Trump Admin Lists Fictional Country Of Wakanda As A Free Trade Partner

In a stunning show of incompetence. The Trump administration earlier this week
was forced to take down one of our free trade partners listed on the United States department
of agriculture’s website and that unlucky trade partner that is apparently no longer
a trade partner of the United States happens to be Wakanda. For those not familiar with Marvel comics,
comics Wakanda is the fictional country that Black Panther is the King of. To put it another way, it’s not real, but
the Trump administration had it listed on the USDA website as one of the United States
trade partners. Now, it wasn’t just sitting there in a little
list. Oh no, no, no. It had a complete dropdown box where you could
go through and actually see how much goods were being traded back and forth from Wakanda
to the United States. We had prices set for these goods coming and
going from a fictional country. Here’s what happened. This is, according to NBC news report, there
were hundreds of data inputs for Wakanda, different commodity groups offered on dropdown
menus range from fresh vegetables and unroasted coffee beans to essential oils in livestock. Yellow potatoes had to maintain a 5 cent per
kilogram base rate when shipped in from the fictional East African nation while frozen
Chinese water chestnuts were tariff free. If the US decided to import them from Wakanda,
Cows were also tariff free. They removed this information, I believe Wednesday
they took Wakanda off, so I guess you know now we’re in a trade war with a fictional
Marvel country, but the Trump administration offered this explanation over the past few
weeks. The foreign agricultural service staff who
maintain the tariff tracker had been using test files to ensure that the system is running
properly. The Wakanda information should have been removed
after testing and is now been taken down, except here’s the thing, it hasn’t just been
up there for a couple of weeks as the administration claims, it’s been up there since June. Wakanda has been listed as a free trade partner
for the United States since June. Now the administration says just a couple
of weeks, we’ve just been doing this to kind of test things out, making sure everything’s
right. Okay. That’s understandable. Like that, that is typically how you would
do that with a website. You put up these fake posts, you try to put
the data points on it. It’s not anything anybody supposed to see. Typically you leave it on the back end or
put it on a dummy page that can’t be accessed and then you remove it. I mean that’s what any competent web developer
would do. You immediately remove it. Once you’ve done the test and you see that
everything’s fine. They didn’t do that. Furthermore, as I just said, this wasn’t just
a couple of weeks that it was on there. This was since June, and part of the reason
is likely because the US doesn’t have a whole hell of a lot of free trade partners anymore
thanks to Donald Trump. He’s taxing the hell out of everybody, pissing
everybody off, screwing over American consumers, and I think this was put there because they
needed a win. They needed to have more countries on that
list because the list is so short, only about 20 countries on that list including Wakanda. So now we’re down to in the teens, I guess
for countries that we can freely trade with, but if there is any consolation here, it’s
the fact that this administration is so stunningly incompetent, so astonishingly corrupt, that
they couldn’t even get their lie straight about why their website listed the country
of Wakanda as our trading partner. That’s the real story. The incompetence, because we see it at every
turn with this administration, it doesn’t matter what they do. Incompetence is the one common thread that
this Trump administration has had since day one. It has touched everything. Incompetence has woven its way through every
part of this administration. Touching on every single member of Donald
Trump’s cabinet and the USDA apparently is no exception.

100 Replies to “Trump Admin Lists Fictional Country Of Wakanda As A Free Trade Partner”

  1. What about when the insane orangutan goes completely nuts when his house of criminal Republican cards fall down it will be like him dropping a nuclear bomb on a hurricane

  2. So the staff of the white house are also morons following there leader….if they were using it as a test subject….. why give it a name? why not just call it TEST? or Sample?… nope the WH is complicit in pulling the wool over peoples eyes

  3. They just continue to get more crazy as the days go by. Welcome to twilight zone. Talk about a country going upside down!

  4. How much stupidity and corruption are we supposed to take this crap from that whole administration! And who's legally going to clock them on this? I'll wait!…
    Listen Ferron, I absolutely CANNOT take another 4 yrs of this! I'm holding on by the hairs of my chinny chin chin as it is now!

  5. What was going on in June 2019 was, Trump had survived the optics of the redacted Mueller report. It’s more likely that the “Wakanda” entry wasn’t incompetence, as much as an inside joke that was ignored/ allowed to pass through final edits because staff knew that there wouldn’t be repercussions. It’s not like anyone would face consequences over it. On the plus side, once the media inevitably discovered the “incompetence”, it would trigger the opposition while garnering a laugh/wink and a nod from Trump supporters.

    And whoever “wins” or “loses” on a daily doesn’t matter, because it’s always a “win” for media…among other markets.

  6. Just more proof that this stupid administration is lying to the people. Oh and have you noticed the soaring prices of perfume?? Has France been removed from the list?? I know The dt had pissed them off, over and over.

  7. I'd like to blame Trump for everything but this is an example of the cluelessness of this administration especially since he claims to be an economic wizard…hey middle class, I see a magic trick? Watch me pull more taxes out your a$$. I will even try to convince you you're paying less and you DA's will believe it. Hahahabaha….best people hahahahaha

  8. Let me guess. While naming countries, he decided to throw in a black country. He asked his people to name one that too many people don't know about, where blacks are from, and some smart ass in his administration said, WAKANDA!!! Drumpf said sounds like something blacks would name their country, and VIOLA!!! It made the list.

  9. I wonder how much of this was intentional. As long as we are talking about this we are not talking about things more boring for news coverage but far more serious

  10. The incompetence was leaving the test data in, not using it in the first place. When testing systems it’s good to use data that is obviously not real to make it easy to distinguish and remove when finished. I mean the Trump admin is a shitshow but I actually find myself a little reassured that at the low level people getting things done level, at least one of them is a Black Panther fan.

  11. Our homegrown cows are out of work. Nobody is buying milk anymore. Why would we import cows from Wakanda? Just this morning I saw 10 cows standing at a major street intersection holding up signs that read. "Drink mor milk" and " The Patriots stole our other sign"

  12. If it wasn’t so embarrassing, it would be funny. He also mentioned Nambia once. Nambia?? Does he mean Zambia? Or maybe Namibia??

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