smell!!

    I smell?
    Penelope, do you realize where I've beeen??

    With Almighty Gaaaawd as my Witness!!!

    Just hilarious

  4. "Those Men wanted to have SEX with me! Why they tried to BEND ME OVER this this"…..
    (LMFAO!!! – It's an overnight holding tank, not a prison! Classic as it gets!)

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  6. that look Penelope gave him after he corrected her from what kind of drugs he had 1:20  I hit the floor hahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!

  7. 0:47min If this is INDICATIVE of the discernment quotion of the gen pop,then they might as well……………………lol.

  8. Kristen Darnell is/was exquisite. Remember when she stripped down to her bra and panties in Trading Places? A beautiful woman

  9. I have a friend who is just like Penelope, the mannerisms, everything. Don't get me wrong: I've known her for well over a decade and I love her – but I told her to watch this film and even she was forced to agree with the similarities. 😀


  11. Louie and Valentine got even with the entire Duke&Duke company and employees in the end. They got rich and everyone else was probably let go of their jobs after the Dukes couldn't pay that margin call after FCOJ trading was done. Screw Penelope, Harry, Todd and Andrew

  12. The man: "Is that your purse?" Penelope: "Yes." The man: "That's a nice purse." Penelope: "Thanks." That's my favorite line!

  13. The woman who played Penelope in this movie did a killer job. This was a dopey comedy but her role was purely dramatic, she was one of the few characters in the movie who was not a comedian or part-time comedian and didn't revert to schtick at some point. Outstanding job on her part.

  14. Before all of this happened to Winthorpe, he was just like them. If this had happened to Todd, for example, he'd have disowned him just like they did to him…

  15. In reality a woman would never give head to any guy who resembles a rich guy except for the money involved. But if you are poor sex comes to you for free.

  16. And to think the studio did NOT want Dan Aykroyd or Jamie Lee Curtis for their roles..John Landis had to fight to get them. The studio figured Aykroyd wasn't anything without John Belushi and Curtis was just a 'scream queen.' But Landis knew they could both act and he persisted. This movie has perfect casting for every part.

  17. Looks nothing like Jamie. Wonder why she never had major career being jamies sister being much prettier and obviously talented

  18. Easily one of the funniest but also most POWERFUL SUBLIMINAL MOVIES ever made. If you think the rich an powerful are not doing things like this regularly, then you're on DOPE, I MEAN PCP ANGEL DUST hahahaha. Blessing everyone. 2019!!

  19. “I mean if this place is indicative of the state of correctional institutions in this country, they might as well let all the convicts out, it’s far worse on the inside.”<😂 So true!

  20. Everyone one in this scene is a democrat. On and off camera. It’s just a constant framing that never ends; nobody ever even talks about it! 👽 😆 👍 Maybe they will one day who knows. 🤷‍♂️ lmbo


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