Trump calls for Russia to be readmitted to group of top industrialized nations

A two-day annual summit of the world’s seven
richest nations, including Canada, the U.S., and Great Britain, kicked off in Quebec, Canada
on Friday. On day one of the summit, U.S. President Donald
Trump made a surprise call for Russia to be readmitted to the group of top industrialized
nations. Russia had been expelled from the G8 in 2014
for invading and annexing Crimea in violation of international law. The European leaders at the summit, including
British Prime Minister Theresa May, quickly rejected Trump’s call to reinstate Russia,..
saying there needs to be a “strong message” that Moscow’s behavior will not be tolerated.

2 Replies to “Trump calls for Russia to be readmitted to group of top industrialized nations”

  1. bush and his allies unjustifiably attacked and invaded Iraq, obama invaded Libya and murdered its president

  2. You really have no clue who the fuck your allies and enemies really are do you trump!!?!? To think we fought in Vietnam ,Afghan & Iraq side by side with you , we help you everytime their is a disaster in your country or a terrorist attack like 9/11 … & you "want Russia back" in the G7 despite what he's done & despite what your friends tell you ??? WOW not one shred of common sense … well I guess we know who the back stabber really is ! You're essentially turning Canada your neighbour & best friend into your enemy , cause we will never EVER accept putin back he's a murdering dictator who's committed countless war crimes , including hacking the election , he's everything you wanna be isn't he trump !??? You admire the sick twisted fuck don't you ?? Why don't you kiss his ass just a little more u pathetic swine!!! It's blatantly obvious the Trunp family was involved with putin in shacking the election so he would win… cmon why else does PUTIN HAVE IMMUNITY from Trump he never says anything … yet he never shuts up about everyone else … trump is gonna attempt to turn Americans against Canadians & against the U.K. , as he glorifys putin on the world stage … Unfuckingbelievable you fat ugly pink balding cunt face pig!!!

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