Trading VS Investing

Trading versus investing. Hello guys. My name is May. Today I would like to share with you the differences between trading and investing. At the end of the day, regardless trading or investing This two groups of people are having the same goal That’s all about making money. The big differences between trading and investing is the time First, for investing we are holding the asset for three years or more That’s something that we don’t check the price every single day. That’s more for long term For example a company like Apple or Coca-cola We believe the value of the business and the company will continue to grow for the next three years Five years or even 10 years For trading, that’s something less than three years or Can be even within a few weeks or even within a day For example, in a few weeks of time you are expecting some events to happen that will lead the stock price to go up or go down So you can make the profit within a very short period of time. That’s called trading. I hope you enjoy this video I will share with you more in the next video. Stay tuned. See you!

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