Trading Races: Model Turns Herself Black | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

MARTINA BIG: There are still some people say,
‘You will never be black.’ MARTINA BIG:  ‘You are joking with us.’
I want to be black and more black. MARTINA BIG: I want to be much darker. Yeah! I like the contrast between light generally and black dark skin. COMM: Martina Big is no stranger to a spot
of controversial body modification. MARTINA BIG:  My first body modification
just started in spring 2012. I had a Rhinoplasty. I want to create an extreme version of Barbie
and in the past, it was a blonde Barbie with white skin but now it’s a extreme exotic
Barbie. COMM: But it was her latest tanning injections that acted as a catalyst for her most dramatic change to date. MARTINA BIG: I started; I only wanted to have
more sun colour, like holiday colour. The doctor did three injections in January last
year. But not only my skin colour changed, also my eyebrow colour changed, my eye colours
have changed, my big growing hair got darker, and, also, now you can see it’s going curly like the African girls. Really, my whole body has changed. MARTINA BIG: It’s really fascinating what’s
happened inside. I think I am changing my race. COMM: Yes, you heard right. Martina Big has
not just changed her skin tone. She is also, now apparently changing her race. MARTINA BIG:  That’s the reason why I go
to Africa, to learn more about the culture, not only changing my colour because I feel
that I am black, describe myself as African woman, proud African woman. COMM: Since her latest transformation, Martina
has been on a voyage of discovery to immerse herself into her new and adopted African culture. COMM: Martina’s boyfriend, Michael, has
been a constant source of support and encouragement. MICHAEL: I was so fascinated and as Martina
was the classic blonde, beautiful Barbie and suddenly Martina started the second big transformation
to a real African beauty. MARTINA: I don’t do it for the attention
of men. I have fans all over the world, in all kinds of age, in all, it doesn’t
matter girl, boy or whatever. COMM: One of Martina’s latest fans is Carol. COMM: The pair met online and today they are
meeting for the first time. CAROL DICKOW: I saw her on Facebook; how she
is now black and then I was much interested. I would like to ask her, ‘Why, what made
her to change the colour to be black?’ Because it’s not normal for a white person to change
their colour. CAROL DICKOW: And she is much interested in
Africa, to know how we live there in Africa. And, yeah, yeah, we have got much things in
common. CAROL DICKOW: Can I please touch your hair? Because I want to see if it is… oh, it’s like mine. MARTINA BIG: Yeah, I have changed. CAROL DICKOW: Yeah! MICHAEL: Not only the skin colour, the skin
colour was the first which changed. CAROL DICKOW: If I meet you live like this,
you look like an African woman. MARTINA BIG: Yeah, a lot of people say this
to me. CAROL DICKOW: Yeah! COMM: Today, Carol will be teaching Martina a thing or two about her own Kenyan culture and background. MARTINA BIG: I am here to learn more about
the Kenyan culture. But I need much more to learn about the Kenyans and the Kenyan food
and their culture. CAROL DICKOW: We want to cook African food
as Kenyan food. So that will be Ugali, fish, sukuma and goat flesh. She like it really. CAROL DICKOW: Now in Africa we eat, so we
don’t eat with the, we don’t eat with that. We don’t use these ones, ugali. We
have here, our fork. So, we just take ugali and then do it like this to make a form. MARTINA: Oh! CAROL DICKOW: Yeah and then we have to do
like this. You take a little bit and eat. COMM: After lunch, it’s time for a gentle stroll around Carol’s local town. MARTINA: I am so dark that even when I got to a Afro shop, I was, I was to find dark
makeup in a Afro shop and they say, ‘Okay, I have dark colours but you are much darker
than expected.’ I don’t know why it works for me so well. But I know, for example, Michael
had the same injections. MICHAEL: For me, the injections works also very, but not much so well as on Martina. CAROL DICKOW: I am very happy that Martina
came to visit me. We had a lot of fun. If you meet her in real, then she looks like
African like me African. She is now brown like me and I find her interesting. She looks nice. COMM: Despite already pushing the boundaries
with her body modification, Martina is far from finished with her ever-evolving look. MARTINA BIG: And also my breasts, they are
actually the biggest breasts of Europe with 7100 CC but I think they’re much too small.
I only need 5 centimeters more and then I can go to the world record.  But also you
can see my nose is not really matching to my African look. My nose should be, look like
this – African style. MARTINA BIG: And my butt also must be bigger. Also, I want to have my implants in this direction, not here. MICHAEL: In the past, I find the blonde was
my absolute dream girls. Now it is completely the different. I don’t look to the blonde
girls. I now, I find African girls so beautiful. COMM: It seems that there is still some way
to go for Martina in her latest transformation. But what’s clear is that she is enjoying
the journey. MARTINA BIG: A lot of people say, “You can’t,
never be black.” MARTINA BIG: If you are really open-hearted
and concentrate yourself, not only the look that’s changed, also the inner heart. ‘Big
is not big enough’ is still my motto, but also, ‘Black is beautiful.’

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